PROPERTY OF UTV & DHARMA PRODUCTION Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu by Ayesha Devitre & Shakun Batra FINAL HIND DRAFT 2011

2. 1 ON BLACK We hear a woman BREATHING heavily and another voice saying “Breathe in, Breathe out”... Music Seeps in. FADE IN: 2 EXT. HOSPITAL LABOUR ROOM - NIGHT SLOW MO - We see a pair of legs tied to the labour bed contraption, a bunch of doctors and nurses stand around, one of the nurses takes away the surgical equipment, a baby CRIES. We hear the calm voice of Rahul Kapoor, talking just to us. RAHUL (V.O.) Two-Twenty-Five. Right! Ek minute mein do so pacchees bacche paida hote hain. Yani ki har second mein chaar bacche, aur jab tak yahan se aap ghar pauhcheinge is duniya mein 27,317 bacche paida honge. 3 INT. LIMBO We track into an old scientist RAHUL (V.O.)(CONT’D) Mere ek science teacher ki calculations ke mutabik inme se 98.3% bacchon ko teen category mein bata jaa sakta hai. Pehle-INT. DINING ROOM / STORE ROOM / LIVING ROOM - DAY/NIGHT We track from left to right in one continuous move - 1)a dining room. RAHUL (V.O.) Parents ke ‘Chamche’. Apne parents se behad pyaar karte hain aur unki har baat mante hain. Aur obviosuly parents unse humesha khush rehte hain. 4 A mother feeds her son as he gets ready for school, the child obeys them quietly, Father looks at him with a proud smile. (beat) Doosre - “The Rebels” 4A Now, we enter a dimly lit store room, A head is popping out of the blanket and trying to light a cigarette. 4A 4 3 2 1

3. 4B Ji haan krantikari!, Lekin Bhagat Singh ki tarah inke dushman Brits nahin khud ke maa baap hain. In par jitna bhi cheek lo koi asar nahin hota. Parents KNOCK and SCREAM from outside but the kid continues to smoke. RAHUL (V.O.) And then, the third kind - “The Smart Ass!”. Maa baap ko lagta hai yeh unki har baat mante hain par 4C PT1 We move in to a bedroom, two teenage girls pull up their pyjamas over their party clothes and then step out of the room to kiss their parents good night . We follow. They quickly switch off the main light and take off their night clothes, under which they are all ready for a night out. RAHUL (V.O.) Main kaun si category se hun? (beat) Ahhh-4C PT2 OMITTED 4C PT2 4C PT1 4B


SWISH PAN TO - A family of three - THE KAPOOR’S - They are all dressed in coordinated outfits. A seven year old kid sits between his urban, socialite parents. His face hidden behind a big fat book - “The Beginners Guide to SIGMUND FREUD”. MRS.KAPOOR reads ‘VOGUE’ and MR.KAPOOR sits with a Financial newspaper and a 1980’s cordless phone. AN UNUSUAL BREED OF DOG sits on a mattress next to them. RAHUL (V.O.) --That’s me. The fourth kind!! Udne ki chah to bahut thi lekin koshish karne ke pankh kuch kam. (beat) Aur mere mom dad?



WATER SPLASH. MUSIC LOWERS. Annual Swimming Competition has just finished, BABY RAHUL KAPOOR, a cute boy in his swimming trunks with swimming goggles and two silver medals around his neck. His parents look a little upset. Mrs.Kapoor carries a late 80’s handycam and she’s dressed in the same wardrobe which was on the Vogue cover previously. MR.KAPOOR (sighs) Beta aap silver medal jeet gaye?? (kid smiles and nods) Nahin aap gold medal haar gaye. (MORE)


4. MR.KAPOOR (cont'd) (a bit hurt) You’ve lost a GOLD! Mrs.Kapoor shakes her head in agreement and then notices something on Rahul’s face and frowns. MRS.KAPOOR (encouraging) Oh baby, koi baat nahin. Kal se hum swimming chod kar. (thinks) .. Golf try kareinge. (beat) Kya hai na chlorine tumhari skin ke liye acchi nahin hai!! Rahul stands there looking disappointed. MUSIC GOES BACK UP. RAHUL (V.O.) Dad ko gold chaihye tha, aur mom ko perfect face. Aur woh paane ke liye sab kuch decide kiya gaya. 5B A MONTAGE’ OF STOCK FOOTAGE RUNS IN SYNC WITH HIS VOICE-OVER BELOW AS IF IT’S A SCRAP BOOK OF HIS LIFE. RAHUL (V.O.) (CONT’D) Mera Khelna, Mera Khana, School, College, Kaunsa Course and before I knew it, I was an architect. WorkEx ke liye mujhe Vegas bheja gaya. The hub of architecture and construction. Ye mera office hai Marshall & Fox, duniya ki gyarhvi best architectural firm par mere dad mujhe top two mein dekhna chahte the. Unka plan tha ki main saal bhar mein India aakar unka construction business join kar lun aur mom ka.. Ki main unki kisi socialite friend ki beti se shaadi kar lun. He looks directly into camera Par shaayad meri life ka kuch aur hi plan tha! 6 7 OMITTED INT. OFFICE - LATE EVENING A scientific calculator, set square and other architectural tools are being placed parallel to each other in a carton. 6 7 5B

5. A pink box. A ‘Rahul behind 7A 7B slip (termination letter)is then placed on top of the locker is then shut with a name slip on it which reads Kapoor’. A hand slides it out to reveal another slip it which reads ‘Dharma Productions Presents’. 7A 7B

We see a huge office with a small figure leaving with a box. We see the box he is carrying has a red ‘fragile handle with care’ sticker on it under which it says - “title”. The man carrying it walks in a long box like glass corridor. He looks like an isolated small figure, wearing a dull shirt, tie and his jacket hung on his arm. INT. ELEVATOR - MOMENTS LATER A beautiful wall papered backdrop. The mirrored elevator doors shut and in the reflection stands RAHUL KAPOOR, a handsome man in his mid 20’s holding a box. RAHUL (V.O.) That’s me. Reputed Mr.& Mrs.Kapoor ka beta Rahul Kapoor and I’VE JUST BEEN SACKED!! He looks up at the elevator light, he knows this is the end. Symbolically, he flips the light switch off.





The End
9 INT. RAHUL’S APARTMENT - BATHROOM - NIGHT A LIGHT is switched on. A whole range of electric trimmers and hygiene products are standing parallel to each other. The mirror cabinet is shut to reveal Rahul, now clean shaven, half dressed, staring directly into the mirror. RAHUL (V.O.) Jis project par main 6 maheene se kaam kar raha tha woh ek Japaneese company ne acquire kar liya, aur cost cutting ke liye main aur team ke 14 members were laid off. --And what bad timing, mom aur dad X-mas cum business meeting ke liye Vegas mein the?

6. He looks at the letter and folds it. We know he’s not going to tell his parents about this, at least for now. 10 INT. APARTMENT ROOM - NIGHT He steps out and shuts the bathroom door. MR.KAPOOR (O.S.) Yeh kya hai? MR.KAPOOR stands next to the miniature model on his table. MR.KAPOOR (CONT’D) Swimming pool is taraf nahin us taraf hona chaiye, issey tumhein jyada parking space milega. yeh basics hain Rhaul, tum kar kya rahe ho? Rahul opens his mouth to say something and then shuts it. RAHUL (V.O.) Pata nahin kyoun 25 saal mein bhi, dad ke aage muhn to khulta hai par jubaan nahin hilti. Kya kaha? MR.KAPOOR 10

Rahul nods “nothing”. MR.KAPOOR (CONT’D) Suna hai, tumhari company India mein Micro housing par research kar rahi hai. He nods yes and then quickly glances at the carton in the cupboard and walks up to it and shuts it well. He can’t muster the courage to say a word. All of a sudden we hear-MRS.KAPOOR (O.S.) --Bulani’s ka phir phone aaya tha. Let’s leave. An old Western movie has just ended and it says - “THE END”. 11 PT1 INT. RAHUL’S APARTMENT - ELEVATOR - MOMENTS LATER Rahul stands trapped between his parents just the way we’ve seen before. Mrs.Kapoor a socialite, in her late forties, hair dyed brown, is dressed in a beautiful outfit. She helps Rahul put on his bow. 11 PT1

7. MRS.KAPOOR Kitna old fashion hair style hai tumhara, new hair cut kyoun nahin try kate.. Go to the Vidal Sasoon salon tomorrow.. Aur thoda product use karo.. You’ll get some texture. MR.KAPOOR --Tumhari maa ko bahut pata hai, MBA kiya hai usne hair styling mein. MRS.KAPOOR Kaash kiya hota to tumhara kuch kar pati? (beat) ..Kab se ke rahi hun, Soonawalla’s ki tarah Hair transplant karva lo, already 55 ke lagte ho! MR.KAPOOR --main 57 ka hun. 11 PT2 INT. RAHUL’S BUILDING LOBBY - NIGHT They all step out of the elevator AN ELITE COUPLE in their 50’s stand their Mrs.Kapoor checks out her wardrbobe. 12 INT. LIMO - NIGHT All three of them are in a chauffeur driven limo. It’s funny how the three of them sit extremely quiet, like strangers in an airport. Silence. RAHUL (V.O.) Har family ka ek tradition hota hai, aur chalti gaadi mein chup bethna humara family tradition tha. They sip their respective drinks. Rahul drinks orange juice. The car drives across the grand, beautiful casino’s lane in Vegas. 13 INT. CAESAR’S PALACE - NIGHT They all walk towards the Opera. MR.KAPOOR Bulani’s ne teen saal baad finally deal mein kuch interest dikhaya hai, So make sure you behave like a Kapoor. You must-13 12 11 PT2

8. MRS.KAPOOR --impress them baby. Kuch intelligent, clever baatein karna, like The World Economy, Stock market, Obama’s finance policy.. MR.KAPOOR --Obama ki chinta tum mujh par chod do, tum bus unki nayi wife ko entertaianed rakhna. MRS. KAPOOR Rahul baby-MR.KAPOOR --Adjust your bow. They exit frame...WESTERN CLASSICAL MUSIC takes over. 14 INT. SYMPHONY HALL - NIGHT BACH’S “Suite No. 4 in D major” is being performed by THE VEGAS PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA. It’s all so elite and claustrophobic. The Kapoors pretend to like it and Rahul can hardly concentrate, he sneaks a glance to his left MR.BULANI - A Real Estate King in his 40’s. A man who clearly made it to success early in life and there’s no doubt that if there’s one person in the hall enjoying the symphony - it’s HIM.. unlike his AMERICAN WIFE who sits next to him, completely disinterested, she opens her tic tac. 14A 15 OMITTED INT. CAESAR’S PALACE HOUSE - LOBBY - NIGHT A CROWD of well dressed people with their cigars and champagne mill around the lobby. It’s beautifully lit with several graceful statues in the center. Catering waiters serve hors d'oeuvres. We reveal our two families in the middle of a conversation with fake broad smiles. MR.BULANI Rahul. Suna hai success ki seedi chad rahe hain tum? Toh kaam kaisa chal raha hai? RAHUL (self-conscious) Theek.. Theek chal raha hai sir. MR.BULANI I like!! Modest. (beat) Bilkul daddy ke jaise, do you like to be on tawp? 14A 15 14

9. Awkwardness. Rahul looks at Mr.Kapoor who’s embarrassed too but quick covers up. MR.KAPOOR Obviously.. Ab Kapoor and sons ki reputation isi ne hi sambhalani hai. MR.BULANI Toh beta meri life ki ek philosophy yaad rakhna - “If you like to be on tawp, jump don’t hawp.” Rahul still trying to process this nods awkwardly. MR.KAPOOR Wah kya baat hai? (to Rahul) Rahul ye lessons duniya ke kisi college mein nahin mil sakte, for this you have to work with the best. MRS.KAPOOR (to Mr.Bulani) DK.. Rahul ko ab tumhein he train karna hai.. You have to take him under your wing. MR.BULANI Of course, Come Rahul. MRS.BULANI Darling would you get me a drink? Rahul awkwardly starts to walk with him. Mrs. Bulani stays with the Kapoors. Mrs.Kapoor notices Mrs.Bulani’s shoes. MRS.KAPOOR (to Mrs.Bulani) I Love your shoes - Jimmy Choos. Mr.Bulani and Rahul walk a little away from them. Mr.Bulani studies him for a beat. MR.BULANI Ladki ka problem hai? Sorry sir? RAHUL

MR.BULANI Tumhari girlfriend, Jethmilani’s ki beti yahin Vegas mein rehti hai na? RAHUL Anusha Sir..ahh..woh toh, last year break up ho gaya.

10. MR.BULANI Toh, abhi tak mood kharab hai?? RAHUL Nahin sir aisi koi baat nahin hai. MR.BULANI Phir tu itna sikud kyoun gaya hai. (long beat as Rahul tries to understand him) Bilkul tight ho gaya hai. Aise Mr.Bulani imitates Rahul’s stiff posture. Rahul nods his head as if saying yes. Mr.Bulani steps out of frame and comes back in with two shot glasses, offers one to Rahul who nods saying no. MR.BULANI Dekh tujhe yoga ki zaroorat hai. Bulani shoots down the first one and passes him the empty glass. MR.BULANI (CONT’D) Kapalbhati! (starts to breath in an out real obnoxiously) Body bilkul free ho jayegi. Try kar. A long beat. Rahul tries it but totally awkward and stiff. The Kapoors and Mrs.Bulani watch him from far not sure what he’s doing, Mrs.Bulani excuses herself. Bulani’s not impressed-MR.BULANI Ruk..ruk.. Yoga se tera kuch nahin hoga, you need sex! lots n lots of it!! Ye le Bulani takes out his wallet. Rahul’s a little awkward. RAHUL Nahin sir, it’s fine. MR.BULANI (fetches out a visiting card from his wallet) Dude!! - Best escort service in Vegas. Phone laga home delivery ho jaayegi. Mrs.Bulani walks in. MRS.BULANI What home delivery honey?

11. MR.BULANI (instantly / seriously) Pizza! Mr.Bulani quickly puts the card in Rahul’s pocket. Stuck to the card is another card which except “us” nobody notices. MR.BULANI (CONT’D) Our boy loves pizza. (to Rahul) Achi jagah hai, har kism ka tawpping milta hai - italian, russian...and the best (pause) No topping at all (winks) -- tawpless!! Mr.Bulani chugs the second shot. Mrs.Bulani holds a cigarette in her hand with a filter on it. Rahul feels a bit more comfortable with her around and takes a sip. Mr.Bulani looks up at a statue and admires it. MR.BULANI This is Art..Da Vinci! Gorgeous! A beat or two and the expression on Rahul’s face changes. We REVEAL Mrs.Bulani’s slyly got her hand on Rahul’s bum. Rahul’s not sure what to do, weird sounds come out of his system. Bulani looks at him. MR.BULANI Card diya to ye haal hai, phone milayega toh kya hoga. Rahul’s sweating. RAHUL Sir main aapki drink refill karva deta hun. He walks away looking for an exit. He walks faster..and then.. suddenly runs into a waiter and..THUD.. We pan away to see the Kapoor’s - EMBARRASSED! 16 EXT. FRANK GEHRY - MORNING

The limo comes to a halt next to the Frank Gehry building. And on the side of the frame we see:




Lose Change

12. 17 INT. LIMO - MORNING All three of them are in the limo - exactly the same way we’ve seen them before. Rahul’s nose is bandaged and he has an ice pack in his hand. Mrs.Kapoor sips VOSS water and Mr.Kapoor some coffee. SILENCE.The car turns towards the airport. 18 EXT. VEGAS AIRPORT PARKING LOT - MORNING They stand in the airport parking lot. Mrs.Kapoor stands next to Rahul, she PULLS OFF the bandage. MRS.KAPOOR --Poora laal ho gaya hai par Thank God, koi nishaan nahin aaya, plastic surgery karani padti toh? Rahul looks at her, he wonders one last time if he should tell her the truth. MRS.KAPOOR Okay.. Bye. She looks at him for a beat and then gives him an awkward hug, it lasts a beat too long. MR.KAPOOR Chartered flight nahin hai, chali jayegi. MRS.KAPOOR (annoyingly smiles) Punctuality ke liye nobel prize hota, to tumhare dad ko do teen to mil he jaate. Mr.Kapoor steps in carrying some business magazines and newspaper. MR.KAPOOR Rahul, serious hone ka time aa gaya hai, Ab kaam par concentrate karna shuru karo. (beat) Tum jo bhi chahte the, woh sab kuch tumhein diya gaya hai. And I’m still waiting for that GOLD!! (gives him a cold pat on the shoulder) Have a good Christmas. Like businessmen they shake hands, Rahul can’t gather the courage to tell them about the job. 18 17

13. MRS.KAPOOR Oh, main to bhool he gayi baby, Merry Christmas. She looks at him for a beat, Rahul thinks she understands.. MRS.KAPOOR Get a hair cut. Mr.Kapoor starts to walk away with the trolley. Mrs.Kapoor follows. Rahul observes his parents and realises that he wouldn’t be able to tell them about the job. He feels lost, hoping to find someone he could talk to. MUSIC SEEPS IN. PBS-1: 19 *A flight is mid air, the Limo drives in foreground. Rahul sits in it all alone, confused and claustrophobic completely opposite to the Christmas atmosphere outside. He notices a family carrying a Christmas tree. The father is carrying the son on his shoulders.. Rahul’s never really shared this moment. OMITTED *In his apartment he goes through his daily routine but this time it has lost the sense of purpose.. But he’s still caught up in the process - irons his socks, puts his newspaper where they are always kept and puts back the model, exactly how it was before his dad fiddled with it. OMITTED *While putting his shirt for laundry Rahul finds the Escort service card Bulani had given him, it reads “Boobs-a-Licious” Escort Agency. Stuck to it is another card which reads “Dr. Ragani Shroff - Psychologist ”. *Rahul over the phone. He has a list of prospective employers stuck on his desk. He crosses “Abrams and Abrams” off the list. We notice several others are also crossed off.. except one which is “Yamamoto and Sons - 26th December”. *He sits on the sofa contemplating. EXT. VEGAS STREETS - DAY Rahul drives his car all tensed, he swerves right and his car wipes the frame to REVEAL, a cute girl with coloured hair, riding her RAZOR SCOOTER. She wears a quirky helmet and big silver headphones. This is RIANA BRAGANZA. She looks visibly upset. She too exits. MUSIC FADES OUT as if it was playing off her headphones. PBS-1 ENDS 19

19A 1 19B

19A 1 19B

19C 19D

19C 19D



19F 20

19F 20

14. 21 EXT. 7/11 STORE - DAY Outside a gas station 7/11, Santa Claus rings a bell as he collects for the Salvation Army. Riana’s Razor scooter is parked next to the gate. Rahul walks in. 22 INT. 7/11 STORE - DAY Rahul is browsing some shelves for his particular kind of Granola Bar as he over hears someone from the other side of the shelf talk over the phone in hindi. RIANA Sam ek number ka gadha hai mom! He’s an Asshole. Curious, Rahul takes a peek notices her. RIANA (CONT’D) --Main drama kar rahi hun?? (beat) Mom he cheated on me!! (beat) Aur, ab humesha ki tarah apne dost mere peeche jasoos bana kar ghoomayega!! Just to see how miserable I am! (beat) I’m so over him, aur agar galti se bhi mujhe woh ya uske dost dikhe na toh I’m telling you, I’m gonna kill them-She realises he’s looking at her. RIANA (CONT’D) (beat) Nahin main steff se baad mein-(beat as someone else comes on the phone) What’s up sis? (hears her) Steff mere paas pregnancy jeans ke paise nahin hai..ab chahe tumhari ass ka size africa jitna ho ya antartica jitna, I can’t help it.. Mom ko phone de. RIANA (CONT’D) Mom, I’ve decided, I’m going to see a psychologist (beat) A giant blue slurpee and a couple of chocolates are on the counter. Taira’s still on the phone, she picks up the slurpee and simultaneously pays the CASHIER, one coin at a time. The cashier is getting impatient. 22 21

15. Right behind her stands Rahul munching on a granola bar. Every few seconds a new customer enters the store, activating the ENTRY BEEP. Rahul joins the queue behind her. RIANA -- No, I’m not being a drama queen!! Saat interview de chuki hun aur ek call wapis nahin aaya.. I’m feeling low, I need to feel normal. I need help! CASHIER (imapatiently) --And I need Fifty cents change ma'am... RIANA Nahi mom, main homesick nahi feel kar rahi. (beat and snap) I am not PMSing !!! I wish I could talk to dad, woh ship se kab wapas aa rahein hain? Rahul offers the cashier the 50 cent change. ....Here. RAHUL

She stops talking, looks at him and smiles. RIANA Good.. See you all on new years. Okay bye(keeps the phone away from her ear) Haan haan ... ciggerettes aur maternity jeans! I’ll try!! (she cuts the call / to herself) Yahan rent bharne ke paise nahin hai aur inhen maternity jeans aur cigarettes chaiye. (to Rahul) Thanks. RAHUL It’s alright. RIANA (just to get a reaction) Aur 500 dollars milenge? Sorry? RAHUL

16. RIANA Never mind (starts to leave, turns around) I owe you one!! Rahul looks at her as she exits the store. 22A EXT. VEGAS STREETS - HOTEL M - DAY Rahul’s car drives away in the distance. 23 EXT. PSYCHOLOGIST BUILDING PARKING - DAY Rahul steps into the psychologist building. 24 INT. LOBBY - PSYCHOLOGIST’S BUILDING. Just as the elevator door is about to shut a hand stops the door from closing and in walks Rahul. He notices Riana standing already in the elevator, her lips and tongue are stained blue because of the slurpee. RIANA Change wapas lene aaye ho? RAHUL Nahin.. I’m just...going up. The lift door shuts. Very SOFT MUSIC leaks through Riana’s headphones. She presses the 10th floor button labelled ‘Dr. Shroffs’ Clinic’. He doesn’t press any button. RIANA Tum bhi (does the lose screw action) Sorry? RAHUL 24 23 22A

RIANA Psychologist ke paas ja rahe ho? RAHUL (embarrassed to admit) Nahin. RIANA Kaun sa floor? RAHUL Thirteenth. Riana looks at the button panel.

17. RIANA (suspects him) Are you sure, is building mein 13th floor nahin hai? Embarrassed, he presses the 14th floor button and avoids eye contact. Both of them stand quietly for a few beats, then the lift door opens. Riana steps out and looks back, Rahul gives a half smile and presses the close door button. The door shuts. 25 INT. PSYCHOLOGISTS OFFICE - DAY Riana walks up to the reception desk. The RECEPTIONIST is an African-American, stern looking woman. She’s decorating small X-mas trees on her desk. RECEPTIONIST Good Morning! RIANA Hi, I have an appointment. RECEPTIONIST (checks her register) Ms. Riana Braganza. Yup. RIANA 25

RECEPTIONIST Mr.Rooshad, Second door to the left. Riana heads towards the door and then takes a step back. RIANA Sorry, just wanted to check if you charge by the hour or per session. RECEPTIONIST 60 dollars for half an hour. RIANA Is he that cute? 26 INT. ELEVATOR - DAY Rahul presses the 10th floor button. 27 INT. PSYCHOLOGIST ROOSHAD’S ROOM -DAY DR. ROOSHAD SHROFF is in the middle of his session with Riana. He holds a yellow pad and a pencil, tries to study her. 27 26

18. ROOSHAD SHROFF How can I help you? RIANA Job nahin hai, Savings almost khatam ho gayin hai aur main apne two timing ex boyfriend ka khoon karne wali hun, that’s me, Riana Braganza. She smiles, he smiles back awkwardly and scribbles down her name. 28 INT. PSYCHOLOGIST RAGANI’S ROOM - DAY Similar room as above. Rahul, a little uncomfortable, sits opposite DR.RAGANI SHROFF, a sophisticated lady in her 40’s. RAHUL Rahul Kapoor(this hurts) --aur parson raat ko I lost my job. DR.RAGANI SHROFF How old are you Rahul? 25-RAHUL 28

We intercut between the two rooms: RIANA 26.. actually teen din mein 27 ki ho jaungi. DR. ROOSHAD SHROFF Apne baare mein thoda aur batao-CUT TO: RAHUL (thinks) Ahh..Thoda akela feel karta hun. CUT TO: RIANA Akele rehna chahti hun. Jab se pandhrah saal ki thi tab se, ek relationship se nikli nahin ki doosre mein kood gayi. But this time, main sirf apne saath relationship mein rehna chahti hun.. CUT TO:

19. RAHUL Ab apne saath to relationship mein nahin reh sakta, I think I’ll have to wait... you know, for the right one! CUT TO: RIANA 6 Mr.Right ko date kar chuki hun par aaj nahin toh kal sab Mr.Wrong ban jaate hain. It’s.. It’s (searches for a word) --irritating! ROOSHAD SHROFF What else irritates you? CUT TO: RAGANI SHROFF What irritates you? RAHUL (thinks) Irritation..Uhh.. Ek baar kisi ne galti se meri white shirt par soya sauce gira diya tha, abhi bhi jab main uske baare mein sochta hun toh mujhe gussa aata hai. I like things clean. CUT TO: RIANA Woh log jo sab kuch saaf suthra chahte hain.. but what about dirty minds. I hate it, jab log choti choti cheezon ke baare mein anal hote know, jaise ki-CUT TO: RAHUL --Main bina iron kiye socks aur underwear nahin pehn sakta.. CUT TO: ROOSHAD SHROFF --Really, And your sex life? CUT TO:

20. RAHUL (little embarrassed) Uhh..Next question please. CUT TO: ROOSHAD SHROFF Apne bachpan ke baare mein kuch batao? RIANA Normal tha - family get togethers, dance classes, movies, parties, outings-CUT TO: RAHUL --school, tuitions, art classes, golf classes, piano classes-CUT TO: RIANA Dance class ke alaava, sab classes bunk ki maine. I blame my dad. Thoda bahut discipline rehta agar unhone mujhe punish kiya hotaCUT TO: RAHUL Agar din mein teen baar brush nahin kiya toh punishment. That’s why I have good teeth. (he opens his mouth a bit) CUT TO: ROOSHAD SHROFF Well, it’s been a good session. We’ve clearly done some progress. CUT TO: RAGANI SHROFF Bas tumhein do ya teen aur sessions ki zaroorat hai. CUT TO: ROOSHAD SHROFF In your spare time, why don’t you read our book? RAGANI SHROFF --Our book.

21. They both hold the same book - “De-Stress in 6 Days” by The Shroff’s. RIANA --Uhh?? (checks the clock) -- I think main much better feel kar rahi hun. RAHUL Thanks so much. 29 INT. PSYCHOLOGIST OFFICE - DAY Rahul has just finished paying and notices Riana stepping out of the room. Embarrassed that he lied earlier, he quickly heads towards the elevator. Riana walks up to the receptionist. RIANA There’s still 3 more minutes, do I get some discount? RECEPTIONIST Have some mint, they’re free? Riana smiles and pays the money, she looks up a sees Rahul’s reflection in a mirror, he stands next to the elevator. She walks right up to him and grabs the file and WHACKS it on the side of his face. Rahul’s completely shocked and so is the Receptionist. He quickly presses the elevator button. Psycho ho? RAHUL 29

RIANA Naam kya hai tumhara? Rahul-RAHUL

RIANA Driving license dikhao. Kya? RAHUL

RIANA (WHACKS him again) Kab se peecha kar rahe ho --Kya RAHUL

She whacks him again.

22. RIANA Sam kiddhar hai? Kaun? RAHUL

RIANA --That’s cute. (whacks him) RAHUL Pagal to nahin ho, baat baat par mar rahi ho? RIANA Abhi file se mar rahi hoon lekin phir jasoosi karne ki koshis ki toh jootae se maroongi RAHUL Dekho tum.. Ahh.. He can’t really come up with words.. RIANA (imitates him) Ahh..woh..ahh.. Pehle bolna seekho The elevator door opens, Rahul enters and then Riana steps in, scared he quickly step out. RIANA Aur Sam ko bolna galti se bhi mere saamne nahin aaye warna main usse aur tumhien dono ko bahut maroongi The elevator door shuts. Rahul has no clue what just happened. He realises the file’s gone. The receptionist looks at him with sympathy. RECEPTIONIST She definitely needs more sessions! (Rahul doesn’t react) Merry x-mas! 30 31 OMITTED EXT. / INT. DOLLAR PIZZA STORE - DAY 30 31

A cheap pizza place is in the middle of a packed day..Riana walks in orders the cheapest slice and sits on a tall chair next to the window and flips through the file. The expression on her face changes from curiosity to embarrassment. Her tongue pops out!! The CASHIER looks at her

23. CASHIER One seventy five! CUT TO: Riana’s pacing up and down the store as she speaks over the phone. The SOUND of TRAFFIC seems to drown her voice. She walks out of the store. We INTERCUT the conversation: RIANA I am SOO sorry..ek badi misunderstanding ho gayi.. Rahul has the phone to his ear and is amazed at how things are just not working for him. RIANA (CONT’D)(O.C) ..Mujhe apna address de do main file drop kar deti hun-RAHUL (tired of her ) --Nahin please. To phir-RIANA

RAHUL (beat) Ahh.. Town square mere ghar ke paas hain wahin milte hain. RIANA Six thirty? Sure! 32 PT1 32 PT2 OMITTED EXT. TOWN SQUARE - SANTA’S HOUSE - LATE EVENING RAHUL

32 PT1 32 PT2

He waits in the Tropicana drive way in front of the statue of liberty, the roller coaster ride goes on in the background. A PIMP offers Rahul an escort agency card, Rahul looks the other way. Riana arrives on her razor scooter and parks it next to him. RIANA Hi..I’m so so sorry..really I-RAHUL No that’s fine--

24. RIANA --I really didn’t mean it, woh mujhe laga ki aap mere ex-boyfriend ke dost hain aur...Bahut lambi kahani hai. Sorry--I’m Riana. She puts her hand forward. He takes a pause before he puts his hand forward. RAHUL Rahul Kapoor. Driving license dikhaun? RIANA I’m sorry, I really am. Merry Xmas! RAHUL Same to you. They hold hands for a beat longer. She’s forgotten about the file. Woh--? RAHUL

RIANA Oh. Haan, file. Sure. (opens her bag) Sorry maine aapko Christmas par disturb kiya. So big plans for tonight? RAHUL Ah... bus ghar pe-RIANA --What fun! Family dinner? RAHUL Nahin..Main akela rehta hun. She hands him the file. RIANA (smiles) Ouch! I know exactly how that feels. A long beat. She just looks at him, thinking. Rahul finds it awkward. RAHUL File ke liye, Thank you. He starts to walk away.

25. RIANA Uhh..Rahul. (he turns back) Main soch rahi thi .. Aaj christmas eve hai..aur hum..saath mein. (straight forward) --Do you wanna grab a drink? Uhh..? RAHUL

RIANA Yahin paas mein jaa sakte hain.. for a drink? RAHUL No, Thanks. RIANA Listen, I’ll be honest, Mera abhi abhi breakup hua hai aur X-mas eve par akele rehna bahut depressing ho jayega. Aur tum bhi akele ho toh--? (beat) I’m good company, really. RAHUL Nahin, main ghar par hi-RAHUL Uh-- I--well--aisa hai--ki-TAIRA Yahin pass mein hai, Let me buy you a drink. TAIRA --I insist. Waise bhi maine bahut bewkoofi ki hai.

Rahul gives in and starts to follow her. We see two small figures waving through the traffic. RAHUL Main rarely drink karta hun. RIANA Dood piyoge? (looks for a reaction) Sorry bad joke. (starts to ride) Hop a ride. RAHUL (little scared of the tiny scooter) No I’ll take a walk. They walk away in the distance leaving us on the visual of the Statue of liberty with a roller coaster - WELCOME TO VEGAS!!

26. 33 INT. SHADY NIGHT CLUB - NIGHT A dingy club with a PUNK ROCK BAND PERFORMANCE. Three punkers - a girl with pink hair, a girl with a spiked mohawk, and a guy with Stevie Wonder braids and sunglasses, watch and bop their heads to the sounds of a sleazy-looking rock band. Rahul and Riana stand in a corner, crowded in with people. The club is noisy, smoky, and thick with people. Rahul’s the only one dressed inappropriately. He feels totally out of place wishing he had never come, he checks his watch. Riana finds lose change in her wallet to return him. RIANA (loudly to be heard over music) Here, is se pehle main bhool jaoun, ye tumhare-She puts the 50 cents in his pocket. Rahul finds it awkward but takes it. RAHUL (loudly, to be heard over the music) Ye cheekhna kab band karenge? RIANA (equally loud) I know they suck! Magar 3 dollar ki beer aur free pop corn sirf yahin milte hain!! She offers him some, they look staled. He looks back at the Band which continues to scream. RIANA --Ek aur acchi baat yeh hai ki tum yahan kuch bhi cheekh sakte ho, kisi ko kuch farak nahin padta. She hands him the bottle and stands up to demonstrate.. throws her arms in the air and yells. RIANA (CONT’D) YOU ALL SUCKK!! Cheekna band karo gadhoonn!! Play something elseee! Stoppp!! Two punk teenagers look at her and just bop their head and the band continues to go crazy as ever. She sits back down as if nothing happened. Rahul’s not sure if he’s in the right place, he’s never seen anyone so crazy. Rahul curses himself for agreeing. CUT TO: 33

27. LATER - A BEER TAP FILLS TWO MORE GLASSES. A DIFFERENT BAND ON STAGE. Taira’s already had two beer while Rahul’s on the first one. RIANA (CONT’D) Toh tum karte kya ho? Rahul pauses for a beat, wondering if he’s still ‘technically’ an architect? RAHUL Architect hun. RIANA Oh Nice! Woh mera back up career option tha! A beat. RAHUL Interior designer ho-RIANA Nahin. Hairstylist! (Rahul does a spit take) Vegas mein sab bade shows mein stylists ki zaroorat hoti hai. Freelancer hun. (beat) What a coincidence, hum dono he creative field se hain aur unemployed bhi. Rahul’s a bit surprised, he look at her, keeps nodding his head.. RAHUL Tumne meri file--?? RIANA --Haan, ICSE ka exam thodi hai, tum meri pad lena. Rahul’s not amused. RAHUL (signals for the bill) I think, main chalta hun. RIANA --Kya hua... RAHUL (he gets up) Der ho rahi hai RIANA Saade naun baje hain!


Paune dus.

A beat she smiles at him. RIANA --Tum itne (snores loudly) kyoun ho? A beat as Rahul tries to understand that sound. Main RAHUL

(takes a moment and then does a mini snore) --Nahin hun. RIANA Phir se karo. He does it again. She’s never seen anyone like this, now for some reasons she wants to know him more.. RIANA Wow. Tumne last time kab party ki thi? RAHUL (tries to keep up with her wit) Kal-RIANA --Kis ke saath? RAHUL Mom dad ke saath. RIANA Jiggy wiggy with mummy and daddy! Loosen up! You are such a tightass!! She imitates him by standing stiff and drinks like him. Rahul just looks at her, unsure of how to respond. The WAITER reaches their table with a bill. RAHUL (looking at Riana) I’m not a tight-ass! MUSIC SEEPS IN. 34 PBS - 2 - ‘Title Track’ - It’s fun to be this drunk! 34

29. 35 EXT. CHAPEL - NIGHT MUSIC FADES OUT. PBS-2 ENDS. They walk next to a tall beautiful looking Chapel with an Elvis cut out. RAHUL Mujhe dekho main tumhein tight lagta hun? RIANA Tumhara pata nahin magar main to poori tight hun. RAHUL (shakes like bulani) I’m lose. No?? See. A DRUNK COUPLE steps out of the chapel. The drunk man spots them and walks up to them. DRUNK MAN Hey, Could you guys please help us-RAHUL --Could you help me first, Do you think I’m uptight, boring and (makes the snoring sound) RIANA Shut up. (to the drunk man) Yes, today’s X-mas and we would love to help you. DRUNK MAN That lady back there, I just met her 5 hours ago, we want to get married.. if you don’t mind could you just come in and be our eye witness? RAHUL Magar mujhe kuch dikh nahin raha hai. RIANA (overlaps) Yes, We’d love to witness your eyes. C’mon (drags rahul) Chalo. The Drunk Lady is actually a homeless person, she holds a placard that says “will do anything for money and food” a small DOG stands next to her. RAHUL Nahin, mujhe ghar jana hai. 35

30. RIANA Ye bhi ghar hai, bhagvaan ka ghar. (points to the drunk man’s hip flask) Can I please have some of your-He passes her the drink, she sips and then gives it to Rahul. RIANA Thodi pee le, aankh khul jaayegi. They all enter the chapel the dog is left outside. It barks trying to get in. Slowly their voices fade away. 35A MOMENTS LATER RAHUL (V.O.) Vegas bhi ajeeb si jagah hai, yahan kisi bhi samay, kisi bhi haalat mein, jis se chahe shaadi karna allowed hai! (beat) Aur yahan aksar bevde log pee pakar shaadi kar lete hain. (clears his throat) Bilkul humari tarah!! BANG - the door opens again - The four of them come out, Rahul taking support on Riana’s shoulder. One shoe missing and a just married balloon tied to his pant loop. Riana’s barefoot, holding the bouquet. The drunk couple thank them, Rahul and Riana both take a second then suddenly turn away and run off screen and only the PUKING SOUND can be heard. The clock on the Chapel strikes 00:00 And on the visual of the beautiful chapel with an Elvis cut out shaking his legs appears: 35A



Santa Gave Me a Gift FADE IN: 36 INT. RAHUL’S APARTMENT - BEDROOM - MORNING The Morning after. “Just Married Balloon is floating in the air, still tied to Rahul’s pant loop. The suns flares in through the window. Rahul’s feet are hanging outside his blanket, both shoes still on, next to his feet are Riana’s feet with only ONE shoe on. He takes a moment to figure things out and then slowly he notices the balloon floating above him. He pulls it down to read “Just Married”. 36

31. 36A INT. RAHUL’S APARTMENT - LOBBY - MORNING The elevator doors open and out comes Rahul holding the just married balloon. He SCREAMS loudly like a mad man, as passer byes look at him, a dog BARKS in the background. 37 38 39 OMITTED OMITTED INT. AMERICAN DINER - DAY Water is poured into a glass. Rahul sits in a standard breakfast cafe with his head in his hands. A jukebox PLAYS on the side. RAHUL Dekho ro mat please, sab dekh rahein hai. Hum ye shaadi annul kar sakte hai. Britney Spears ne bhi ki thi. He’s preparing his speech. The WAITERS and GUESTS look at him. RAHUL (CONT’D) Nahin Nahin..Annulment aur divorce mein bahut farak hai. Annulment matlab humari shaadi galti se ho gayi aur hum use legally cancel kar sakte hain. Jaise ki kabhi kuch hua he nahin.. He gulps down the glass of water... It’s the third glass on the table. RAHUL (to the waiter) Water please! Riana walks in, she’s hungover and wears Rahul’s oversized chappals. She holds the marriage certificate in one hand and the note in the other. She walks up to him. 40 41 OMITTED INT. AMERICAN DINER - DAY He’s re-arranging everything on the table so every article is parallel to the next. 40 41 37 38 39 36A

32. RIANA (casually) Ise annul karana padega! Rahul looks at her stunned. She sits down calmly. RIANA Daro mat, annulment aur divorce mein bahut farak hai. Brtney spears ne bhi ki-RAHUL --Pata hai mujhe. RIANA Good. (to the waitress) Number 3 with a blueberry shake please. CUT TO: Rahul eats his regular breakfast while she’s busy finishing her pancake and sipping her blueberry shake. RIANA To kal to-(getting talli action) Jyaada hi josh mein aa gaye the. RAHUL Main? Tumhara matlab hum? RIANA Main to humesha hi josh mein hoti hun, par tum toh... (beat) ..Josh ke chakkar mein pata nahin scooter kahan chod diya, ab police report karani padegi. (takes another bite) Chaar din mein ho sakta hai? Kya? RAHUL

RIANA Baccha! (notices Rahul’s reaction) Annulment aur kya! RAHUL Kyoun, chaar din mein doosri shaadi hai? RIANA Nahin, mujhe new years ke liye India jaana hai.

33. Rahul can’t believe her priorities. RAHUL (does the weighing action with his hands) Apni family ke saath new years party, ya kisi stranger ke saath jindagi bhar shaadishuda rehna. Priortize!! RIANA (re:marriage certificate) Ek suggestion dun.. Ise faad dein toh?? It’ll be our secret. RAHUL Ghar ghar khel rahein hain? (beat) Legal shaadi hai aur main ise leagally annul karna chahta hun. Chalein? An OLD WAITRESS walks up to them with two different bills. Riana being Riana can’t let go off a situation like this: RIANA (with a smile) My husband will take care of it. The Waitress knows the whole story by now, she smiles, she’s seen many such cases before.. Hundreds of them!! WAITRESS More Water? Pissed off, Rahul hands out his debt card. The Waitress smiles. 42 EXT. AMERICAN DINER - DAY As they walk out Rahul looks at Riana wearing his chappals and the outfit from the night before with a take away milk shake in her hand. She squints because of the bright sun as they walk towards the car. RIANA (feeling hungover / touches her forehead) Ouch... yeh hangover..Tum theek feel kar rahe ho? RAHUL (cursing his bad luck) Shaayad raat tak zinda rahoonga! They both put on their shades and get into the car. 42

34. 43 EXT. CAR (BOULDER CITY) - DAY The car looks small against the vast landscape of Vegas. 44 INT. CAR (BOULDER CITY) - DAY Riana is sipping on the last bit of the shake making an annoying sound. Rahul doesn’t like it. RIANA (genuinely) I’m sorry. Rahul thinks she’s realized but she blows into her shake. RIANA (CONT’D) Mujhe kal tumhein force nahin karna chaiye tha. Kabhi Kabhi bahut stupidly behave karti hun. (does it again) I wish jab main koi galti karun toh koi mujhe usi waqt tok de. She’s about to blow in it again-RAHUL Milk shake mein Bud bud karna band karo bahut irritating hai. RIANA (stops) Exactly. Thanks. Some silent beats as they drive. Suddenly she feels something in her mouth, realizes it’s a cherry seed and spits it out. It sticks to the shut window glass. RIANA (CONT’D) Oops!! Window upar karne se pehle batana tha na! RAHUL Acha, ab ye bhi meri galti hai! RIANA Window to toh tumne hi upar ki thi na? RAHUL (CONT’D) Tumhari problem kya hai? Humesha aisa kyun feel karati ho ki galti meri hai. (hands her the tissue box) Saaf karo ise. (pause) Stupidly behave karne ke alava hazaar aur problems hain tumhein. (MORE) 44 43

35. RAHUL (CONT’D) Mujhse nahi, psychologist se shaadi karni thi, you need help. A beat as she ponders. RIANA I need help?? Apne aap ko dekha hai - Aunty ki tarah gaadi chalate ho, mummy ki tarah khana khaate ho you’re gay - frock khareed lo apne liye, paise main de doongi. Take a right please. He takes a sharp right turn. RAHUL -Oh ho - Mrs. Laxmi Mittal!! Kal raat se paise tum hi to de rahi ho-7/11 ke 50 cents, raat ka alcohol bill, abhi breakfast ka bill (sarcastically) --frock khareedogi?? RIANA --Gaadi roko. Roko. Stop the car now! RAHUL Throw a tantrum now, go on, Aur kuch nahin mila toh tantrum he sahi. RIANA I’m not throwing a tantrum, mera ghar aa gaya hai. The car comes to a SCREECHING halt. She gets out of the car and bends down to speak to him. RIANA Next time paise pukka lauta doongi, and by the way, 50 cents main tumhein wapas de chuki hun, tumhari memory thodi weak hai. RAHUL Correct, tumhari jubaan jitni tezz nahin hai. RIANA (sarcastically) Thanks for the compliment, was nice knowing you. Bus bata dena ki annulment papers kab aur kahan sign karne hain. She smiles and then SHUTS the door just a little harder.

36. RAHUL Trust me I can’t wait. He reverses the car. Riana raises her hand and shows him the finger. MUSIC SEEPS IN MONTAGE: 45 *Riana’S HOUSE - Riana walks up to her house but there’s a huge gaffer tape on the lock. Her nightmare has come true. She looks up, her LANDLADY, a short Jewish woman, stands in the balcony above with her HUSBAND who smokes a pipe.She walks closer to them. RIANA Hey guys c’mon!! LANDLADY No rent, No house!! RIANA (pleadingly) Please!! CAR WIPE: 45A 45B 45B 1 OMITTED OMITTED *BOULDER CITY - She stands in front of a mural wall. (DAY) RIANA Mom, Please daantna mat, I need help! CAR WIPE: 45C *ATM - Riana stand outside an ATM (DAY) RIANA Aap kab tak money transfer kar sakte ho.. Kal tak? Dad se contact hua? CAR WIPE: 45D *PAWN STORE - she stands outside the store. (EVE) RIANA Pawn shop per jo bhi girvi rakh sakti thi rakh diya, par abhi bhi 400 dollars kum hai. 45E *HOTEL - Riana stands outside a cheap motel. (LATE EVE) 45E 45D 45C 45A 45B 45B 1 45

37. RIANA Christmas ke wajah se sab budget hotels booked hain. Don’t cry maa!! CAR WIPE: 45F PT1 *GRAND HOTEL - A small figure stands silhouetted against a huge structure. (NIGHT) RIANA Maa don’t worry.. Mujhe rehne ke liye ek jagah mil gayi hai.. CAR WIPE: 45F PT2 She walks in, across the lobby area, a FEMALE STAFF MEMBER tries to help her.(NIGHT) STAFF MEMBER Can I help you? 45G 1 INTERCUT - RAHUL’S APARTMENT LOBBY- NIGHT SECURITY GUY 1 Excuse me sir! Rahul turns around to look at him. SECURITY GUY 1 Could you help us with this, we found it in the parking this morning. He points out the Razor scooter. Rahul curses himself for having ever met Riana. 45F PT3 *GRAND HOTEL - RESTROOM - All her luggage cramped around her45F PT3 in a restroom cubicle. She sits on the toilet seat. Her phone rings. The conversation is INTERCUT between the two. RAHUL Tumhara scooter aur ek joota security guard ko lobby mein mila. RIANA Thank god!! RAHUL Please use kal subaha aake le jao aur aaogi toh lawyer se appointment ke liye kuch papers bhi sign kar jana. Perfect!! RIANA 45G 1 45F PT2 45F PT1

38. 45G 2 EXT. RAHUL’S APARTMENT BUILDING - NIGHT Establishing shot. 45H INT. RAHUL’S APARTMENT - CORRDIOR - NIGHT Riana walks down a long corridor and stops outside the apartment. She rings the bell. Waits for a long time but nobody answers, she turns around, just then-46 INT. RAHUL’S APARTMENT - CORRIDOR - NIGHT Rahul opens the door with the safety chain on, looks at Riana, unsure of what’s going on. Still rather groggy, they chat through the chained door. RIANA Hi. Mere paas tumhare liye ek business proposition hai? RAHUL Subaha ke teen baje? 47 INT. RAHUL’S APARTMENT LIVING ROOM - NIGHT 47 46 45H 45G 2

Rahul looks completely zapped. Riana stands next to the razor scooter, demonstrating it’s advantages to Rahul. RIANA (salesperson like) It’s light weight, heavy duty. Great mileage, Eco friendly, only for $399. RAHUL Nahin chaiye mujhe tumhara scooter. Ab please time mat waste karo, aur kuch aur socho. RIANA Kya sochun? Dad ship pe kaam karte hain, kahin mid sea hain. Mom ko wire transfer karne main kam se kam 12 ghante lageinge..Sasta hotel khali nahin hai, jo kuch pawn shop par de sakti thi de diya. Ab kya aasman se paise tapkaun. RAHUL --Return ticket prepone kar lo? RIANA (sighs) Mera kal job interview hai-(gives up) (MORE)

39. RIANA (cont'd) Let it be, meri problem hai main khud sambhal lungi (starts to walk out) raste pe reh loongi, bheekh mang loongi.. (getting carried away) Push come to shove, apne aap ko (stops) Madat ke liye Thank you. She steps out and is about to shut the door. RAHUL Suno.. (she turns around) ..Aaj raat ke liye tum yahan reh jao, kal shaam jab tumhare pasie transfer aa jayein toh-RIANA --Are you sure? Rahul still unsure but nods yes. He walks upto the futon and pulls it out. RIANA Please don’t be silly... tum bedroom mein so jao. RAHUL (matter-of-fact) Yeh tumhare liye hai. Riana feels embarrassed sits quietly on the couch. 48 EXT. RAHUL’S APARTMENT - MORNING Nice graphic frame of the apartment building: 48



The Interview

40. 48A INT. RAHUL’S APARTMENT - BATHROOM - MORNING Riana turns the shower knob to the side showers, steps out, wipes the foggy cabinet mirror and exits. Rahul enters the washroom and turns on the shower but instead of the head shower it sprays from the side. He doesn’t like surprises, gets irritated. 49 INT. RAHUL’S APARTMENT - DINING - MORNING Rahul fills a glass of water and sits at the kitchen counter for breakfast. Riana sits opposite him eating some bananas and cereal. She is about to put the banana peel down on the table.. Don’t! RAHUL 49 48A

RIANA Exactly! Thanks! She gets up and goes over to the bin to throw it. RIANA Tumhara interview kitne baje hai? RAHUL Bas abhi. If you don’t mind, kya tum apne interview ke baad ye annulment papers city hall par drop kar sakti ho? Main shaayad late ho jaun. RIANA Uhh..Sure.. bus mujhe woh pawn shop jaana tha. She throws the banana peel in the bin. RAHUL (places the documents on the table) Main city hall se tumhein pick kar sakta hun, phir pawn shop se tumhara saaman bhi wapas le sakte hain. RIANA Sounds good.. By the way, kal raat mujhe couch par ye visiting card mila. (reads it) Boobs - a - Licious Escort Agency. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Rahul is expressionless, he’s bad with covering up.. He opens his mouth and shuts it again..

41. RAHUL Main free ho kar phone karta hun. (takes his briefcase and phone) Got to rush. He starts to walk away. RIANA Interview ke liye good luck. RAHUL (almost trips and falls) You too. She does the fingers crossed action. All embarrassed, he leaves. 50 EXT. WORLD MARKET CENTRE - DAY Big and small cars drive in and out, there’s a lot of hustle bustle and everyone is dressed in formal work clothes. Rahul walks into a huge building looking small and vulnerable. 51 INT. WORLD MARKET CENTRE - RECEPTION - DAY A huge reception. Phones RINGING. A few Japanese men are in the midst of a discussion. Rahul sits in the waiting area in a suit, alone. Dry throat, he holds onto his briefcase to steady himself. A middle aged JAPANESE ASSISTANT steps out and calls him in. He clears his throat. 52 INT. YAMAMOTO OFFICE - DAY Two silver name plate on a huge table, which reads MR.YAMAMOTO & MR.MIYAZAKI. Rahul sits considerably away looking small and isolated. MR.YAMAMOTO & MR.MIYAZAKI look at the resume, talk to each other for a bit and the look at the Translator. MR.YAMAMOTO Mistel Lahul Kapul? RAHUL Uh.. Rahul Kapoor Yamammoto looks at the translator. TRANSLATOR Light, Laahul Kapool. Rahul knows there’s no point in explaining it, just smiles. The two bosses get busy discussing the resume in Japanese. 52 51 50

42. They speak for a while and then Mr.Yamammoto gets up and walks towards Rahul. He delivers a slightly longer speech and shakes hands with Rahul with great enthusiasm.. MR.YAMAMOTO (heavy Japanese accent) LONG JAPANESE DIALOGUE and then Arrigato Mistel Lahul.!! Rahul thinks he’s got the job. The boss looks at the translator, who translates but it is only a short sentence now. TRANSLATOR He says thank you but not possible. Sorry. Rahul wonders what she's leaving out, or if that's the way it works from Japanese to English. RAHUL Didn’t he say something more? The Translator translates this to the Japanese Boss again as a slightly long sentence to which The Boss replies back. TRANSLATOR (to Rahul) And he says good luck. Rahul looks at the translator - confused and shattered at the same time. 53 I/E. CAR - LAWYER’S BUILDING - DAY We stay with Rahul for a few moments and then from inside the car, we see Riana standing on the curb outside the Lawyer’s building. Rahul pulls over next to her. There’s a smile on her face that tells us that her interview has gone well. She hops in. The Drunk Couple who they helped get married walks into the building. 54 INT. CAR - MOMENTS LATER Rahul has just told Riana about the interview. Riana feels bad for him. RIANA ..I’m really sorry about your interview. RAHUL (dejected) Don’t be, Tumhari kya galti hai. Tumhara interview kaisa tha? 54 53

43. RIANA (controls her excitement) Alrite. Do teen din mein call back kareinge shaayad. (beat) Listen, mujhe ek jagah pata hai jahan tum definitely better feel karoge. (re-thinks) Or actually let it be, mom ne abhi abhi wire transfer kiya hai aur main befkoofon ki tarah phir se kharch kar doongi. Pawn shop jaa kar mera saaman wapas le lete hain. Kahan? RAHUL

RIANA ‘Big pawn’ - pendor aur seymour par. RAHUL Nahin, I meant, kaun si jagah hai jahan main better feel karunga? (beat / look exchange) I’m paying. RIANA (beat) Aage se left. He steers left. The car drives away. RAHUL Kahin phir se us shady night club toh nahin jaa rahe? RIANA Nahin baba..Just wait and see! 55 INT. JAPANESE SPA - MASSAGE ROOM - DAY Two Japanese masseur dressed identically work on Rahul and Riana’s backs. Rahul looks confused, Riana relaxed. A Japanese track PLAYS in the background. RAHUL Hum ye kya kar rahe hain?? RIANA It’s pay back time. Japanese ne tumhein job nahin diya to humne unhein apna naukar bana liya. (to the masseur) Dhang se kar yar. 55

44. Rahul finds it amusing. He chuckles. RAHUL Main huns kyoun raha hun, mujhe khud maloom nahin hai. It’s not funny, I’m unemployed!! RIANA Kyoun, serious shakal banane se naukri wapas mil jayegi? Rahul likes the thought. Some silent beats. RAHUL By the way, main soch raha tha ki, agar sirf do-teen din ki baat hai toh tum ghar pe reh sakti ho. Riana just looks at him for a beat. Thinks. RIANA It’s so true (pause) Pati parmeshwar hota hai. Such wise words! RAHUL Woh secretary sahi keh rahi thi .. You definitely need more sessions. 56 INT. JAPANESE SPA - CORRIDOR - DAY They walk towards the pool. RIANA Pata nahi kya hua tha ki psychologist ke paas chali gayi. Breakups toh hamesha hi bure hote hai par psychologist unhe mahenga bhi bana dete hai. They both walk across a glass door that says - POOL RAHUL --Specially, pehla break up, nahin? Rona dhona, depressing gaane sunna, blank calls, haat katna. OOf. RIANA (slightly theatrical) Oh, toh aap bhi gam se guzar chukhe hain? Tell me about it. 56

45. 57 INT. POOL - MOMENTS LATER They both are in the pool but just chilling by the deep end, she tries to convince him. RIANA C’mon.. Please. I thought we friends... Rahul, amused, gives in. RAHUL ..okay toh, (he knows this is going to be embarassing) Humein shayad date karte huye ek saal hua tha par phir bhi mujhe sirf haat pakdna allowed tha.. woh bhi madame ke mood pe depend that RIANA (does the squeezing action) So you didn’t ever ---RAHUL (smiles) Nope. Anyway, toh uska birthday thaTheir conversation now overlaps as we break into a flashback. 58 I/E. FLASHBACK - FARM PARTY - NIGHT 58 were 57


‘The Titanic’

A audio cassette is put into a player and the music ‘Boogie Shoes’ starts to pump out of the speakers. It’s a high school weekend home party. Kids try to behave like adults cigarettes, beer bottles, baggy jeans and girl friends. Rahul (late teens) is holding a small gift box for NIKITA, his beautiful 16 year old, so called girlfriend, who opens it to see a beautiful bracelet with hearts hanging from it, she smiles at him. He knows this is the girl he’ll spend the rest of his life with.

46. Rahul leans in for a kiss, she gently pushes him away and looks across the room at a tall HANDSOME GUY, HARSH, 17 who holds a drink in his hand and smiles flirtatiously at her. NIKITA Ek drink le aao na please. TEENAGE RAHUL Promise you’ll kiss me after that. She smiles, he happily to the bar. As the BARTENDER makes his drink he takes a miniature aftershave from his pocket and puts it on himself and then slyly adds a little extra vodka in the drink and walks back. He returns with a martini only to find that she’s not there. He tries looking for her 1) Stands on a tall stool to look over the crowd. 2) In the washroom 3) Under the table where there’s a couple making out who shoo him away. 4) He walks out to the parking area still carrying the glass. His eyes turn towards a 1997 Merc, which is shaking slowly. The expression on his face changes. A hand comes up on the window titanic style wearing the same bracelet he gifted her. He stands there stunned and then sips Martini through the umbrella straw. 59 INT. POOL - LATE EVENING Back in the pool, Riana can’t believe it and Rahul’s reliving that moment. RIANA Ohhh...usne tumhari sahi.. She does the “waat laga di action” and makes an odd sound. Rahul gestures ‘tell me about it’!! RIANA (laughs) So, Last kise date kiya tha? RAHUL Mera interview le rahi ho? RIANA (teasingly) Nahin tumhara gum baat rahi hun..C’mon. RAHUL Family friend thi - Anusha, yahin Vegas me rehti hai. 59



RAHUL Toh kya--?? RIANA Baaki ki kahani?? RAHUL Ahhh.. 2-3 date ke baad uska phone aana band ho gaya.. Kyoun?? RIANA

RAHUL (thinks) Shaayad I wasn’t good enough!! Rahul dips his head in the water and blows bubbles, Riana thinks for a beat. 60 EXT. RAHUL’S BUILDING- LATE EVENING They both are entering the building with Riana’s stuff which she had given at the pawn shop. 61 INT. RAHUL’S APARTMENT - LOBBY - NIGHT They stand next to the elevator with their reflections in the door. RIANA Mujhe tumhari problem samajh mein aa rahi hai? RAHUL (with a sigh of exasperation) Oh really pehle bataana tha main psychologist ke paas jaata hi nahin! RIANA (finding the right words) --Tum mein woh josh nahi hai. RAHUL Meri maa.. (joins his hand) ..Last time josh dikhaya tha to tumse shaadi ho gayi thi.. 61 60

48. RIANA Don’t be stupid, woh josh nahi Alcohol tha! They enter the elevator. 62 INT. RAHUL’S APARTMENT CORRIDOR - MOMENTS LATER The elevator door opens. They walk through the corridor towards Rahul’s apartment. RIANA Tumhein bus phir se kisi ko date karne ki zaroorat hai. RAHUL Wah! Kya solution hai! RIANA Trust me, tumhari self esteem bahut hi low hai aur ladki pataane se zyaada ego boost kisi aur kaam mein nahi milta. Call Anusha. As Rahul turns the key to open the apartment door RAHUL Main tumhein ignore kar raha hoon RIANA Magar dinner par use poori attention dena, khaana kam aur sunna jyaada. Compliments dete rehna aur wine pilate rehna. They both enter the apartment. 63 INT. RAHUL’S APARTMENT - KITCHEN / DINING - NIGHT They’ve both changed into their night clothes and eating dinner from their take away boxes. --Fork. RAHUL 63 62

RIANA (taps him on the hand) Here... Aur kyounki tum ne mujhe yahan rehne diya, I’ll tell you a special trick. Apni gaadi mat leke jaana, har ladki ko kabhi na kabhi apne boyfriend ko ghar chodna acha lagta hai. (making it sound more interesting) (MORE)

49. RIANA (cont'd) ..And phir tum wohi kar sakte ho jo tumhari ex girlfriend ne tumhari car mein kiya tha. She does the same titanic move. Rahul continues to eat unamused. RIANA Sun Rahe ho? Nahin! RAHUL

RIANA Tum phone kar rahe ho?? RAHUL (stern) Not a chance. She looks at him, he looks back at her. Long silent beat. MUSIC SEEPS IN. 64 INT. RAHUL’S APARTMENT - BATHROOM Rahul bends down and puts his ear on the receiver. He’s a bit nervous. Hello!! RAHUL CUT TO: 64


65 66

I AM WILD ! 65 EXT. VEGAS - SPRING MT. HIGHWAY - CAB - NIGHT A yellow cab drives in front of the Vegas skyline. Rahul is seated at the back. He is dressed in the same outfit that Riana chose, he adjusts his jacket. 66 EXT. FANCY RESTAURANT - NIGHT Christmas celebration are all around. Rahul walks into a fancy restaurant.

50. 67 INT. RESTAURANT - NIGHT A waiter carries an expensive wine bottle to the table, he offers Rahul to taste it but Rahul points towards Anusha. She’s pretty, in her mid twenties,looks sophisticated and proper. She gives her go ahead, the waiter pours the wine and leaves. A few silent beats, she breaks the silence. So? ANUSHA RAHUL (not sure of where to start) 67


The conversation doesn’t go anywhere, Silence. ANUSHA Tum theek to ho na? RAHUL (uncomfortable smile) Haan. A beat. ANUSHA -Yeh ek dum se dinner ka plan? Koi zaroori baat-RAHUL (opens his mouth to say haan, but--) --Nahin, Bas aise hi. Silence for a few beats, Anusha breaks it again ANUSHA Mom ne bataya ki tumhare parents town mein the-RAHUL --Haan, woh actually dad ki meeting aur-(abruptly) --You look very hot tonight. (being himself again) I’m sorry. So ANUSHA Thank you for the compliment by the way. (flirtatious beat) I’ve been working very hard at it. RAHUL --Dikh raha hai.

51. Another long silence beat. ANUSHA I’m glad tumne notice kiya! Some looks exchanged and then she unties her hair. ANUSHA Tumhein khule baal jyada pasand hai na? The trick is working and Rahul goes with the flow trying to hide his discomfort. RAHUL (pours her some wine) More wine? ANUSHA Tum bhool rahe ho ki wine se mujhe kya hota hai? You know, it’s an aphrodisiac. (Rahul is nervous he pours in a bit too much) Aur mujhe waise bhi kal office jaana hai. RAHUL Kaam ke alava kaafi kuch hai karne ke liye. He’s getting better by the minute, Anusha’s impressed. ANUSHA Toh is Rahul ko kahan chupa rakha tha? RAHUL Well, agar hum parents ke through nahin mile hote toh tum mujhe acchi tarah jaan pati. ANUSHA Same here. (takes her shrug off) To aur kya kya nahin jaanti-RAHUL Ahhh...kaafi kuch-ANUSHA Jaise ki kya-He feels something on his foot and makes a weird sound. ANUSHA (flirting) Mera paer hai--

52. RAHUL (trying to behave in control) --I know, I know. ANUSHA Kya nahin jaanti main tumhare baare main.. (Rahul’s wondering, she cuts to the point) --Are you wild? The temperature is rising. RAHUL Oh ya...I’m wild! ANUSHA Kitne wild ho?? RAHUL Ab sher se kya poochna ki kahan kahan shikaar kiya hai-(fake uncomfortable laugh) ANUSHA --Plane pe kabhi kiya hai? RAHUL Uhh..Woh bathroom kafi chote hote hain na-ANUSHA --Blanket to bada manga sakte ho!! He just nods his head weirdly as if he’s gonna try next time. ANUSHA Aur bathroom mein? RAHUL Obviously. Itni baar ki mujhe yaad bhi nahin-Abruptly she gets up, Rahul has no idea what happened. Kya hua? RAHUL

ANUSHA --Main bathroom jaa rahi hun. RAHUL (not getting the point) Okay.

53. ANUSHA (spelling it out) Rahul, I. AM. GOING. To. THE. BATHROOM. She leaves. Rahul’s never been so uncomfortable, he drinks the leftover wine. CUT TO: 67A Nervously he walks through the crowd into a corridor leading to the powder room. INT. RESTAURANT BATHROOM - NIGHT He enters but no one’s there. A row of cubicles. Suddenly a cubicle opens and drags him in and the vacant sign turns to occupied. We stay out for a moment. 69 INT. BATHROOM CUBICLE - NIGHT His face is almost red but he’s doing his best to look sane. Anusha pushes him back against the door. ANUSHA (seductively) 69 67A




RAHUL (formal, adjusts his suit) Hello! ANUSHA Toh kya karna hai? RAHUL (beat) Uhh.. Pehle khana kha lete, khana thanda ho raha hai. ANUSHA (starts to take off his jacket) I hope, sense of humor ke alava baki sab kuch bhi improve hua hai. RAHUL Haan, definitely. The cubicle is too small for Rahul’s comfort, he tries to find a corner. ANUSHA (with experience) Ek kaam karo is taraf aao.

54. They swap positions in a small cubicle, Rahul tries to be comfortable. ANUSHA Betho. (he starts to sit) Seat toh bandh karo. He shuts it. She walks up to him just then...a KNOCK on the door. Anusha tells him to keep quiet. (loud) What? ANUSHA

MAN OUTSIDE (immediately) Sorry. She tries to get her focus back but Rahul’s sweating profusely-RAHUL Mujh se nahin hoga. Kya. ANUSHA

RAHUL Mujhe bahar jaana hai. ANUSHA Oh, you wanna play shy with me? She tries to open his top two buttons. He’s still sitting on the pot. RAHUL Anusha please-She doesn’t let him, Rahul’s unsure of how to get out of here. He picks up the bum shower. Please!! RAHUL

She thinks he’s joking, she takes a step forward, nervous as he is, he presses the shower by mistake. OOPS!! 70 INT. RESTAURANT - NIGHT Rahul steps out of the bathroom, dripping wet. He picks up a napkin and walks across the dining area trying his best to look dignified. People turn around and look at him. Hello!! RAHUL (O.S.) 70

55. 71 72 OMITTED EXT. VEGAS STREETS - NIGHT We tilt down to Rahul’s prius. Riana is driving Rahul’s car and Rahul’s on the passenger seat still wet. A quiet beat. She’s a bit scared, knows something’s gone horribly wrong. RIANA Tum geele kyoun ho? RAHUL Rain dance par gaya tha. Problem hai?? (Riana scared - nods no) --Aur tumhari seat belt kahan hai? RIANA (stammers) Woh mujhe thodi uncomfortable lagti hai-RAHUL Jab khidki se udti hui bahar jaogi na toh woh bhi bahut comfortable nahin hoga. Scared she fixes it. A beat. RIANA (she wants to know more) Toh.. (beat) ...dinner mein kya khaya..? RAHUL (to himself) --6 litre paani. Riana gives him a look. RIANA Bhook lagi hai toh, yahin pass mein mujhe ek jagah pata hai. 73 EXT. VEGAS STREETS - NIGHT The car drives through beautiful landscape. 74 EXT. DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT - NIGHT Isolated drive-in restaurant. The car is parked in the middle of two cars and airplanes go over their heads every now and then. Rahul’s just finished the story, Riana’s laughing. She’s got the most carefree laugh ever. 74 73 71 72

56. RIANA Agar phone pe bol dete toh saath mein towel le aati. He gives her an angry look.. RAHUL --Ek dum rubbish plan tha, do me a favor (puts his hands together) aaj ke baad apni ghatiya advise mat dena please. RIANA Maine tumhein date pe jaane ko bola tha, mujhe thodi pata tha woh tumhein nehlaane le jayegi. She laughs out loud once again.. RAHUL I hate her..Meri top 10 most hated logon ki list mein.. (change of thought) Aur tum Besharam, Kam se kam sorry to bolo. RIANA Okay..Sorry.. (beat) Aur tum chaho toh mujhe birthday wish kar sakte ho. She points at her watch. A beat. Aaj? Riana nods. RAHUL Happy B’day. There’s an awkward moment as Rahul puts his hand forward to shake hands but Riana comes in for a peck on the cheek but then she holds herself back. A plane goes by. A sweet moment. They both for the first time feel like good friends. RAHUL Chalein.. And please apni seat belt pehan lo. RIANA Okay oaky.. Cranky pants. She moves the car forward and gets smaller as it drives away into the huge vegas highway but they can still be heard. RAHUL

57. RIANA Toh mera birthday gift kya hai? RAHUL Ye geele kapde, jinhen tum kal saaf karogi. RIANA Acha chalo, I’ll make it up to you, main he kuch de doongi. RAHUL Acha!! Kya? RIANA Soch rahi hun ek bathroom jet de deti hun. RAHUL Funny!! Funny!! We tilt up to the sky where we see:





INT. RAHUL’S APARTMENT - BATHROOM - DAY Rahul is in the middle of a hair cut with clips parting his hair. He looks like a school boy sitting upright in front of the mirror. The RADIO PLAYS in the background. RIANA (O.S.) Tum hamesha se hi architect banna chahte the?

58. RAHUL Nahin, Hairstylist. RIANA (pulls his hair) Funny. She comes in with a trimmer and cleans his back. RAHUL Actually, mujhe photography ka kaafi shokh tha, kabhi kisi keede ki photo, to kabhi kisi khambe ki. RIANA (mocks him) How creative? Acha hua chod diya warna aaj usi khambhe ke neeche so rahe hote. She steps out again and this time comes back with towel, she takes out his clips and towel dries his hair and checks for balance. RAHUL Mom dad ka bhi yahi kehna tha. RIANA Unki har baat maante ho? A beat. Thinks, he wants to say no but he nods yes. RIANA (CONT’D) Kabhi irritate nahin hote, you know unki har expectation puri karne ki koshish se. He’s not sure how to answer this. RIANA (CONT’D) You know, Jab main choti thi aur parents mujhe irritate karte the, main ghar ki saari expensive cheezein todna shuru kar deti thi. RAHUL Aur tumhein lagta hai ki ab tum badi ho gayi ho? RIANA Nahin ghar mein mehngi cheejein khatam ho gayin hain. She gets a small hand mirror and shows him the back. RAHUL Ye hai mera new look?

59. RIANA Just wait till it’s styled. She looks at him. They both share a laugh. Her mobile rings, she answers it. RIANA Hello...Yes this is Riana. (pause) Yes I did. She steps out in to the bedroom, Rahul starts analyses his hair cut, while she continues to talk over the phone in the background. RIANA (slowly bouncing) Really!! Uhh.. Yes but I’m going to India in two days. (long pause, bouncing a bit more) That’s great. I mean, really, thanks, Ya I’ll contact you, thanks a ton. She hangs up and SCREAMS OUT LOUD. Rahul shuts his ears. She sprints around the house and then runs back in, pulls his fingers out of his ears and whispers. RIANA (in one breath) Ek saal ka contract, vaapas aane ki ticket aur rehne ka arrangement. Let’s celebrate. My treat! RAHUL

RIANA No, mera birthday hai. MUSIC starts to kick in. She SCREAMS again. RAHUL Acha, wallet mein kitne paise hain 20 dollar?? RIANA (pinches his ear) Very funny! Say, we’re gonna have fun!! RAHUL We’re gonna have fun.

60. 76 PBS - 3 - RIANA’S B’DAY - ‘GUBBARE’. *They stand outside an ATM - OMITTED 76A *They are in town hall.. Everything is expensive. Rahul tries to treat her and drags her in a few expensive places. She drags him back out. Rahul gives up and asks her what would she like to do. She exits frame. *We see a few dollars changing hands and we reveal three balloons through a crowd. *With the balloons tied to Riana’s hands, they both enter a street fair. *There's a block street fair with little booths, sausage sandwich concessions, etc. Rahul and Riana have been to the makeup booth. Riana is a cat and Rahul is a pirate. *They play various street fair games. Take a few childish rides. *They get pictures clicked behind a turkey shaped cardboard. *After playing a bunch of games it’s lunch time. Rahul takes her to an expensive place. She goes through the menu outside the restaurant - everything’s above sixty dollars. She looks at him. *They ride up on an escalator with huge slices of pizzas in their hands. Riana drinks from Rahul’s straw, as obsessive he is, he cleans it with a tissue. She looks at him and takes the straw out, suggests him to sip directly. They both sit in the car. *BOULDER CITY - While Rahul is driving she puts her feet on the dashboard, Rahul gets irritated and pushes them down. RIANA Hum kahan jaa rahe hain? RAHUL Tumhein cheezein todne ka bahut shokh hai na (beat) aur yeh meri treat hai. 76J *Riana’s standing on top of a big bull-dozer, the expression on her face is of pure joy. We hear Rahul shout (o.s) “Are you ready?”, Riana replies “I can’t believe this?’ And BANG!! *They are at the famous ‘Big Dig’ in Vegas. Where they CRASH real cars with bulldozers. They both SCREAM in the open. Rahul for the first time looks free and happy. It’s late in the evening, they both sit on the Tank drinking from a wine bottle. 76J 76A 76

76B 76C 76D

76B 76C 76D

76E 76F 76G

76E 76F 76G







61. 76L 76M 76N 76O *OMITTED OMITTED *The car drives through the Vegas streets with the three balloons stuck in the car window. *On their way back: Riana a little tipsy looks at various neon signs going by. All different lights blend into one another beyond the windshield. She is wearing Rahul’s jacket. She looks at him, her eyelids are too heavy for her. RIANA It really was my best birthday, thank you. Rahul pats her head and smiles. MUSIC FADES OUT. 77 INT. RAHUL’S APARTMENT - CORRIDOR - NIGHT Rahul carries a very sleepy Riana to the elevator. Her handbag and balloons in his hand. The Security guys look at him. 78 INT. RAHUL’S APARTMENT - BEDROOM - NIGHT He puts her on his bed, pulls a blanket over her and watches her sleep so peacefully. After a few beats, he dims the side lamp and leaves. 79 79A INT. RAHUL’S APARTMENT - LIVING ROOM - NIGHT He steps out of the room, walks up to the couch, picks up her headphones and puts them on. He enjoys the music starts to groove with it. Feels like dancing, takes off his shoes. He tries to do the same steps Riana did at the Drive in. He tries to keep it soft, so that she doesn’t wake up. He get on top off the sofa and suddenly - THUDDD!!! Rahul collapses backwards and behind the sofa. SILENCE. His head pops up from behind, back in his senses he finds it hard to believe what he’d been doing. Feeling shy and happy he puts his head in his hands but slowly the music fades in again and his body starts to groove again. We leave him alone letting him enjoy the best day of his life so far. FADE TO BLACK. ________________________ INTERVAL __________________________ FADE IN: 79 79A 78 77 76L 76M 76N 76O



80 81

Have You Had Sex? 80 EXT. LAWYER’S BUILDING - MORNING Rahul’s car drives in and parks outside the lawyer’s building. LAWYER (O.C.) So we are just gonna go through a quick check list before I can put in your application for processing. 81 INT. LAWYER’S OFFICE - DAY A MALE LAWYER in a business suit sits in front of a beautiful skyline. She’s ticking all the pre-requisites for the annulment on a form. LAWYER So it happened on the 25th of December. Christmas. Yes. RAHUL

LAWYER Were there drugs involved? No. RAHUL

RIANA Just alcohol. LAWYER And you both agree it was a mistake? Yes. RAHUL LAWYER Have you had sex? Yes. TAIRA

63. RIANA RAHUL (almost immediately)



The lawyer looks at Rahul, all awkward, he picks up a glass of water and avoids eye contact with Riana. She realizes what she just said. RIANA Not with him...Sorry!! I thought you meant otherwise. An awkward beat in the room. The intercom RINGS and breaks the silence. The lawyer cuts it and gets back to business. LAWYER Your application will be passed on for processing. You can both come on the 6th of Jan? RAHUL Sounds good. 82 EXT. CENTRAL MARKET / POLICE DEPT. BUILDING - DAY Riana and Rahul step out of a convenience store carrying overstuffed brown paper bags in front of their stomachs. They are already in the middle of a conversation, munching on giant pokky sticks and a sipping on a slurpy heading toward the crossroad. RIANA Toh tumne abhi tak apne parents ko kuch nahin bataaya?? RAHUL Kya batata? Hi mom, Hi dad..I lost my job ..and guess what.. ek raat maine itni pi li ki maine nashe mein shaadi kar li. RIANA I didn’t mean like that. Unhein samjha to sakte the-RAHUL Tumhein bachpan mein cola candies allowed the na? RIANA Abhi bhi hain, Kyoun? 82

64. RAHUL Kyoun ki, is duniya mein do tarah ke parents hote hain, woh jo candies or cola allow karte hain aur doosre woh, jo nahin karte. Mere parents second category se hain - The ones with the ‘Rules’. RIANA (mock sympathy) How sad! Ye lo! (offers him pokky stick) Waise socha jaye toh sabke parents abnormal hote hain! (memory pops in) You know, jab main choti thi toh ek din apne chote se bouncy bed par kood rahi thi, dad ko pata nahin kya hua aur woh mere saath koodne lage... do minute to bahut maza aya but then.. DHAAD!! Bed hi toot gaya. Unka arm fracture hua(points to her front teeth) -Aur mere do daaant. RAHUL Nakli hain? She nods. Rahul can’t understand this girl - she’s crazy! Rahul bends to pick something up, Riana notices. RIANA You know, tumhara bum bahut cute hai. RAHUL (checks it) Acha?? RIANA (beat) It’s an Eight on ten Thanks. RAHUL

RIANA Kaash mera bhi eight on ten hota. What do you think? Rahul gestures her to turn around, she does... RAHUL (with all seriousness) Ahhh....Three. Starts to walk ahead, she hits him with a cheese ball.


Okay four!

She throws the entire pack on him. RAHUL Meri shirt.. Okay final.. Five and a half... (she runs behind him to hit him) Chalo, tum bhi kya yaad rakhogi, six and a half They get smaller in frame and music takes over. A nice moment with a perfect sunset. They sit in the car and drive off. 83 INT. RAHUL’S APARTMENT - LATE EVENING Riana stands on an overloaded suitcase helping Rahul shut it. RAHUL Ya... just a little pressure to the right...thoda aur..bas zara sa.. yes a little more...almost there, haan, bus, yes!! Riana looks up at her and smiles, He realizes what she meant. RAHUL (CONT’D) Oh God...Bahut hi ghatiya soch hai tumhari. He heads to the living room to clear all the extra stuff around. RIANA Tameez se baat karo, biwi hun tumhari. RAHUL Tumhare jaane ke baad ye bewkoofiyan kaun karega? RIANA (follows him) Kyoun mujhe miss karoge? RAHUL Don’t be cute. RIANA (happily) You’ll miss me. ..Shaayad. RAHUL 83

66. RIANA Aur shaayad nahin, kyounki tumhein ye busy rakhega. She places a small beautifully wrapped gift on his palm. He looks at it. RIANA Happy new year. (pause) Maine socha ek din pehle he wish kar deti hun. He unwraps it. It’s a beautiful small, not very expensive, second hand camera. He turns it around and in felt pen writing - it says Happy New Year love Riana. He’s never felt so touched before. Rahul doesn’t say a word, Riana looks at him. RIANA (CONT’D) Itne emotional mat ho, second hand hai. RAHUL (softly / confused) Who are you? RIANA (equally soft) I’m your new best friend. He walks up to her and gives her a warm friendly hug, he’s not a hugger but somehow he feels lasts a tad bit longer than usual. It’s his first hug in years. RAHUL Chalo aaj bhi tum room mein so jao, main yahan so jaaonga. RIANA (chuckles) Itne cute nahin ho ki main apne aap ko control na kar sakun. (he smiles) kharaatein toh nahin marte? He smiles and instantly brings up the camera and takes a picture. She slaps him on the arm and walks towards the room. RIANA Don’t! Main photos mein bilkul acchi nain lagti. RAHUL Camere ko kyoun blame kar rahi ho yaar? He teases her and takes more pictures.

67. RIANA Actually koi farak nahin padta ismein film hai hi nahin. We track back into a picture and slowly it FADES TO BLACK. 84 INT. RAHUL’S APARTMENT - BEDROOM - NIGHT BLACK. It’s pitch dark. No visual. There’s SILENCE for a few seconds and then... RAHUL (very softly) 84


A beat. She’s almost asleep, after a moment Hmmm. RIANA

Silence. He’s changed his mind. After a few seconds.. Haan..?? RIANA (CONT’D)

RAHUL Kuch Nahin.. Good night. Riana switches ON the light, looks at him, he’s wide awake. She studies him for a bit with squinting eyes. He looks at her, she looks cute with her hair undone and her small eyes staring at him. She raises her eyebrows as if asking him “what is it?”. He looks at her.. RAHUL (smiles) Main aadhi raat ko tumhein kyoun disturb kar raha hun? Sorry..Good night. RIANA --Tumhein allowed hai. Bolo. They look in each others eyes, there is only silence now, of the loudest kind...and Rahul knows he’s falling for her. Rahul knows if there’s someone he can share this with, it’s her. RAHUL What’s the trick? Kya? RIANA

68. RAHUL (after a long beat) You know, tum itni khush rehti ho ki main tumhein dekhta hun toh sochta hun kaash main main nahin tum hota. (beat) Kaash tumhari tarah mera bhi koi plan hota, wahi kar rahi ho jo karna chahti ho. Aur main 25 saal ka ho gaya hun aur abhi bhi sochta hun.. ek subah uthunga aur mujhe sab samajh aa jayega - main kaun hun, kya karna chahta hun.. I wish,...I wish I had a plan like yours. RIANA (with a smile on her face) Plan?? (beat) Main ballet dancer banna chahati thi, hair stylist nahin. Rahul’s a bit surprised to hear this. RIANA (CONT’D) Plan toh tha ki Paris jaoongi.. but then ek din rehearsal ke baad ghar jaate waqt, ek chote se accient mein.. (brings her foot up) Here..mere ankle mein ek steel ball hai.. and I can never be a dancer. Hurt is clearly visible in her eyes but she breaks away from it. RIANA (CONT’D) Kaafi defective piece hun na? Do daant nakli, ankle mein steel ball aur dad bolte hain ki meri ek aankh doosri aankh se choti hai. She shows it to him, he notices, they break into a chuckle. They look at each other once again for a moment. Rahul knows if she looks at him for a beat longer she’ll know. RAHUL Good night. They exchange looks and he switches OFF the light. RIANA Tumhein lagta hai ki tum duniya ke pehle insaan ho jo fail huye ho?

69. RAHUL Nahi main apni family ka pehla insaan hun, jo fail hua hai. She switches ON the light. RIANA Achi baat hai, kisi ne toh shuruwat ki. RAHUL It’s not funny. RIANA It is, can’t you see! Tumhare paas job nahin hai, meri jaisi bewkoof se shaadi kar chuke ho, aur...aur ab aadhi raat ko mujse advise le rahe ho jaise main Riana Braganza nahin Rajnish Osho hun. He breaks into a chuckle and so does she. A silent beat. RIANA (a bit more serious now) Take a break... Mere saath India chalo. RAHUL Now that’s funny. RIANA Main mazaak nahin kar rahi. RAHUL (amused) Good night. He switches OFF the light. She switches it ON. RIANA Kya problem hai? Ek hafte tak tumhara koi interview nahin hai, toh phir? RAHUL --Ri, mere parents aur tum ek hi city mein rehte ho, aur woh soch rahe hain that I have a job here. She gets the point ponders for a bit. RIANA Right..Bad idea. RAHUL Yup. Gnite.

70. He switches it OFF. Pitch dark again. RIANA Tumne kabhi school bunk kiya hai?? He doesn’t say anything for a few seconds. She switches ON the light, looks at him, he obviously hasn’t. He switches OFF the light. She switches it ON. RAHUL Ri-- tum paagal ho-RIANA Kyoun, agar main tumhare ghar reh sakti hun toh tum mere ghar kyoun nahin reh sakte? Rahul switches OFF the light. She puts it ON. He switches it OFF, She switches it ON. Rahul’s got a sheet over his face, she pulls it down, with a scared expression he nods - no and she cutely looks at him and nods yes...AN UPBEAT NUMBER SEEPS IN. He nods again but with a smile. Smiles turn into laughter and she pounces on him with her pillow. We know he’s given in.




Bunking Home 85 85A EXT. VEGAS / INDIAN STREETS - DAY *Rahul sits inside the cab with a smile fixed on his face. He seems to have found something new. Riana is looking outside the window. She draws a plane on the foggy window glass.(DAY) *From Riana’s POV - Slowly the visual of Vegas Streets start to intercut with Indian Streets - From beautiful sky scrapers and clean streets we cut to Indian Traffic, Indian signboards and the whole craziness. (VEGAS - DAY / INDIA - NIGHT) EXT. BRAGANZA’S HOUSE - NIGHT They both are unloading their bags from the taxi.. In front of a beautiful ancestral house. It’s cozy and inviting with two warm lamps next to the door. MUSIC STOPS. 85 85A





71. RAHUL Listen mujhe bahut ajeeb lag raha hai.. Main.. Main hotel mein reh leta hun.. RIANA (laughing at him) Tum paagal ho gaye ho..? RAHUL Exactly. Ye kya kar raha hun main?? He pays the cab guy. RIANA Mere saath chutti mana rahe ho-RAHUL --main ghar jaa raha hun.. (asks the taxi guy) Boss, peddar road chaleinge.. RIANA (she drags him along) Rahul, shut up!! RAHUL ..arrey koi bahana bana doonga.. Surprise!! (making it up as he talks) ne micro housing project par research karne ke liye bheja hai.. etc. etc... RIANA (hands him a bag) Ye bag pakdo. RAHUL Oh god tumhare parents kya sochengeRIANA Relax.. They are chilled out.. Shaadi ke chakkar mein thoda hyper ho gaye the par.. RAHUL (can’t belive she’s told them) Ek minute.. Unhein maloom hai?? RIANA Obviously!! Par unhein pata hai hum use annul kara rahe hain. (calms him down) Easyyy!!

72. RAHUL Tumhara deemag toh-(giving himself confidence) --I’m okay..I’m okay. Before he can finish, a cute healthy man in his late 50’s, Riana’s dad - PHIL comes down the staircase. Phil and Riana hug each other. Riana introduces Rahul. RIANA Dad, meet Rahul-PHIL (shake hands) --Arrey son-in-law!! (sounding serious) Peekar to nahin aaye na?? Sorry Sir. RAHUL TAIRA (embarrassed / angry) Dad, Stop it. $

Rahul looks shattered. Riana’s mother, NICOLE walks out, a beautiful lady in her early 50’s, aging gracefully with a short haircut. She too hugs Riana. A dog followss Nicole and sniff Rahul. He’s scared but pretends to be calm. NICOLE Hey Sherry ....shhh.. PHIL Kick them in the balls!! Rahul doesn’t know how to react. NICOLE Cheee! Phil!! (to the dogs) Behave Sheery, Aaj bilkul dinner nahin milega..Samajh mein aaya? PHIL Arrey main bol raha hun na, just a little -(kicking action) Nicole gives him a look to behave, The dogs move away. 87 INT. BRAGANZA’S HOUSE - NIGHT They all walk into the house. Rahul with all the luggage. Phil takes the smallest trolley from him. NICOLE Sorry Rahul, Abhi tak inko poora train nahin kar payee hun. 87

73. RAHUL No aunty it’s a very cute dog. NICOLE Main Phil ki baat kar rahi thi (to Phil) Phil, c’mon help him. RIANA Home sweet home!! Granny kahan hai? NICOLE Upar change kar rahi hai. Phil leads Rahul towards the bedroom and opens the door and turns on the light. PHIL Rahul, ek choti si problem hai.. guest room abhi under renovation hai toh humne socha tum Nicole aur mere beech mein so jaana. Rahul quickly looks out for Riana. He’s uncomfortable and awkward. Problem? PHIL

Rahul nods saying no... PHILA Toh kya Riana ke room mein sona chahte ho? Rahul starts to stutter and stammer... Riana walks in. RIANA Dadddddd!! (to Rahul) Sorry Rahul .. Abhi tak toh tum sochte the main pagal hun but welcome to the mad house. NICOLE (O.S.) (overlapping) Phil, oven se jalne ki smell aa rahi hai. (pause) Ri come taste this baby. RIANA Coming.... (to rahul) Rahul relax, change kar lo. Riana drags Phil away.

74. 88 INT. BRAGANZA’S HOUSE -LIVING ROOM - MOMENTS LATER Riana and her parents stand next to kitchen, in the middle of a conversation. Phil is sampling the soup. Riana eats some kiwis. NICOLE Sweet ladka hai. RIANA Haan, he is. NICOLE (very casually) Toh .. ab tum dono date kar rahe ho? RIANA Nahin mom dost hai.. friends! PHIL (matter-of-fact) Have you slept with him-NICOLE She just said.. they are not Dad. dating! 88


PHIL Just -- checking. Baap hun tumhara. RIANA Dad, he’s a really sweet guy, bas usse ek break ki zaroorat thi toh main le aayi apne saath.. NICOLE --I think he likes her-PHIL --I think I like him... He’s rich. Nicole gives him a look. RIANA (a little annoyed) He’s a friend! Riana steps out of the kitchen, Phil and Nicole look at each other. We hear a voice we recognize from before.. Riiiii. STEFF (O.S.)

It’s STEFF, thirty something, cute pregnant lady with her husband KARAN, tall banker with a paunch. He’s carrying their four year old daughter AALIA and her toys and accessories in his hands. They hug, while Nicole takes Allia in her arms. Then Riana gives Karan a hug, pats his tummy.

75. RIANA (re:paunch) Pehle bola hota to ek pregnancy jeans tumhare liye bhi le aati. KARAN Shut up! Ye toh sirf chutti ki wajah se weight!! RIANA Kaafi heavy holiday hoga. Phil goes to Allia, takes her in her arms. Karan heads to the kitchen. STEFF Okay now don’t fight hum log gymkhana jaa rahe hain? NICOLE No Steff... maine already dinner bana chuki hun. RIANA Aur main abhi abhi aayi hun. I’m tired! KARAN She’s so tired Steff! America se chalke jo aayee hai. PHIL Mujhe nahin aana, I hate woh sab budhon ke beech mein-STEFF Dad kuch saalon mein aap bhi usi category mein honge. Let’s go. PHIL Alright .. Let’s go ... but with my son in law.. STEFF (whispers) Rahul’s here?? Karan’s not been paying attention to this whole conversation, he’s busy in the kitchen. KARAN (O.S.) Granny kahan hain?

76. 89 INT. BRAGANZA’S HOUSE - BEDROOM - NIGHT Rahul is shirtless looking through his suitcase for a new shirt, the television is playing Sholay, the door opens, an eighty year old, cute but senile old lady totters around, Riana’s GRANDMA. She looks at Rahul. GRANDMA Oh Jesus.. forgive us... you have no shame.. What’s your name? RAHUL Sorry..Rahh-GRANDMA --T.V On hai, tumko samajh nahin aata hai ki Amitabh tumko dekh sakta hai. Bloody shameless boy!! Steff comes outside the room and sees what’s happening. Hi!! STEFF 89

Rahul’s completely abashed and covers his chest. Hi. RAHUL

STEFF Sorrrrry..Granny ke saath thodi problem hai. Grannnnyyy.. Karan too steps out and looks at him standing half naked. KARAN Heyy, I’m Karan!! Hi! RAHUL

KARAN Get ready hum bahar jaa rahein hain! Rahul is holding his shirt in front of his chest and then looks at the television, it looks like Amitabh Bachchan is looking at him. CATHOLIC BAND’S MUSIC SEEPS IN. 90 INT. CATHOLIC GYMKHANA - NIGHT A catholic gymkhana - There’s a small CATHOLIC BAND performing their regular BLUES numbers and a bunch of OLDIES and YOUNG COUPLES hand jiving, slightly out of sync. It’s all dimly lit but has a sense of warmth about it. As we move through the party we see The Braganza’s sitting with a couple of tables joined to accommodate them. 90

77. Riana and Karan walk toward their table with shots in their hands as the band announces the new year countdown. As they reach the table, the clock strikes 12 and everyone celebrates and wishes one another. Steff hugs rahul. PHIL Steffii .. Sambhal ke rahna. LAst time talli hoke isne Riana se shaadi kar li thi. Everyone laughs. NICOLE Ignore him please .. Phil sit down. Riana bangs her hands on the table asking for everyones attention RIANA Okay guys !! Who wants to dance? KARAN Main toh yahin se karoonga apna punjabi belly dance. Karan and Phil start to do weird steps sitting in the chair. PHIL (CONT’D) C’mon Rahul!! let’s dance RAHUL Nahin sir main!! PHIL C’mon don’t be shy .. You’re family now!! Riana looks at him but he’s all awkward.. All of a sudden The Catholic Band starts a NEW SONG. STEFF --Aunty jeeee ... I loveee this song! PBS4 Rahul let’s go off all his inhibitions and dances like he’s never danced before. He feels only one thing .. And that’s HAPPINESS! He’s comfortable and secure in the midst of Riana and her family. A feeling he’s never experienced before. Finally as the night comes to end... people start leaving. Rahul and Riana sit at a table alone.

78. RIANA Mujhe nahi pata tha iss (snoring sound) personality ke peeche ek fun side bhi chupa hua hai. RAHUL Actually mujhe bhi nahi pata tha RIANA Dance floor pe bum kaafi achha hilla lete ho. RAHUL Tum bhi itni buri nahi ho. RIANA 5 on 10? 5 and a half? Rahul leans over to another table and pulls out a rose from a bouquet. He gives it to Riana. RAHUL A perfect 10! Riana giggles. 93 EXT. RECLAMATION BRIDGE (MUMBAI) - NIGHT Nicole is driving and Phil is humming some old hindi number. The roads are pretty empty and the wind makes Riana’s hair fly. Riana and Rahul sit in the backseat of a Honda city along with Granny who’s half asleep and her head bobs. Rahul helps her feel comfortable by putting it on his shoulder. Rahul knows he’s fallen head over heels for Riana. She looks outside the window. He keeps looking at her. BACKGROUND MUSIC SEEPS IN. We tilt up and see The Beautiful Bombay skyline with the car getting smaller in frame. 93


School 94A


EXT. RIANA’S HOUSE STAIRCASE - DAY Rahul steps out of the building, looking a bit nervous. He fidgets with his phone for a few seconds and then finally dials a number

79. RAHUL Hey..Happy new year mom.. INTERCUT THE CONVERSATION: 94B INT. KAPOOR’S BUNGALOW - DAY MRS.KAPOOR To you too babyyyy!! Maine phone kiya tha do din pehle RAHUL Sorry, Main (searches for a reason) Woh kaam pe tha.. MRS.KAPOOR Oh I wish tum new years ke liye humare saath yahan hote.. RAHUL Ahh.. Main bhi kuch aisa hi soch raha tha mom. Really? MRS.KAPOOR 94B

RAHUL Aapka New years kaisa tha? MRS.KAPOOR Oh was fantastic. Shah’s ne Mr.Bulani ke liye ek party throw ki thi, everybody was there.. Riana steps out from behind and calls out his name. he tells her to be quiet. RAHUL Actually mom, mujhe kahin jaana ha.. I’ll see you soon. (slaps his head) See me? MRS. KAPOOR

RAHUL I mean , I’ll.. I’ll ... I’ll call you soon. Bye He abruptly hangs up the phone. Mrs. Kapoor looks a bit zapped. Servant gets the newspaper. RAHUL marvawgi mujhe!

80. RIANA sorryyyyy ! RAHUL Kahan ja rahe hum? School! School? 95 RIANA RAHUL

I/E. RIANA’S SCHOOL - DAY XAVIER’S EXTERIOR Rahul and Riana enter half a century old catholic school. ELPHINSTON - CORRIDOR CLASSROOM RAHUL (O.S.) Hum pehle aise log honge jo chutti ke din bhi school aaye hain. RIANA (nostalgic) Ye meri sabse favorite jagah hai.. Kaash main humesha ke liye school mein reh sakti.. Come I’ll show you



XAVIER’S - BASKETBALL COURT A few kids play basketball in school jerseys. RIANA (CONT’D) Mera superhot boyfriend yahan basketball khelta tha aur sab ladkiyan use ghoor ghoor ke dekhti thi. RAHUL (teasing her) Aur unhien kisi ladkiyon ke liye, usne tumhein chod diya?? RIANA (pinches him hard) Yaad dilane ke liye Thank you...



XAVIER’S - BIRD SHOWCASE RAHUL This is soo nice.. sab asli hain?


81. RIANA Haan.. Shaayad! RAHUL Wow..Mere school mein books aur khadoos teachers ke alaava aur kuch tha he nahin.. 95C XAVIER’S - LIBRARY They walk in the library. RIANA Yahan books kam padi jaati thi aur table ke neeche haat jyada pakda jaata tha. Main apne boyfriend ke saath humesha, window ke paas bethti thi. RAHUL Sirf haath? Not (boob squeezing action)? 95D ELPHINSTON - REHEARSAL HALL RIANA (CONT’D) And this - ye humara school hall, jahan mere accident se pehle maine aakhri baar perform kiya tha. They enter a huge beautiful hall. They look around. RAHUL Wow.. Its beautiful!! RIANA Haina?? Main sirf aath saal ki thi jab maine yahan pehli baar perform kiya tha.. (points to the stage) Right there! She looks around it’s evident she misses being here. RIANA (CONT’D) And I know it’s cheesy age mein bhi mujhe aisa laga ki mujhe toh dancer hi banna hai! He looks at her..feels her passion and pain. RAHUL Tum stage ko bahut miss karti ho na? 95D 95C

82. She’s definitely feeling a bit nostalgic about this, sadness is clearly visible in her eyes.. RIANA (a bit sad) Kabhi kabhi. RAHUL (sweetly to amke her feel better) I’m sure ye stage bhi tumhien bahut miss karta hai. RIANA (breaks into a chuckle) Shut up! RAHUL (teasingly) Tum kaafi talented ho. She looks at him, a beat, she likes the compliment RIANA (starts to walk out) Meri taang kheechna band karo. RAHUL No, you are, tum actually bahut talented ho. RIANA Main jaa rahi hoon. 95E XAVIER’S - 1ST FLOOR CORRIDOR They both are walking down a corridor with windows open on their left side. RAHUL I’m serious Ri. I mean, tum pehle ballet dancer thi, architect banna chahti thi .. tumstylist ho. (chuckles) Aur mujhe dekho?. I’m just so - (struggles for the word) - So what? Average. RIANA RAHUL 95E

RIANA Tum paagal ho? Yahi toh tumhari sabse acchi baat hai.

83. RAHUL Ki main average hoon? Ye kaisa jhoota/ulta compliment hai. RIANA (thinks) See, Maine bahut ladkon ko date kiya hai.. Rahul gives her a look. RIANA (CONT’D) ..kisi ka music mein taste acha tha par padte nahin the, kuch padte the lekin total bore the, aur jo thode interesting the unki daadi bahut lambi, (he chuckles) kisi ko drinking problem thi toh kisi ko smoking..aur RAHUL Ri.. Point par aao! RIANA The point my friend is - ki tum bilkul balanced ho, kuch bhi kum zyaada nahin karte aur yeh quality bahut kam logon mein hoti hai. Youare-perfectly average ... A beat. RAHUL (considering this) Average? Haan! RIANA

RAHUL (feeling more confident) I’m average. (happy) I am perfectly average! i like that! Thank you. She smiles. It gives Rahul more confidence than he’s ever felt before. A romantic beat, He smiles. RIANA (CONT’D) tumhein ek secret place dikhaun? He looks at her, he’s falling for her.

84. 95F ELPHINSTON - SECRET STAIRCASE RAHUL Ye kya hai? A beat before she tells him. RIANA (looks around) Humare school ka kissing spot. He turns around reading at as a hint, looks at her. RIANA (CONT’D) Yahan par sab couples chup chup kar aate the. They share a beat and he slowly sits down. Aur tum? RAHUL 95F

RIANA Obviously.. (memory pops in) Meri best friend Amu wahan upar se teachers par nazar rakti thi..aur.. (beat) ...I had my first kiss here. Rahul holds her hand. RAHUL Ri.. Thank you. (she raises her eyebrow) Meri life badalne ke liye. Rahul leans in to kisse her. She pulls away. Riana still a bit stunned with what just happened. RIANA Rahul, ek second.. (still recovering) yeh kya tha? RAHUL Kya tha matlab? (a beat as he tries to look in her eyes for an answer) You like me, right? Riana takes a moment to gather what’s happening. RAHUL (CONT’D) Ri, mazaak mat karo.. (beat) You--

85. RIANA (shaking her head) Nahin, mera matlab haan. I mean waise nahin jaise tum soch rahe ... A wave of realization crosses his face. He knows he’s been misled. RAHUL (to himself) Oh shit!! You-(storming away) Toh hum yahaan kya kar rahe hain Ri? Shit! Angry and embarrassed, he just turns around and starts to walk back. RIANA Rahul kahaan ja rahe ho? She follows him. CORRIDOR AND STAIRCASE Rahul runs down a staircase and Riana follows behind. RIANA Rahul ek second meri baat toh suno! RAHUL Just leave me alone. RIANA Rahul meri baat suno. So what, tumse galti ho gayi! RAHUL Mujhse galti ho gayi? Mujhse galti ho gayi? RIANA Haan, chilla kyoun rahe ho? Kabhi kabhi doston mein aisa ho jata hai. RAHUL Kya ho jata hai? (she tries to talk but he cuts her) --Mere saath toh aisa kabhi nahin hua! Saat din pehle main tumhein janta bhi nahin tha aur phir tum aayi aur sabkuch. (beat) meri life, meri soch, mera attitude, mera stupid hair style, sab badal diya aur ab bol rahi ho--

86. RIANA --Rahul tum uss sab ka galat matlab nikaal rahe ho ! RAHUL Bullshit Ri... Kab se mujhe hint pe hint diye jaa rahi ho, aur ab aise innocently behave kar-RIANA --Kaunsa hint?? RAHUL (comes back to what’s playing in his head) Kissing spot pe kya picture dikhane le gayi thi? RIANA Tumhein apna school dikha rahi thi God damn it! Aur agar tumne uska ye ghatiya matlab nikal liya toh mein meri kya galti hai? A quick beat. RAHUL Oh You’re right! Galti toh meri hai. Mujhe laga ki you.. You liked me! RIANA (now snaps and screams) -- Haan ... but as a friend Rahul! RAHUL Bull shit Ri ! You led me on. Tum hamesha yahin chahti thi ki main tumhare peeche pecche bhagoo... ab toh khush ho jao tumhare peeche India tak bhaag aaya. RIANA Tum har baat ka galat matlab kyun nikaal rahe ho Rahul? RAHUL Thank God ki tumhari har baat ka sahi matlab mujhe ab samajh mein aa raha hai. (beat) You know what ... just forget it. He storms off.She follows him in a hurry.

87. 99 EXT. SCHOOL - MOMENTS LATER Rahul comes pacing out of the school, he doesn’t look around. A car comes screeching next to his feet. He doesn’t pay much attention and continues to walk.. Just as he takes a few steps, he hears a familiar voice. RAHULLL!!! MRS.KAPOOR 99

He turns around, everything to him feels slower as if it is not reality, and he wishes it’s not. CUT TO: Mrs.Kapoor gets out of the car all nervous and curious. RAHUL (dumbstruck) Mom!! MRS.KAPOOR (still can’t believe what she’s seeing) Tum yahan kya kar rahe ho?! RAHUL ..Ahh..ghar aa raha tha. MRS.KAPOOR (she’s almost choked with nervousness) India mein kya kar rahe ho?? RAHUL (a beat as he quickly thinks) Surprise mom.. (she doesn’t know what to make out of this) Aapko surprise dene wala tha.. What? MRS.KAPOOR

RAHUL ..Remember main bol raha tha ki aapko surprise dene wala hoon. MRS.KAPOOR Haan but ... Rahul!!! RIANA (O.C.)

Riana comes pacing down to see if all’s okay

88. RIANA I’m sorry, Rahul tum theek ho na?? MRS. KAPOOR (angry / softly) Yeh kya ho raha hai? RAHUL (knows his mom’s gonna freak out quickly starts to explain) Mom main aapko sab kuch samjhata hun.. (introduces them) Riana.. Mom.. Mom ... Riana. RIANA Hello Aunty. Mrs.Kapoor looks at her, she can’t understand a thing..Riana gives Rahul a worried look. RAHUL Mom, main aur mere kuch colleagues ek research project ke liye India aa rahe the...toh..toh miane socha main aapko surprise de doon.. Isiliye maine aapko pehle nahin bataya. (she’s not really convinced at this point) ..Aaj subah hi land kiya aur main ghar hi aane wala tha.. (beat) Magar aap aap toh..yahin aa gaye Mrs.Kapoor looks in his eyes for truth MRS.KAPOOR Tum.. (processing all the info and verifying) RAHUL I love you mom.. really.. I just wanted to surprise you... MRS.KAPOOR Oh babyy (hugs him) I’m so sorry.. MRS.KAPOOR How sweet!! (to Riana) Meri toh ek second ke liye jaan hi rukh gayi thi.. (slaps rahul on the arm) (MORE)

89. MRS.KAPOOR (cont'd) Don’t ever do this again. Main dad ko phone karti hun, lets go home for lunch.. (back to Riana) Please join us for lunch.. (Riana doesn’t know wat to say) Riana right?? Riana looks at Rahul. 100 EXT. STREETS (INDIA) - DAY All three of them in the S-Class. No one says anything. Quiet. Riana finds this silence extremely odd. 101 EXT. KAPOOR’S BUNGALOW - DAY Establishing shot of the Kapoor’s Bungalow 102 INT. DINING KAPOOR’S BUNGALOW - DAY Various family pictures of Kapoor’s are hung on the wall and it’s obvious that with time they’ve only grown further apart. They all sit in an opulent dining room far from each other. It is the exact opposite of Riana’s house. A Butler stands with a trolley full of food items. Riana notices the house and a few quirky details, it’s obvious why Rahul became obsessive. MRS.KAPOOR Mmmmm.. what a wonderful surprise. Mujhe kal raat ko he tumhara hint samajh jana chaiye tha.. How foolish of me! Rahul fakes a smile. MR.KAPOOR Tum dono ... Tum dono kab se saath mein kaam kar rahe ho? Before Riana can say something-RAHUL Ek saal hua hai. MR.KAPOOR (mumbles to himself) Ek saal .. (to Rahul?) Yeh India mein kya project hai? 102 101 100

90. RAHUL Research..ahh..Micro housing par. Woh kya hai ke Marshall & Fox India mein invest karna chahte the to isliye .. MR.KAPOOR --Kis company ke saath collabortae kar rahe ho? This time he’s got him. A silent beat. Mrs.Kapoor signals Mr.Kapoor to stop. MRS.KAPOOR (to Riana) Aisa nahi lagta ki inhein businessman nahin CBI official hona chaiye tha? Rahul is all awkward getting these directions in front of Riana. MR.KAPOOR (CONT’D) (notices him for another beat) Baby, chew your food, don’t swallow (beat) 32 times! Mr. Kapoor looks disgusted. MRS. KAPOOR I’m sorry but I’m very disappointed with your new haircut. Aise lagta hai jaise is bechare ko kisine electric shock de diya ho .. Haina? (to Rahul) Well it’s certainly not Vidal Sasoon! Mr.Kapoor looks like he coudn’t care less. riana gives a fake smile. SILENCE, a mobile BEEPS, it’s Riana’s. RIANA (looks at it) Site visit ka reminder hai (they exchange looks) Humein chalna chaiye. MR.KAPOOR Main meeting pe jaa rahan hun, tum dono ko lift de doon? RAHUL Ahh..Nahin dad thanks! .. I’ll drive.

91. 103 EXT. KAPOOR’S BUNGALOW - EVENING The car drives off the bungalow. Mrs.Kapoor waves goodbye. 104 EXT. ROAD - EVENING We see them through smudged window glass, they sit quietly in the car not talking to each other. 105 EXT. RIANA’S HOUSE - EVENING The car comes and stops outside Riana’s house. A moment of the most awkward silence...Riana turns to him almost to say something RAHUL Nice! Toh hamare beech jo kuch bhi hua ... woh sab ek dost ki tarah? RIANA Kya hua hai hamare beech Rahul? RAHUL Jab tumne mujhe apne saath India bulaya, toh that was as a friend? RIANA Ofcourse! Tumhe ek break ki zaroorat thi. (beat) Tumne meri itni madat ki .. Ki agar main tumhare liye kuch kar ---RAHUL Ehsaan lauta rahi thi? Nahi RIANA 105 104 103

(beat) Rahul main tumhe mislead nahi karna chahti thi. I just wanted to take care of you. RAHUL I can take care of myself Riana, main 25 saal ka hoon. RIANA Aur phir bhi apne parents se jooth bol rahe ho? Rahul feels hurt and betrayed... unlocks Riana’s seat belt, signalling her to get off. She opens the door and steps off the car. MUSIC FADES IN. PBS - 5.

92. 106 INT. RIANA’S HOUSE - EVENING Riana walks in, Nicole knew this was coming. OMITTED *Rahul drives alone for a while. He sees the luggage in the rear view mirror. *OMITTED *OMITTED *Riana’s Bathroom - Next to an ash tray lies a carton of freshly opened cigarettes. She’s smoking with her mother and petting a dog. Riana passes on the cigarette. RIANA Life itni complicated kyoun hai mum? A beat of silence. RIANA --I can’t believe aapko uski feelings ke baare mein mujh se zyaada pata tha. NICOLE (smiles / been there done that) It’s going to be okay. Riana puts her head on Nicole’s shoulder. We let them share a private moment...BUT there’s a KNOCK on the door. Riana quickly puts off the cigarette while Nicole hides the ash tray and sprays air freshener. The dog starts to BARK. PHIL (O.S.) Open the door. Main jaanta hun tum andar kya kar rahe ho 107 INT. KAPOOR’S BUNGALOW MASTER BEDROOM - NIGHT Rahul stands at the doorway and notices Mrs.Kapoor in front of the dressing mirror on a rotating stool, She’s DRYING her hair. The TV PLAYS ‘Desperate Housewives’ in the background. Rahul enters the room. She notices him, a bit surprised. MRS.KAPOOR hello babyyyy ! Site visit kaisi thi? RAHUL (sheepishly) Theek thi. (beat) (MORE) 107 106

93. RAHUL (cont'd) Mom main aapko kuch bataana chahta hoon. MRS.KAPOOR Ofcourse .. Sure! Before Rahul can get a word in edgewise.. Mrs. Kapoor lifts her right hand with orange nail paint and her left hand with blue. MRS. KAPOOR Pehle tum mujhe batao. ye ya ye? (ref blue paint) Ye na? (ref orange) This is so average .. I like to be unique. Don’t you? Mr.Kapoor enters. MR.KAPOOR Oh look who’s here ... Mr. Surprise himself. MR.KAPOOR Tum wapas kab jaa rahe ho? RAHUL (stops/ turns around) 5th ko. MR.KAPOOR Good, Bulani aur Shah agle hafte tak shaayad deal lock kar dein. Main 4th ko unhein dinner pe bulane ki soch raha hun. MRS.KAPOOR Unki biwiya bhi aayengi? MR.KAPOOR Tum aane waali ho na? Mrs. Kapoor ignores the comment and looks towards Rahul MRS. KAPOOR Tum kya keh rahe the beta? MR.KAPOOR Surprise us! RAHUL Nahi .. Nothing important. Disillusioned, he steps out.

94. 108 INT. KAPOOR’S BUNGALOW - RAHUL’S ROOM - NIGHT MUSIC CONTINUES. Rahul walks into his room and looks at his parents through his window, he wonders if he’s going to be exactly like them. He walks upto the window and shuts the curtain. The screen splits into two, one side being day 11 and the other day 12. 108


Lost again


108A PT1 & PT2

DAY 11 & 12 - He’s lying in the same position, hasn’t been able to sleep. His phone rings. It’s Riana. He lets it ring. INT. BRAGANZA’S HOUSE - RIANA’S ROOM - MORNING Day 11 - Riana holds the phone to her ear. It rings for a while and then gets disconnected. She wonders if she could have done anything to make him feel better. Day 12 - With FOIL in her hair, Riana holds the phone between her ear and the shoulder and feeds the fish in the aquarium looks at the screen but can not answer. NIGHT 12 - He drives alone at night - Next to him are all the pictures he took w7ith the camera - 1) Riana and him at his apartment. 2) Riana packing his Luggage. 3) Riana and him in the cab. 4) Picture of a picture from Riana’s room when she was a kid doing jazz. 108F PT1 & PT2 INT. KAPOOR’S BUNGLOW - RAHUL’S ROOM - NIGHT 108F PT1 & PT2

NIGHT 11 - Rahul is alone in his bedroom, in his tee and shorts. He walks around his bed looking down at his feet. The television on the side table has been on forever. NIGHT 12 - He opens his locker to keep these photos and sees the silver medals he’d won in the past. He looks at them and wonders if all his efforts have ever made a difference to his parents. 108G PT1 & PT2 INT. BRAGANZA’S HOUSE - BATHROOM - NIGHT 108G PT1 & PT2

NIGHT 11 - BATHROOM - Riana sits on the edge of the bath tub petting her dog.

95. NIGHT 12 - Riana sees her picture as a child doing jazz. She does a jazz step in her room but it doesn’t have the same energy as the school performance. PBS-5 ENDS. 109A INT. KAPOOR’S BUNGLOW - RAHUL’S ROOM - NIGHT Rahul’s getting ready for the dinner. Mr.Kapoor knocks at the door and walks in. Rahuls deciding between 2 ties.. Shows them both to Mr. Kapoor. He choses one and starts to knot the tie for Rahul as he speaks to him There’s a proximity between them which makes rahul rather uncomfortable. MR.KAPOOR Rahul, tum jaante ho ki hum dono ke liye ye kitna important din hai? (an awkward look exchange) Is deal ke baad tumhare career ko jo shuruwat milegi you can’t even imagine (beat) I’ve worked very hard for it. (comes to the main point) And by the way, shah, Mr.Hatiramanai ki beti ke liye tumse baat karega, just listen to him. We’ll take one step at a time. it’s also very important. (pats him) You look good. Rahul can’t help but feel the pressure of this moment, he can not look him in the eye. 109A



‘Chopsticks’ 110 INT. KAPOOR’S BUNGALOW DINING - NIGHT An elaborate Chinese dinner setup for The Bulani’s and THE SHAH’S with their 14 YEAR OLD SON. Shah’s as a couple look sophisticated but superficial and they avoid talking or even looking at each other and their son looks just the way we have seen Rahul when he was 14.

96. Mr. & Mrs. Bulani sit on either side of Rahul and the Shah’s opposite them with their son in the middle. Mr. & Mrs. Kapoor sit at the head and foot of the table respectively. Everyone raises their glasses to celebrate the deal. They move onto dinner. Rahul picks up his fork, Mrs Kapoor is quick to notice, hands him the chopsticks, Rahul takes a moment and then takes them. Mrs Shah doesn’t want their son to look inappropriate, she passes him the sticks too. He and Rahul share a look. MR.KAPOOR Oh! I have to tell you, Bulani Sahab humein opera dikhane Caesar Palace le gaye the..It was out of this world. Really! MRS. KAPOOR (overlapping a bit) Aww... I cant tell you how wonderful it was... Maine toh Vegas airport pe hi “top 10 classical” ki cd le li. MR.BULANI (showing off) The Mozart. Beautiful. MRS.BULANI Honey..It was Beethoven. MR. BULANI Eat your dinner haan darling! Mrs. Shah looks at her, Mrs. Bulani decides not to interfere. MR.BULANI (notices Rahul) Rahul my boy ! Kya baat hai? Udhas lag rahe ho? lagta hai kuch mahinon se ‘pizza’ nahin khaya. (winks and smiles) It’s our little joke. Kyoun meri advice nahin use ki? MR.KAPOOR Obviously ki hogi. Aap dono ki nahin sunega toh kiski sunega. MR.SHAH By the way, advice se yaad aaya, Mrs. Kapoor, market down hai, diamonds mein invest karne ka sahi time hai. MR.BULANI Arrey Shah sahab, great minds think alike-(MORE)

97. MR.BULANI (cont'd) (to Mrs. Bulani) Darling show them the finger. Everybody is stunned for a second, all heads turn towards her. Mrs.Bulani really not interested in the conversation however raises just her ring finger. Mrs.Kapoor makes the expected sounds. Mrs.Shah checks her ring and surely looks disappointed. MRS KAPOOR Tiffany’s??? MR.BULANI It’s a big rawk, just like my big-Mrs Shah laughs. MR. BULANI (stops) --Ohh, sorry..nawty jokes not allowed. They all crack up except Mrs.Bulani and Rahul. Mrs. Bulani puts her hand down and puts it on Rahul’s thigh. Rahul is in no mood for this, he gives her a look but she won’t stop. MR.KAPOOR Bulani sahab, mazakia hain! MR.SHAH Waise Rahul, tumhare liye bhi ek suggestion hai jaane se pehle Sukhmani Hatiramani se mil lo. Hatiramani ji aaj kal suitors dekh rahe hain. MR. BULANI Haan bade investor hain, aage business ke liye bhi accha rahega. MRS.KAPOOR So true DK. Ab toh shaadi karne ki umar ho gayi hai iski. Mrs.Bulani continues to feel him up under the table. Rahul’s awkward and begins to get agitated. MR.BULANI Aur tumhein kuch aise tips doonga ki woh kisi aur ki taraf mudh kar bhi nahin dekhegi. He winks. MRS. SHAH Haan suna hai aap humesha he ladies ke beech mein famous rahein hain...

98. MR.BULANI (justifying) Mrs. Shah rehne dijiye. Ab kahan.. woh toh bas ye hai..din raat mere saath rehna chahti hai. But at the moment, Mrs.Bulani’s can’t take her hand off Rahul. She moves her legs closer to Rahul’s and her hand up to his crotch. MR.BULANI (CONT’D) Bus jakad ke pakde rehti hai, can’t take her hands off me. For her it’s all about loving her husband! He laughs at his joke, the Kapoors join in for support. Rahul has had enough, he picks up a fork and Mr.Kapoor notices this. Rahul hits her hand with the fork - hard, she makes a noise and quickly brings the hand up. Kya hua? MRS KAPOOR

MR.KAPOOR Nahin kuch nahin, I think Mrs. Bulani ko haath mein Moach aa gayi. I did not. MRS BULANI

MRS. KAPOOR But moach...haath mein.. Mrs Shah laughs. MR.KAPOOR (to Mrs Kapoor) Yes moach..ahh.. Can you organize some ice please? MRS.BULANI No it’s okay. MRS.KAPOOR MRS.BULANI Can I get you some ice. No, It’s okay. MRS.KAPOOR Do you want my napkin? MRS.BULANI (definitive) No, I am FINE! Mr.Kapoor diverts the attention to the main topic. MR.KAPOOR (CONT’D) It’s okay, theek ho jayega. (changes the topic) (MORE)

$ $

99. MR.KAPOOR By the way Mr.Shah, collaboration ko le eager hai. He’s got plans for us. (CONT’D) humari kar Rahul kafi some great

MR.SHAH Really? we’d love to know. MR.BULANI Haan haan, humein bhi batao bhai, apne ye bade plans. Rahul keeps quiet for a moment. Everyone is waiting to hear what he’ll say. Mr. Kapoor gives him a look. RAHUL Actually sir, mere koi plans nahin hain. An awkward beat. Everybody looks at Mr. Kapoor. MR.KAPOOR (awkward laugh) Modest kid (looks at Mr.Bulani) Nahin? (back to Rahul) Rahul, apne project ke baare mein batao - Micro housing research.. The Next big thing. Everybody looks back at Rahul. Rahul calmly looks at Shah and Bulani. Takes a beat. RAHUL (straight forward) Dad woh jhoot tha. A quick uncomfortable beat. MRS. KAPOOR (fake laugh) Good joke. Marshall & Fox ne India mein ise ek bahut bade job ke liye bheja hai. They all try to be impressed but can’t help feel the weight of this moment. RAHUL Mom, the truth is, mere paas job hai hi nahin aur isi liye main India mein hun. Everyone looks at him. MRS.KAPOOR What rubbish? MR.KAPOOR What do you mean? $ $

100. RAHUL (looks directly at his dad) I mean I lost my job dad. Aur itna hi nahin, aapke Vegas se jaane ke baad ek raat maine itni pee li ki maine nashe mein shaadi kar li. This is a big one!! MRS.KAPOOR Oh my god...oh god.. Riana se. RAHUL MR. KAPOOR What? Kis se? $ $

MR.KAPOOR Tumhari colleague?? RAHUL Woh bhi jhoot tha! Woh ek hairstylist hai. MRS.KAPOOR (mini stroke) Tumne hajaam se shaadi kar li!! hajaam se!! Mrs shah laughs. RAHUL Don’t overreact mom hum woh shaadi annul kar rahe hain. MRS.KAPOOR Divorce...Tum divorce le rahe ho? Everybody on the table starts to discuss.. MR.BULANI Nahin Nahin it’s annulment. Main smajhata hun aapko, maine bhi do saal pehle-MR. KAPOOR Everybody just calm down..Ye sab hasi mazak tha.. He’s young, He’s had a little fun.. Mrs.Kapoor who’s still recovering from the shock continues.. MRS. KAPOOR Sweety, hum tumhare liye yahaan acchi ladki dhoondenge. ek

MR.BULANI Tumhari maa bilkul sahi keh rahi ha, kal hi tum Sukhmani Hatirmani se milo!! (MORE)

101. MR.BULANI (cont'd) Let’s face it, chahe woh jaisi bhi ho ek Hajaam se toh acchi hi hogi! Everybody on the table agrees with him. MR. SHAH Ahh, yes right RAHUL (to Bulani) Just shut up!! Everybody is stunned. RAHUL (CONT’D) Aap. Aap mujhe relationships ki advice denge? Kuch der pehle aapki biwi -----MR.KAPOOR (strictly) --Rahul enough! Guests ke saath aise behave karte hain? Mr. Bulani I apologize. MR. BULANI Its Alwright! Its Alwright. MR KAPOOR Rahul, bahar jaao get some air. RAHUL Dad, main kahin nahin jaa raha. This is the first time he’s ever stood up to his dad. It takes a moment for both of them to realise the change in this equation. MR.KAPOOR Rahul, hum kal araam se baat karte hain. RAHUL (extremely annoyed) --Hum baat karte hi kahan hain dad? Aap bolte hain aur main sunta hoon ... usse baat karna nahi kehte hai... (beat) Actually you know what, aaj baat kar hi lete hain, lets talk!! Bataiye, kya problem hai aapko mujhse. MRS.KAPOOR Rahul!! Badon se aise baat karte hain?

102. RAHUL Kaun bade mom, app ho jo pichle 10 saal se 35 ke lagne ki koshish kar rahe ho ya dad jo bachpan se mujhe bas yahi yaad dilate aaye hain ki I’m a total failure. (beat) Ye galat hai, woh galat hai... Galtiyaan nikaalne ke alaave kabhi kuch aur diya hai aapne mujhe?? MR.KAPOOR Look at his oddasity, bacchpan se lekar aaj tak ise jo kuch bhi chaiye tah isse wooh sab diya gaya hai-RAHUL - Jo mujhe chaiye tha, Really? (beat) Dad, aapne mujhe woh sab diya hai jo aap dena chahte the, taki main aapke jaisa ban sakun. Lekin na to main aapke jaisa hun aur na hin mujhe banana hai aapke jaisa.. MR.BULANI Mr. Kapoor ek second ek second.. Main ise sambhalta hun.. Rahul beta dekho aisa hai.. RAHUL Arrey Paagal ho kya.. (he gets up in frustartion) mujhe nahin apni biwi ko sambhalo.. Woh aapko nahin mujhe jakad ke bethti hai. This shuts up Mr.Bulani for good he looks at Mrs.Bulani. MR.KAPOOR MRS.KAPOOR Rahul just shut up!! Dhang se behave karo!! RAHUL Aur kitna behave karun mom. Jacket theek karo, tie doosri pehno, baal spike karo, business join karo, chew dheere se karo, chopsticks use karo? (feeling absolutely claustrophobic, he vents out) Thak gaya hun main!!! (beat) Ye meri life hai aur mein khana chopsticks se khaun, fork se ya haath se yeh mera decision hai! SO PLEASE!! (MORE) $ $

103. RAHUL (cont'd) (slightly softer) Let - Me - Be / Let - Me - Breathe! Everyone is shocked with this completely unexpected outburst. The 14 year old kid feels inspired, this is the best speech he’s heard - EVER!! Just then completely missing the point MRS.KAPOOR Par chopsticks mein kya kharaabi hai? Shah’s son looks at her with disbelief. Rahul shakes his head with exasperation and realises they haven’t understood a word he just said. He gets up and gently pushes his chair back in place.. RAHUL (to everyone politely) Have a wonderful meal. He walks away with his back to everyone. We stay on the stunned guests, The kid slams his chopsticks on the table. The Shah’s slap him on the head for misbehaving. 111 EXT. KAPOOR’S BUNGLOW - NIGHT He walks away from the bungalow, the western classical music can still be heard from inside. He sits in the car and drives off, leaving the bungalow behind. 112 EXT. ROAD - NIGHT Rahul drives alone at night. 113 EXT. RIANA’S HOUSE - NIGHT He parks his car next to Riana’s house and walks up to the door and rings the bell. Nicole opens it. Rahul knows that she knows. An awkward beat but Nicole smiles. NICOLE Room mein pack kar rahi hai. 114 INT. RIANA’S BEDROOM - NIGHT She’s packing her luggage as Rahul enters her room. She look at him. A beat I’m sorry RAHUL 114 113 112 111

RIANA Please Rahul, mujhe embarrass mat karo

104. RAHUL No really , I am! RIANA Main bhi itni stupid hoon, hamesha limit ke bahar chali jaati hoon. Maine tumhe hurt kiya, uske liye I’m really sorry. Grandma opens the door and interupts their conversation GRANDMA Ayyyyy Cutie pie Hi granny. RAHUL

RIANA (to rahul) Bahar chalte hain CUT TO: 115 EXT. RIANA’S HOUSE - NIGHT They both sit on the staircase outside Riana’s house. There’s still some unresolved chemistry in the air. RIANA Rahul, tum mere woh dost ho jis se main apne screwed up relationships discuss karna chahti hun, main nahin chati ki hum khud he ek screwed up relationship ban kar reh jaayein (beat) Aur is waqt, main kisi ke saath nahi rehna chahti..even if it means with someone as wonderful as you.. He searches her eyes to see the truth. RAHUL Phir jhoota compliment. RIANA Nahin! (holds his hand) I love you sooo much. Really. Lekin sirf ek dost ki tarah. RAHUL Yahi toh problem hai. Maine dost se pyaar kiya aur tumne pyaar se dosti. A beat. 115

105. RIANA Problem sirf ye hai ki tum ek kadam aage chaley gaye ho aur mujhe tumhein ek kadam wapas lana hai. RAHUL --Ri it’s not that easy. RIANA (teary eyed) Koshish toh kar sakte hain. He looks at her, she’s got teary eyes. RAHUL Tum rote huye itni cute lagti ho ki main na bhi nahin bol sakta. She smiles and hugs him. RIANA I’m really sorry I hurt you.. i really am. A moment.. A beat too long! RAHUL Pehle toh itna paas bethti ho aur phir bolti ho ki mujhe tumse galat idea milte hain. She chuckles and slaps him on the arm. RIANA Do you want a hug? He nods and hugs her they share a sweet moment. RIANA Toh ye electric shock hairstyle badalne ke liye mom ne tumhe Vidaal Sasoon nahi bheja? RAHUL Philhaal toh shock main unhe deke aa raha hoon. Matlab? RIANA

RAHUL Matlab ... I told them Nooooooo ! RIANA

106. RAHUL Sab .. Mere job ke baare mein .. hamari shaadi ke baare mein .. Actually unke har ek annoyinh aadat ke baare mein! Sab! Toh ab? RIANA

RAHUL Ab kya ... main apni choice ki tie pehnoonga .. RIANA Wow! What fun! RAHUL Khaana jab chahoon swallow karoonga. RIANA (imitating mrs.kapoor) No baby ! Chew your food 32 times. 117 EXT. ROADS - NIGHT PBS - 6 - MUSIC from above feathers into the sounds of the night. The wind rustles through Rahul’s hair as he drives a convertible with the roof down. There is a sense of calm as he breathes in his victory. He’s sad as well as happy. We see him drive through a series of beautiful locations and we hear his composed voice once again-RAHUL (V.O.) (very casual - no schmaltz) kabhi kabhi life main aisa lagta hai, ki hum sachmuch ud sakte hain. Aisa lagta hai ki yeh ek mauka sirf hamare liye banaya gaya hai ... aur woh raat bhi sirf mere liye banayi gayee thi. 117A EXT. WORLI SEA FACE - EARLY MORNING He steps off the car, walks a few steps and then SCREAMS with all his will, just the way we saw him in Gubbare. Aur woh subah usse kahin zyaada khoobsurat thi ... jaisa maine socha tha.. 117A 117

A beautiful sunrise and a car drives against it.




A New Dawn 118 INT. KAPOOR’S BUNGALOW MASTER ROOM - EARLY MORNING RAHUL (V.O.) Mujhe aisa bhi laga ki shaayad uss raat maine kuch zyaada hi bol diya. Par I hope ek din mom dad mujhe samajh paayege. ..track onto - the note - I’m sorry understand me one day. I hurt you .. Hope you 118

RAHUL LEAVES HIS HOUSE WITH THE LUGGAGE SHOT OF A PLANE LANDING SHOT OF A TAXI DRIVING ACROSS 119 CITY HALL (NOTE - DIFFERENT DAY NUMBERS CONTINUE TO SHOW UP WITH EACH LOCATION CHANGE) INT. LAWYER’S OFFICE - MOMENTS LATER They both sign the Annulment papers. RAHUL (V.O.) Agli subah hum dono Vegas mein the, annulment ke liye.. and for better or worse Riana aur main ab husband aur wife nahi .. Sirf dost hai. Riana and Rahul sit in a park .. up rahul with different girls. Where Riana tries to hook 119

RAHUL (V.O.) Aur woh tab se try kar rahi hai ki woh mere liye kisi aur dhoondh le. Kahin pe bhi shuru ho jaati hai .. And its really embarrassing. (beat) Par mujhe nahi chahiye koi aur coz I really love her.

108. RAHUL IN HIS NEW OFFICE SPACE. RAHUL (V.O.) Aur mujhe yeh samajh mein nahi aata ki mujh mein problem kya hai? Ab toh mujhe achha job bhi mil gaya hai ... top 10 mein nahi hai par mujhe photography ke liye chutti lena allowed hai RAHUL CLICKS PICTURES OF RIANA AT THE BIG DIG PLACE RAHUL (V.O.) And obviously meri favorite model-RIANA CRYING, WIPES HER NOSE WITH HIS SHIRT (RAHUL’S APARTMENT) RAHUL AND RIANA STROLL ON THE SIDE WALK NEXT TO THE CHAPEL THEY GOT MARRIED AT. Well sochta hun shaayad future better hoga. Par phir ye bhi sochta hun ye ki ye time bhi itna bura nahin hai perfect nahin hai par main khush hun... I’m really happy!! (beat) Aur jahan tak rahi Riana ki baat, hum aksar chapel cross karte rehte hain aur mujhe lagta hai main kabhi na kabhi toh use andar le jaane ke liye convince kar hi dunga!! Continuing to talk they walk, We let them walk and we move away to reveal the CHAPEL with the ELVIS shaking his legs...

91F PBS - 6 continues over THE END CREDITS. $ 91F

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