E_rilTllE BELI+}TA].


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\\re beliel'e,rhat Ctrrist rvas in the beginrring rn Cod as God..I1re5pirit *f God {G,'n, 1:3: Joha 1:1-17; The Nable'Eoran


We believe Jesus Chiis: is the Son of God and irrcarnated into rhe flesh oi a \Ian as ilari1'Eloheecr "Angles",can dc,b3' God's permission. We belier e thal \-ou oet the tme meanine olthe q'ord of GoC b1' knori ing-the ianguage God ievealed it in

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(lCoriathians 14).



gi"+ .t C"A ina ui" ln

e beliei e

all hare sinned and come shon of the n"ea of salvation.

Ol.rc fAdy OI Fnrimpr

We believe saivation has been provided through Jesus Ckist for all the Lost Sheep of Israel. (Luke l9:9-i0; I Thessalonians 5:9) We believe it is the will of God that every believer be filled rvith the Holy Spirit and of the Floly Seed of the two \\:omen EG and Mary.

\\:e believe that Jesus' eospel is the red letters or blood of cur Bible andthi lbundation ol our salr ation. All others are mere euidance and help iLuke ll : 1 9-20:\lark 1 1 :22-21j1 co;lsist ol:r!l We belierie the St'na:rgue t[;se who have r'eceit.? Jesot Christ as their personai Saviour.
\{;e believe there shall be a bodilv resurrection ofthe tust and the uniust, a Raplure of 144,000 then al! ihose who accept (Rev. [4:3: Rev. 7:9-10')


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\\ie belier.e in baptism bV Frre antl the Holy Ghost r\ianheu l:l I ) dnd coniirmed in (Acts l:i-4).


Why do ne clap our hands?
"O clao vour hands. tll ve people: shoul unto God with the voice of tiumph:" (Psalm 47:l)


will I bless thee whlle I'lite: I will lift ap my hands in ilty natne ". (Ps alm 6 3 : 4)

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eed B.aptist Syltagogue



C. God's otn touch (Gen -1:25). Hannah was the daughter of Dina anri (6 B. Nlary uas borl in Nazareth in 6 B.C.all great and high. the Israelites.ho n.D.Rahi: Msluchi Zoilok York-EI .(Anna) 46 B. llary is ilrst mentioned in the Book of \Iattherv i:16.)was the daughter &Iary ffY. and names w.|f1) ol {6 parents u. The gathering of The Lost Sheep.aow ayyeAouq iroiera Kat ovoptr.. "til we aII come into the unitl. n'ho xere \egroes. Blacks are Original Hebrelvs. His message is simple. Lord Jesus the Chrisr. Muhammad the Arabian Prophet rvas also of the tribe of Kedar from Ben Kenaan. the Sariour son of The Living God. He is a d1'namic ipeaker and has follo*ers uorldrride. The Caucasignr Europeans are the Canaanites. as Joseph being her husband. and America. \bu are The Lost Sheep of the House of Israel.) and Hannah B.of the faith.-90 A..D.) son ofJesse and Hilmah Jesus' treloved disciple in the year 96 A.C-29 A. You can find both of Mary's parents mentioned in the "Judah". Blacks ha.as a \egro ol the Israelite Tribe of Judah.ts her you that and Joachim (Yehoiakim) Hanna ttAnna" rvere bolh of the same race as Dat-id (Ruth 4:7).mericans. He is a specialist in Ancient Semitic Ianguages and translation. Tribe of iudah and has cor eied mauv top- Ques: \\ho was llarv? A4sr- Has been teaching since 1967 God's drin'people.lI) through er er1' believer. and jor. whose reainame is Yahshua Bar lhhn'eh.D. Revelution 2l:12 r@v Dftnv rcpaql And had a n. " I will of the tritre of (il Y-AV\Y. Both of her Joachim (c1o)CaaE4/) 62 B.Spilit (Acts 2:1-11 to displal' th€ attributes of Ha \Iashiakh The &Iessiah (John 1:. alloling The Holl.C.. Blacks are also the Originai Sumerians and Egiptians. You are elsc Ishrnaelitcs anC Midianites. ic. who u. to uplilt a lorlonen oeoole.rn -{.C. Sudan and ]Iarr C. in the tbrm of books.Noble Korun 66:12 v.fello'.Joachim is called Imraan (slr*) in The '.. The Orientals and Asians are the Edomites. \bu are not \egroes or -\fric.{l Haadi -{bdur Rahman Al }Iahdi rvorld and has studied in Mary daughter of Joachim & Anna (KXl?) "Abraham". \brk "tmm Faatintah" of America.D. Smifh'r Rihle Dictionary under the title "\'Iarr T1.av ftu\@vdq Sot\era Kdr €lTt to4 nu). Simply because thel don't Llo* that thev are in fact the seed of the\\'oman.as the son of Matthan. It re11s iitenrrc. u rirten by John son of Zebedee. touching lives rvith each believer's spbere ofinfluence.) Yonakhir.D.C. Tribe Of Judah.D.riften thereori Vhichltre the natnes rif the twelve tribes qf the children ofJilael: syauocrv rs ret6oe pbya rcu u1/tllov €Xouo. son o1' \rram of \ubia.t' or hus- bttnd . The \-irgin" uhere it childhood. And it'fr sh alt feed th enr. lrho rvas the tbruth son of \"acov tflle<11 -'Jacob" and Leah. Haxnah" through'Seth. Sudan.) Jerenialt 3:15 & 23:4 Our Rabi has traveled the Universities in Eg1'pt.at the gates hrehte ange/s. "And I will give yoil p&stors ucrording to tninc heart.7A. Blacks have an endless histon' where all other raEei have a birth date record." David also klou'n as Our Ladv Of Fatima is mentroned in the Ilrh chaprer rrr the book of Rerelation.'parirphlets and u orks. This is his message. \ubian Islamic Hebre*s. " mule.D.ere Judah. Ther are the heirs to the kingdon of God (Galations 3:29: James 2:5) through his own spirit and rord. (1107-1007 B.E. He rvas born June 26.ra Efttytypalrp€va u eorw'rav 6o3xrd rputrojv . and had twelve gaies. . with divine love. peace. "Eve. 19J5 A.\.'e been deprived of the true knolvledge of self and the great things that thel as Bane Eloheem 'iChildren of God" have accomplished during the course of time. to -{s Sar r:id. lahuda nntl indeistsrtdittg.-e0 A. Marl' lho is The Vision This vision inccrporated believers. called in GreekAner (ayspl and means "a mln.). and. the son ot ttll hAPl Yitschaq ''Isaac". uhich speaks about a uonran having a cro\\n uith Il stars lor rhe l2 rribes (Revelation 2l:17 on her head. whiclt shall fee:d you with knowledge set un shenlterdi over thcut wh .

fi'ont AJattr to lthrhantrnrtcl) lhere is l2.N.. '7 and that He {Jesus) u il1 reruru to teil then-r He did not say to worship Him and His mother \{ary as nro Gods: lKoran 5:116 "And wken God asked: "Oh Jesus son (Ibnt o.lstt l1l. son qf Mary.ays folnd iri. So The Notrle Koran is speaking about the second coming of Jesus.irth of Jesus: (Rev. Ahlil Kitaab (ut.htnrse.{And when.6. God cursed Miriam.Matthew 2:l Qiow when Jestts was bont in Bethlehem ofJudaea in the days of Herod the king. and upon her head a crown of twelve stars.Tlis is also s1'mbolic of the futurisric Mary or the Mary who n'il1 give birrh to the one refesed tc as Jesus AI Masih..10.finm God. lJ1ol thet'e can erist . 13.yt for them in the inn.and lai. and ptrined to be delitered. lte tltull gather tltent all logetherunro ltimse(.1.us no roa. For Hirn is thctl is in the Heat'ens above and tlte planet Earth. " . We are rightly called the Lost Sheep Of The House O{::Israel (Matthew 10:6.utf o-f God. Jesus Christ says this Map of Nazareth a city of Galilee hometown of Nlary mother of Jesus himsdlf. there came **ise tnen fTom the eas! to Jentsalem.lhe9i were came into |he. ant] i: frrll rtf 1t1'idg. Vetilr.3l.otr would have known. bccattse thcre lt'.feet. Jer l3.toruan (Man') flecl into the wilderness. not ailron. l\rorship God in spirit (Johrt 4:23-24. Tribe Qf Judah. Nowadays this has been proven by D.r.! ltim (Jesus) in a manger (stall t. The Blessed Nlother of Our Lord And Saviour Jesus Christ (Mstthett 1:18) resided in Nazareth u'ith her parents until she was rnanied. and do nol sav things about God other than what is the truth. [So rhen slte had given bifik ta him. and donl say.7) The Jlesslalt cloes trnt see Jtimself as so high att:l rtti':ittt that he skould not be o sen'. Mary. " Travailing in binh is also mentioned in John l6:19-33 Revelation 21.6. that they should feed her there at:'thousand tv'o hmdred and thrcetaafe. which is where the pure Black seed or where Negro's stemmed from. as the Masih... which says.]2.l.for yott. The :binh ol Jesus..7A.l and this is what The Noble Koran..$ni4.) Mary'. 15. which \1as the lnd l. And w-hoever . antl Gotl is encruglt as cut ath'octtle. The |ioble Koran sct.ftwtilv ol rJrc .ne lo suy' a thing I have no right to say abtxi lhe truth. Ront 11. meaning "mcfiger slal/.lat).Iesus) before they die (Korun 1:159 " And verily.4nd slrc hefug v'ith child cried.l2. a wilderness t'and the woman fleJ inro the wiltlernets. must accept. Glon' be to him. vhere Miriam and Aaron rebelled against God's larv when Moses took an Ethiopian r'vife. front tlte . prou.rtrithn'e t.or1d and bring in a neq'rvorld (Revelation 2I:1-2.. I 'lolttt 5.f too higlt und rnigit4 fnr his sol i. becatrse Gotl is one God. not Jut:'in the wildemess or under a date palm iree. the f. " This is not the sarlle as Luke 2:7. ttor tlo lhe Heotenl' Host who are lhe closest to God. The Book of Revelation 12:6 states "Ancl the -. John 1J. l/erily. 12:l-2) ':And there appeared a gtetlt ttoildet in heot'en.) but Revelation l2:.::. a Cushite. and Jesus is also a soul "spirit". that is. \oble Koran 2:16 Jesus was alu. flrk ll.16.is in.Lct l0:38). tesring of a tribe in Alrica like the Lemba ancl the Malachites trib.." (Pro ll. Yott kttott' tt ha! is in me. v'here she hath a place prepared of God.tr sJtouitl ttctl heliete b.q. and I clonT know v'har is in yott. Mary's name is spelled Maryam (3r-4) meaning "belovetl" in The Noble Koran 19:I and Miriam (78'lE)f"7) in the Hebrew tongue ''.#43'r. behold.jde. " Also in Matthew|2il!. There is a rr'lro1e Chapter l9 tSuratu'l \{aryam) of The \oble Korarr dedicated to 1. . Verily.'three' .-erib. lotr knott vhat is trnseen. one to wipe away all the sin of this -"r.) and in Matthew Quesr What race was Mary? Ans: Mary and her parenls were ol the tribe of Judah. v. Jesus. calied the'Tents Of Judah (Zechariah t 2:7).rhuls. tvhich He co:nveyed to Mary. o Niotit{.1uitn Mary'his mather..r'trcn' of him (Jesus) before he dies.ts in 1:l7l172 that Jesus will return and that all fuItrslims u'ho are also people oJ rhe book. fhe Christ of 2000 yea$ agor JunJ26. Moses' sister and tumed her leper white. it is better.fbr Hint a blood son.l . If I Had said so 1. tltn to Jesus). This is talkrne alrout Numbers 12:10.sees himsel.''] but that Jesus said. is a messenger rd God. the mother of Jesus Christ. lDetr 11. the one The t5 and 16 speak about the future says in 4:171-172 will retum " 17I -Oh funih of the scriplures (from Atlant to Muhammad./ Mary! Dicl you er€r sa! to lhe people 'Take rne and my molher as twa gods (elaahain) besides God'l He said: 'Glory be to yott! It is not in . and tlte tlot o-f resurrection he tJesus) tt'ill be a r:ilness oter thetil.says the woman was ih the desert.says in 19:22.): and that there is only one God. " And the Greek word fbr mangir'ls fhatne (fat'-nay). and God's o)tt1 w*ord. the": iaw the.91 .24).. Ront 5:).tessiah Jestts.. and lhe nroott under her.n to be the original Hebrews. .A. as The Noble Koran describes them.it clothed witll'the sun. th. The name llar-v (?)(l4I) in ancienr Hebrerv (Galilean) means "rebelllon". i-iich is translated as "their rebellion or rebellious". I Tim -1. tavailittg in b:irth.\. So believe in Cocl unJ His mcssertgers. clo not overstep your religion. The Holy Seed as mentioned in E:ra . of the House of David. This is where the name Mary gets its meaning. slie withdrew with ltim to a remote place far olf ftn the *-ilderness)J. believe by way of Hinr l.

4. So.'hol1. 4 lour days.D.-7 A. 'Lerrh. " l:Il. Thus thel' r on'ed that \Iarl u ould be siven unto tlie serrrce t.John 18. she uould be taught many thlrgs.D.C. Yahrieh city of Bethlehem of Judea "citt. .3 t 36.hich is in stonruch (Jlcrt1. So \lar1' Elizabeth. was the brother was also a the Wife Elizabeth rvas 39 years ol' age. "For lhqt and fucay.\. (The )'oble Korun 3:35-361.D) son rif8erechiah 4 ol 4 years. then she had her Bat Mitsvah. On some occasions.ltrrttnr tseetlt sttiJ. His t:rith ano His oravels !'elal:r: i1':.lt'ottt thc Jeyil. due to the fact that her mother was balren." was the son of Jacob (Muihew t:16) and Hadhbith.-God (The i\oble Koran 3:38). accepted her.. considering no one irad access to her chambers but himselt-. Her genealogy is given in the Book of Luke u hich l'as rvntten by Luke in the year 58 A.1. Mary vvas taken by age months and & Eliz*beth Jesus (Matthew 13:55. the htrnd of ihe princes and ruler. . Joseph. selves n. itn'e \\'hen Zechalial-r heard Man's uords rnd sas the things that g'ere betirre l-rer.fbtnale genc{er.-l6 A.D. And I have nametl her Mary antl placed her anJ .D. meaning. Zechariah r.'(Rtth Luke l:11. Zecbariah (born ll4 of Hannah (Anna). -36 A. seed have mingled ihetn- "Yaha1ya" The T. So. of fesh (bfeutl)'.rould never have achild.I ttt.as baren and God opened her n'omb. " Mary was a dark-brown rvoman rvith olir e-tolled skrn and darh eyes. the herald of Jesus) and His to the Heavenly Father'. John the Baptist (6 A.ere grateful to the Almighty God for blessing them u. Zechariah u'as 120 1'ears olage at the time of the birth of John llar1 oreir up in a snra11 tou'n in the hill country of Galilee in \onhem Palestine. rvho was also called "The Virgin llarl'. sirrelr Cod qi\es to n'lronr he pleases" (The . gave bidh to Jesus Christ in the Mary rias an Israelite who the steplather ol lor Zechariah into the Temple consecration to our Heavenly Father. (33 B. *hen sJte (Hawtct) deliveretl slte saicl.. However. The Knov'ing. Luke I:32).). but Gocl knet that v.D. Elizabeth.s hath becn chief in rlris trcspas. Lord I lttne clelivetecl tt Jbntule.ith the peopLe.-36 A. No. (Luke I:13).er have one. Luke l'as a Slrian "Gleek" Goyim "Gentiler" a personal Ques: Why was Mary so special? phvsician and companion olPaul (10 A. They u.as chosen by God to care for her while in the Temple. it u'as the Holl Ghostl Elizabeth g.C. and B.. IIhen n l temple until she was 12 years o1d. of tlirise lancls: yec.hat she delivered u^as good.tS).r.-67 A.. her husband Joseph had seven children by his previous wife Halsa.C. Ans: Mary rvas a special child because hel parents Joachim and Hannah thought they r. .\-oble a Negro of the Tribe Of Judah and the lineage of David (Psalms 132:11. Loiri.1. No one had access to Mary.fi"om me. and the wife of Joseph the carpenter. his age (Lnke to perform a miracle on His behalf. So she could bear this special child higi priest al1er Order of \lelchizedek" Temple of Kohane priest: and he u. and -1 dar s to wife of Zechariah beal the special child Jesus Christ. ll u as not Zechariah who impregnated his wife..D.ith a child at a time l'hen thel'thoright the-v would ner." was no doubt for theiT sotls: so that the. l\{ary is the mother of Jesus Christ (lcls 1:14). God had another p1an. Zechariah even pra)'ed ro God ro fbu that v. The miracle was to bless Him u'ith a son. I3. (The Noble Koran 3:37-38). John I:.) son of Zeehari*h At the Zechariah (144 B.ord. as to rvhere the food came flom and she replied: "fiom Elyon El The \lost High. to be dedicated it service to You..'otnan (Hunrrat o-l'. t9.D.larv. And the male gender is nol tJte sante os the .).' Iatih. taken of their:dattgliers for themselv*es. He inquired of Mar1. as most translators of the Bible x'ou1d have von believe. Mary. who passed befole his mamiag6r to fr. "35. regardless of I:13-15). God. .ot+ed Koran 3:371. Here. she uas already supplied riith nourishing nreals. This u as surprising to Zechariah. you are The Seeing.+ months.9:2. \Iarv n'as taken b1' her mother to the high priest at the Temple rn Jerusalem and presented as a chrld dedicared The Baptist (6 A.r-3r .) uas beine prepared tioln rhe ag: t l J )'ears.l ould bring Mary lood.tlct' t ottt' pt'nIet tit)n..{s an int'anr. Mary remained at the ol .. Mary only had one child'of her own hou'evet. "let him adtl. houerer.D. Verily.

one that vctrs/tiStped Got{.. Joseph callecll Bursubas. Barsabas was 6 a when Mary uas visiting Joseph and had brougfit him sorne 7 .sus. C. Colossians 4:11.ssians. it says. He tried io persuade Joseph to become a rebel. Eventually. Vary's as a carpenter husband Jo. son ol'Yonakhir. he would some- Since Joseph was ol'the house ol David from Judah.'as a descendant i}om Jacob (lsrael) (Muttlteu' l:16) son of Isaac.as a Levite u'ho rvas a priest amongst the Levitical priests. a zealot because ofhis lineage. \lan'.ij tu.Ques: Who lvas Joseph? Ans: Joseph \\ b1 trdde.Joseph r. Simeon. because he was considered times help her carry \\ater up on the hill. David who.D. Justus is described as. Later on.rntrr'e.-67 A. in. a Centile mixed appointed Apostle seed. they.r-. He *'as lilins names ol James. Barsabas.D. "And he deltarlecl lhence.fotttd a certain sorcercr. loseph u as nrarried Lo Vaq. Also. Paul the l3th self a common criminal.n in the hill country of Galilee in northem Palestine u'here Mary and Joseph both uere of the house of Israel.fello*iworkers unto llte kingclttm qf Cod.lcls 18:7. "And Jesus. Mary and her family lived up on a hill and Joseph lived at the bottom of the hill. On her leaming that he lived alone" Mary began to bring him dates and other lood. This was the seed planted for the later blossoming of a beautiful courtship.of. thus the engagement (betrothal) of Joseph and Marv took p1ace. husband of Mary (39 B.) wa: also of the Tribe Of Judah and of the linease of David (Psubns 132:11..s: " Paul rl.C. He was the adopted lather of Jesus.) One dayr Barsabas came. calied Kohanien. uho u as also a high priest alter the Order ofllelchizedek. a Jett. (in part) "For if he that cometh preacheth anotltet' Je. this became a daily chore that rhey both enjoyed. four sons by the l Joseph. Hrlsa's larnrso Joseph 1eft to go make a living on his bv hins. (10 A. they both fbllowed the larvs of Moses.rt tltiLtt by the names o1' Salome.nd thel appoinled lwo.lustus'house after he *'ould leave tl-re synagogue.as stated in Acts I:23.-29 A.friend whom he'got the image of his Jesus from as mentioned in 2 Corinthians 11:4. Silas and Juslus u'ere rebels against the teachings of Our Lord and Saliour Jesus Christ.rote his Epistle to the Colo.Iesr:s' are depicted as Ihc appcdrJlt!'c tSt. S's \\. nhich hotc. descended liom the Tribe of Judah.s.Jtose neme was Barjesu. he would impress the population and ele'vate the group in the sight of the Sanhedrin:who were Judahites. Zechariah received a sign tiom God that Joseph was tc be lrer husbar-rd. the nroth- er of Jesus Christ. courted and finally rnan'ied. " These team olner.\Ioses. "lr.sus.1 \ l.. For they wouid not listen to Barsabas. " Tlris is Paul's companion and. Because Joseph and Mary were descended fiorr the line of Israel.joined hartl to the srnagogue.1 The Jesus that Paul followed is Simon called Bariesus mentioned in Acts I3:6 "And v:hen the! hacl gane through the isle unto Paphos.is c-allecl Justus. They rnet. ".to see Joseph Now Joseph:'had a friend named Barsabas. Luke 1:32).-29 A.D. Zeus Ja Zeus (Jesus) Catholic Christian Jesus St.C. Joses. tihiih. L \r re' rtltcle Zechariah. Punl's only fellow-labourer qt Rome. thrrd son of Le'r'i.ould have meetings and preach in . antl entered into rt cerlain man's house. Judas and three daughters rebel of the house. v. \otice hori these . Joseph would see Mary almost everyday as she passed by his house on her way to the well. Joseph and }Iarl lere both learnt in the lari's of . on the other hand. And this Justus became known as Barsabas. Joseph lrred u ith his first wile Halsa until she died ol Malaria in her last childbirth.4. Also. calletl Je. Thus.) ly took the children onn.rtus is u JerrisJt Chrislicut.eph (39 B. he u.. These only are my' . Halsa bore him seven children. Martha and Ester t llutrlter /Jr5r).. He greeted her and her eyes would smile in retutrr. o':. a Germane Saint Jesus Justus Christian Paul's Compaion and Friend Ques: How did Joseph and Mary meet? Ans: lt all started in a little tora. a.false prophel. nctrned Justu. Accordins to Online Bible.-lf near \1a4's tan-ril1. v-here he v. u'ho arc of the circumcision..r name11'Paul. v'hose house.been a cumfort unto me. wJto v'as surnunted Jttst:ts.D. and lhey would engage in small cqnversation.chose violeirce as a means to ovedhrow the establishment. Paul eot the name Jesus tiom the Creek god Zeus. He:was a follow6r of Jesus Justus.

r. because until this time he had not knorvn her sexually.g. .ACioftfa€'la Luke 7. The ileeping quarters were like a loft place near the:top of the room.::::s:. exlended". gave utterance to her hymn of thanksgiving (Luke 1:46-56. Mary was saluted by Elizabeth as the nother of her Lord.i . he told Joseph that ifhe did soul tlotl't nmgnif:'tlte.-r1. Her mother' hor'erer. *ua. was hard for Joseph to deal with.21....::::. who stands in the presence of .rr"ryon. 1br she \\ LrLlid n(.God (Luke 1 : l9). lmmediatelr' on entering the house. Zachariah and Elizabeth were at a considerable distance.' Mother? Arrs: gifore. Mutthew 1:21).'. of a trlbrd-fi"om Hbn (Jesus Christ the word of Godl.'for she would bear the Child O God.. in that ti're were This is'. When Josepli came to Mary's house she had to leave the room 1br thi' \\ as ille manner ol all Hebreu' \\omen. I saiah. Rom 10:15. the Kohanin (Cohaneen) tvhile she resided at \azareth uith her parents Before she became the :r'il'e of Joseph.nhy she. glori/iecl in thi.ds a youqwor:lran. Barsabas was aiirazed at her beaufy.r Joseph :rud iolo hlr ihal ti: child that \Ian'u'as to bear rras a chrld r'ri tl-ie Holr Ghtr:i Qrres: When was . This made Joseph realize horl' much he loved !1a4. he resolved to put her away privity. She. ii.. 100 miles." After this she went to visit her cousin Elizabeth. John 1 : 1 1.. Biblicai cross reliences to this Koranic quote can be lbrind inJoltn 1:I-LJ. Then Joseph retumed to his home tj'om building houses to matr]'tire \irgin to rr'hon he u'as betrothed and iinding her with child.. a Levitical cirr.sts said.as born. }Iarl' give birth to Jesus? next Sabbath.. 20:31.- . roorn. Joseph uas u'arned in a dleam (Matthew 1 : I 8-2 5) of her conditior. talked. ..J ord. Ans: The marriage of Mary ar-rd Joseph was announced at the tith child of the Holy Quesi..-i : t . Tl-re modem nat-ue tbr Juttah is 'Yutta'.. and Phil 2:10-11. Afier three months.:.16. He thought that she might have been unfaithful to him and he wondered it'it was Barsabas.). Most of ali.!l : 5-6. Thls is u'hen an Angel ol God appeare d t. Miriam 1y-li' nx-:'Ex7) ir ancierrt t+ebrew or as tla the Muslims say in AshuriclSyriac Arabic. 'Oh )Iut1'! Verily. The Tribe Of Judah..w*s Vlary called tbe Bleqsed.'fZake 1:31.'.p'Of T.inding her pregnancy. from Nazareih. the angel Gabriel ri'as connected by maniage (related) tc Elizabeth rvho of the Mary and Joseph at this time had no children of their on'n: and at the time Mary.. He rvas to be a Saviour to his own people.s ttorlcl ctitl ot tlr erul anc! he is of those who is necn'est ro Gotl.in the hiil-country: of Judah in the neighborhood of Maon and Carmel. Joltn 3:3J--16.@_gsructg!i0t$_E!U!! call me blessed"(Luke 1:46-50): ': . Mnt l:21-25. He mshed to ask her fatheq Joachim. Eph 5:20. This was the betrothal of ancient law.dates. God gives you the good tidings b1'v'at. The n-ran to marry Mary had to plesent rods.\'{ary: (lhe Messiah Jesus)..hich shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God.he House Of Israel only (Malthew 15:24).i's.and:Barsibas saw her face.Ioseph u'ouid suner 1-rer :ri'l announced to her that she was to be the mother of the promised Messiah lalre I:35 "And the cmgel ans*^erecl and said ttnlo her The Hah Ghosl sJnll colne 1!po/1 :hee.Zeqhat.. and then fofih with.1 O\erstand tite cr:-c:. 47 t4nd my spiri! hath'rejoi6ed in God rny Saviout". Mary hal.the low estate oJ His hcndmai den : fo r' b e lt o I d. his natne shall be lhe saviout'son of ... the holy seed of the Tribe of Judah(Malthew I 5 : 21.:a Savipur to his own people. for she had dark brgwn olive-toned skin with tiXack e-ves'and thiek black u'ooliy hair''As a result ofBarsabaslsieing herface.is called the Blessed. being with child. 1:10.11s is called Yashu'a '.r'veil otf. he (Barsabas) 'r'ould.::4fu481it says' "And Maw said' M. 9 . I Cor l:lA.!i- '8 i.il{ot}ier. since he aluays rvanted her lor his wife.the marriage of Mary and Joseph (Mattlrcw I:20). rvho made her pregnant..-r^ o. Samuel 2:1-10). who u''as living u'ith her husband Zacharias at Juttah (Joshaa 15:55 2I:16\ neaning "stretchetl out.l . Mary was found Ghost (Matthew I:18). H".ish l1:21).{ns: The Most High God loLrnd it larourable to serrd the Holy Ghost Gabriel (Luke 1:26) to tell Mary that she was chosen above all other women on the eadh to bear a Messiah "Seviour" andthat his name *'ould be called Jesus. Isa lbn Maryam (e. Mary knew that her soul was magnifled. Ques: When did announced? .. x... rvho was six months presnant.Biif . : .Irtiy. So when Mary conceived she went to live with Zechariah cousin Elizabeth.t li. rntcl l|rc power of the Highesr sltoll otetshadox'rhee.ih.iesusw. 48 For He haL 'regarded. in the Synagogue.l ..i. tlrcrqfore ctlso thal holy thittg . The Tritre Of Judah.?vv : : :t :. .un'or.wouldbehonoured bo& in this rvorld and in the :worid to come as stated in The Noble Korcn 3:15. "Wen the HeavenlT' Ho. I. Luk l:31. came to Mary..'*irtt on. . However. The Lost Sheep Of The House Of Israel.s. He. a place 5 1/2 miles south of Hebron. i "rialr'!ii.t.'. .1 not marry her soon. Acts 3:6.lienc efof. so Mary could still hear whai was going on concerning her marriage to Josepli' Mary listened ur-. Mary returned to Nazareth to her own home. Joseph's rod sprouted and produced a dove that leieveryone kno*'that -toseph rvas chosen as her husband. fro m. for her hand in rnarriage. He relinquished his purpose and took her trr lis hoils:.[ed that hel iamiLr v. 2:10. lie only came for his orvn blood seid lsraelites and in particular the black seed. Luke I:31. The Lirst Shpg. Elizabctlr or erstood the burdens ol Mary's pregnancy and welcomed her. . and was to take place at alatet date. Elra 9 :2."lu. 17:1. . llarl' rras lineage of -{aron (Luke 1:36). possessing a beautifirl voice rvould laugh rvith a soft cooing sound. They were considered iiraniEd although the ceremony had not yet taken place' It was during ihis'time that the angel 6abriel. could remain in the room ''rilh the nten because she . 61!.

most modern da5' Christians think that Jesus tas bom on December 25th.Te:us ol 1000 ] ears ago..seed ol a woman. the heir of God. an angel came to Sarah and iold her that she *'ould have a child (Genesis 18:10) and tl. tending their flocks.lesus son of Mary was in fact. mude of a the taw. God senl .:d I qr. qho rras made ola noman. and called m1 sprrit in (Genesis 6:3) "And tlre LORD said \ly spirit shall nol alwuy-s slrive with man.) a Roman Emperor. bui he the mother of Jesus and her betrothed l'usband Joseph. He became Pope in November of 1523-1534 A. ancl called hit nume Seth: For God. Gahrtems 4:4 "But when the.' During the high point of the summer solstice between: June 23rd through the highest point:being June 26th. *n"* i"ii ti""t " f-oot at rvhat God said.D. son ofElizabeth. the site of their tribe.she hath appoirtted me (Goill anotlter seed.ris has happened many other times in the Bible. rvas to be bom.D. llary s'as six months pregnant at the start of their joumey from Nazareth.D.. So Jesus Christ. Mary was well into labor pains of birth. a date established by Pope Clement Vll (1478-1534 A. it became believable that Jesus was botn on Decemlrer 25th.-stilt living) After the child Jesus lvas born on. called the woman's seed in Genesis 3:l5 "And I witl put enmity bexween thee and lhe v'oman. :.113:15 (in part). In Jerusalem during the month of December it is very cold. where thel' stayed until she rose from confinement. and she bare a srttt. based on the scriptures of lzfte 2.7 A. son of -{braham and Sarah. This trip s'as a long hard one across mountains and Ilary desen land. saitl she. Jbr th{lt he also is. But the mere fact that the shepherds were ort doors in the fields Ans: Ans: Jesus-is of the seed of the woman iiecause he was the only one in the Blble who was bom only of a woman. June 26. after your Bar or Bat Mitsvah. Mary and the c. Our Healenlr Father made sut'e that Mary had lbod and drink during her time ol labor. the home of their grandparents to Bethlehem.i. "And Adam knew his v. We must remember that Mary was only 13 years of age at the time of the bilth of Jesus.ved to The Most High to perform a miracle. hath appointed me another seed instead of Abel.vs shall be an hundred ancl tu'en4t ltears.hild went into a cave for safety. When Isaac. But b1' Israelite Larr r ou are gro\\'n at age 1 3.'8 born in the summer. "And I u.l.' {Tie Woman's Seed) made wpt&sbn "de'under under the: kir:v." Ques: Whaf is meant by the lvoman's seed (Genesis 3:15)? thee and lhe woman..rt.. A.as no earthly male involvement' Thus. and betu'een lh)t srei anrl her tceJ. vu'as also concerved of the Holy Chost. Although she 'nvas prepared physically to give birth to this special chi1d" mentally she sti11 *'as a little gir1. *lhen the 10 11 .:e : Ques: \\'hen tas Jesus son of ]lan born? Sad1y. a winter month... rraveling br an ass or donker. which they only did in the summer months. and behteen tht seed attd her seed: " an of a s'omatr because it sar s Gt--C sent H:s son.erl upon the Jace ttf lhe u'aters ".fs again. And even Seth rvas a holr' seed as tbund in Genesis 4:25.{ns: Testament. "./brth his son.D' Joseph. he lvas of the.Ques: So Mary wasnlt the only one that N'as filled with the Holr Ghost? Not only did rhe angel Cabriel corne to \4ary in the Neu alio caLe to Elizabeth g'ho rvas barren and was not able to give birth. In his conception. Zechariah's pralers l'ere attsu'ered and Elizabeth conceived Ouke 1:13-15) as mentloned earlier..ill put enmity behveen l. So Zechariah pra. So this recognizes the lact that John the Baptist. rvhich is -0 miles.flcsh' yet his da. and there is no way t-his:chitd could be borl in the cold. called the spirit olGod irr Genesis l:2 "." . there u.fullness of the time was come. . By the time thel reached the outskirts ol Yasu'a ibn Ar Rab in Galilean Yashu'a bar l-ahn'eh in Hetrrew Jesus son of the Lord in English (7 Jesus being the seed Bethlehem. With that.. and that s'as to bless him rvth a son by his wife Elizabeth. \1 ere otl tl-Letr liav to Bethlehenr ri hen she gave birrh to .And lhe Spit'it oJ God mot.". Thel had to go to Bethlehem lor the census taktng.

1. is s'hen .. KEEP GOD'S LAl\ "Lel no n fin nor devil rttske 1.r. nov go (v(n trnto B. Jesus returned to Jemsalem at age tr.. tlrlr'ltetrt. Rev. but to his orn (John 1:11). lr'hose family came from Nebula in Nazareth. " So this quote refers to Jesus as a babe and the THE }IISSIO\ v'hich the Lord hath JIan'from \azareth ' Bethlehem journel'ofJoseph and i..1.Alel. So as -r'on Jesus was bom during the summer.adtlling clothes.000.:. being prepared as3 bride adomed for her husband (Rev.to Ltamascus on their way to Eg1pt.. 15 And it came lo pass. -l.' .. away in his 33rd year aeeo*lpanied by Mary of Magdalene.r/1.f. is not to be mistaken with the many other Mary's mentioned in the Bibie.. based on the death of Herod.eliinss in Bethlehem of Judea Christ came tbr his olln (Hebren's 7:1.t.sante translated The Noble Koran for Christians and Shriners n'ith Biblical reference fbr each \ erse.i vhen eighr da. Bttt until thut fu(illment w. In t'act a Prophet uto is his disciple and brother named Simon is called "\iger" "\roeer" (Acts 13:1J. The original word for brass there is copper (Daniel 1 0:6. rrhrch rs raissing in our churches tcday. as head ofthe church and the rnanifested Wbrd and Spirit of God.'e. Upon Arrival to Egypt. Jesus'mother \\as taken up.. A perpetual eovenant that we keep the lnw of Israel until all is fu(illed.ti:.1aoi-is iLrrei. in the city of Galilee.ir. in the year 7 A.for the circuncising of the child. our goal is to teach the Word of God with simplicity and understanding with the proper translations.1. the shepherds *td I 5 .neans in Gleek. the Gentiles but r .. And where {)Iatrltey'-1.sir'= urcd I.1..s tere accolitplished. n'ashed in fhe biood of the Lamb.sheeps $ould be grazing in the 'fie1d.r. She 12 years aiter Jesus. this proves that rhe baby As we proclaim Jesus. Jahovah.andria. stanurg u'ith verse 8 tlrct'e tere in the . MISSION STATEMENT. lt is clear in the original language.r.t.i. just read. not to the Gentiles "Canaanites". So.. but the wise men were not (l'(rc at rris rirh. He is described by race rvhile in his flesh as it states in Revelation 1:14 andu'here you see "f'eet the coiour ofbrass". l1 And this sltct/! be o sigr? unra rolr: 7b shall -fincl the bahe *rap1:ed in sv. Egypt in 45 A.veh. - the children olGod created as rnlant Jesus ir as in a manger or stall. . 6 B. J. . lying in a manger. where she departed.rr evervdav lives in a practical and effectile man- ': . A map showing the long made knor+n unlo ur. ".. -. Jesus ri'as born on June 26. as the angels o-ere gone awcty front them into heaven. All he sent us for (Matthew 1t):5-6). Paul x ent to his orvn. ed irt rhe wontb. 360 books.C..Ltt. And the u eathcL being sLrmrler \\as nore conpassionate to their condition of not being able to t-rnd proper du. .l'that her son had an imporrant mission lrom God. Jesus to bring home ali Christ came to save (Matthews 15:24. Thut is ull is complete (Mut. with Commentarv- .r-r:: iS:r.-'i'Lnrisr oithe Seed oiChnsrrrnh rhe Blood-qpe "J" tbr Judah.. Not long after Jesus'birth (Luke. Black Skin. Horevel we know that December 25th could not possibly be the birthdate of the real Jesns but of some other Jesus.1. Ques: Where was Mary born and how did she die? they say he had hair like lamb's rvool. 21:1-8). -Iesus nas circur. The ninth hour (Matthew 27:45-46).::i ilack bl ttiglrt.r'e in to Gleek the Bible is Brephos tBperpoc) lbr nerr bLrm or nl'ant. save thlorigh his suffering and dying fer our sins. And even 12: " . that's nappy hair. She died a peaceful death. his narne nas callecl (t. Let tr. We have one mediator. We do not tb1lou Paul (1 Timothr' 2:5) an Anti-Christ. She kner. 'lranslafor and Commentary of the Torah. the Christ. Luke 2:21. Matthews 10:5. -:.{). S4ary Jesus' mother was already there.rcLsetl ei::ni da] s iater'.1.. because brass is an alloy and they rrculdn't describe Jesus the colour of fake tnetal.. This Mary mother of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are called to bring the lamily of God.'1 Jesus being of the tribe ol Juda [Judah]) (Matthew 2:5-6).'*d '.D. .. *ticir r.fiom Hebrew and the Book of Revelations from Calilean and Greek.i'tg \orch ot'cr rit. :: ' t: 12 .. the scriptLu'e ol Luke 2:8.D.'in{9. the Tribe of Judah and then the other tribes to make 144..D.D.York-EI Paslor end Founder ofThe Egiptian Churt'h Of Kurast Author :'of over. T'r-' shepherds \\ cre tl)ere."heavsa in the ygar 90 A. 2:7) the Wise Men ariived to see the lloly Child Of God {Matthew 2:l-2)." This is n'hy ii is so easy to accept that thL.e ate to keep the laws of Moses in order to have the grace anel:trath'af Jesus" (John 1:'17) .Tudean 1au'.ir. t .'!/ent. Malachi Z.u-/f'S{ S. -:. namely Cleophas.:: :. 5:18) which means till Yashua Ha Mushiakh retarns binds yott tltrough Blood und Spirit arcd Eeirs af God and we are caaght np with him (1 Thess 4:16-17).. ttrtJ sr'c thit rlrirtg rthich is cotn( lo l1d\:t. /. so that it (The Word) may be annlir''l t^ or. Dr. . Nor is the real Jesus to be rnistaken for the other Jesus's in the Bible. 'ri . _. .uid one to ottotlt(t'.r. Mary.-.ou break the coyenant of God wiflt your Seedform Noah to Abrqham. 'rltith ntrs ro nailt(d oJ the ungtl belbre he ^tt\ tei. Ans: Mary was born March 10...bidittg itt rlt. (The Anointed One and His Anointing).lesus son of Mary * as bom./a . and accordins to.

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