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From approximately 1770
1st industrial revolution

Turnpike roads. Machinery. Factories. . New infrastructures Canals and waterways.New technologies Wrought iron. Water power. Mechanized cotton industry.

From approximately 1830 2nd industrial revolution .

New technologies New infrastructures Steam engines and machinery. Iron and coal mining. Rolling stock production. Worldwide depot ships. . Universal postal service. Railway construction. Depots. Steam power for many industries. Ports. Railways. Telegraph.

Source: http://www.aspx?id=47976 .com/evt/view.xtimeline.

From approximately 1875 3rd industrial revolution .

New technologies Cheap steel. Great bridges and tunnels. Copper and cables. . Telephone. Heavy chemistry and civil engineering. Transcontinental railways. Full development of steam engine for steel ships. Worldwide telegraph. Electrical networks. Electrical equipment industry. Paper and packaging. Canned and bottled food. New infrastructures Worldwide shipping in rapid steel steamships.

http://youtu.In 1890. the average manufacturing company in the ”developed world” had about 4 employees Source Gary Hamel.be/aodjgkv65MM .

From approximately 1908 4th industrial revolution .

. Penicillin. Petrochemicals. New infrastructures Networks of roads. Management tools. Mass produced cars using assembly line technology.New technologies Internal combustion engines. Networks of oil wells. Universal electricity. Cheap oil. Refrigerated and frozen foods. Motion picture and television. and airports. ports. Worldwide analog telecommunications. Home electrical appliances.

000 cars per year Source Gary Hamel. http://youtu.be/aodjgkv65MM .In 1915. Ford Motor Company was making more than 500.

Source http://yesterday.sg/reflections/memories-from-the-last-technological-revolution/ .

Penicillin antibiotics are the first drugs that were effective against many previously serious diseases such as syphilis and infections caused by staphylococci and streptococci. Fleming and Chain shared a Nobel Prize in 1945 for their work on penicillin.org/wiki/Penicillin Florey (pictured).aspx?articleid=741794 http://en. .org/article. Sources http://annals.wikipedia.

be/aodjgkv65MM .More or less all tools for modern management used today were invented before 1920 Source Gary Hamel. http://youtu.

From approximately 1970 5th industrial revolution .

Cheap microelectronics. Electricity networks. High speed physical transport links. Computer aided biotechnology. Internet. Computers. . Computer software. New infrastructures World digital telecommunications.New technologies Telecommunications. Control instruments.

.Source: http://youtu.be/Pe03dDpDykU minute 6.

From approximately 2003 6th industrial revolution .

3D printers. Energy storage technologies. Enhanced electricity transmission capabilities. Other cloud based software. Decentralization of power generation. Connection of electricity and transportation energy infrastructures. Energy efficiency.New technologies New infrastructures Mobile electronic devices such as smartphones. Renewable energy technologies – including solar. . Social media. and geothermal energy. Gene data banks. wind. Electric vehicles.

mobile subscriptions Source http://www.Global fixed telephone lines vs.com/doc/95259089/KPCB-Internet-Trends-2012 .scribd.

Computerized glasses from Microsoft and Google Source http://www.businessinsider.com/the-end-of-the-smartphone-era-is-coming-2012-11 .

3DTouch 3D printer Source http://blog.com/magazine/make-ultimate-guide-to-3d-printing/ultimate-3d-printer-buyers-guide/ .makezine.

rtcc.wordpress.org/flexible-solar-revolution-could-bring-power-to-1-4-billion-people/ http://ncfp.com/2012/02/24/indias-panel-price-crash-could-spark-solar-revolution/ .Sources http://www.

com/article/10110?pg=all http://youtu.scribd.com/doc/95259089/KPCB-Internet-Trends-2012 http://seizingthewhitespace.Other sources http://theagileexecutive.com/node/21553017 http://www.be/aodjgkv65MM http://youtu.economist.com/sites/default/files/STWS_Industries_Infrastruct ures.com/2009/03/02/ http://www.be/Pe03dDpDykU .strategy-business.pdf http://www.

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