Setup of Approval Hierarchies – Position

For Approval of Purchase Order Documents we can set Hierarchies. There are 2 types of Hierarchies which are mainly used 1.Employee-Supervisor Hierarchy 2.Position Hierarchy Here we will see the setting of Position Hierarchy and approval of Purchase Order Using the Same. To Set up Position Hierarchy we need to set up the following :           Define Employee Define Job Define Position Assign Job and Position to the Employee Define Approval Groups Assign Approval Groups to Position Define Position Hierarchy Define Buyer Define User Run Report “Fill Employee Hierarchy”

We will take the below users in our Example

Jane_Pr President Doe_VP Vice President Smith_Dir Director Terry_Clerk CLERK

Create Employee (N)HRMS Responsibility > People > Enter and Maintain Click (B) New Create all the four Employees as mentioned above.

Define Job (N) HRMS Responsibility > Work Structures > Job >Description Click (B) New .

VP and President. Define Position (N) HRMS Responsibility > Work Structures > Position >Description Click (B) New .Similarly define 3 more Jobs for Director.


Vice President and President. Assign Job and Position to the Employees Query the Employees Created earlier and Click on (B)Assignment Place the Cursor in the Position Field and from the LOV select the appropriate position.Similarly Define 3 more Positions for Director. .

Define Approval Groups (N) Purchasing Responsibility > Set up > Approvals > Approval Groups Give Approval for 100 USD to Document Total .

Give approval for 1000 USD for Document Total Give Approval for 2000 USD to Document Total Give Approval for 5000 USD to Document Total Assign the Approval Group to respective Positions .

Similarly Assign the Other Positions to the respective approval Groups. Define Position Hierarchy .

In the Subordinates region click on Down Arrow Observe that now “0812.VP12” is in the Position block .

.Observe that now “ the subordinates region click on Down Arrow Verify “Use Approval Hierarchy “Option is enabled in the Financial Options .VP12” is in the Position Block Again .

Otherwise “EmployeeSupervisor “ hierarchy will be used Set the above defined Position Hierarchy as “Default Hierarchy” for a Document Type.This is where the choice is made. Choose Forward Method as “Hierarchy”. Here we will choose “Standard Purchase Order” as the document type . Hierarchies are used. If the box is checked.

Run the request “Fill Employee Hierarchy” .

Define “Terry_Clerk” as Buyer (N) Purchasing > Setup > Personnel > Buyers Click (B) Add Buyer .

Define all the 4 Employees as Users in Oracle Application and Assign Purchasing Responsibility (N) System Administrator > Security > User >Define Give a User Name and Attach the Employee in the Person Field .

Create a Purchase Order of 5000 USD Submit the document for Approval .

the PO is being forwarded to the Director “Smith_Dir” Login with “Smith_Dir” and check the notification for PO approval (N)Purchasing Responsibility > Notification Summary Click on “Approve” Button Query the Purchase Order from Purchase Order Summary Form From Tool Bar “Inquire > View Approval through Workflow “observe the progress of the Purchase Order. .Observe that as per the Hierarchy.

Observe that the PO has been forwarded to “Doe_VP”who is next in the line of Approval. Login into the application with “Doe_VP” and check the PO notification .

Click on “Approve” Button Observe that the PO has been forwarded to “Jane_Pr “who is next in the line of Approval. Login into the application with “Jane_Pr” and check the PO notification .

Query the Purchase Order. Observe the status of the Purchase Order and view Action History. .Observe the Approval Sequence Approve the Purchase Order.

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