I saw you and that girl behind the maths block Reynard said we were playing ball and there you were caught out the corner of my eye and as he spoke you watched Parrot writing something on the blackboard his curly haired head moving side to side as he wrote and you could see in your mind’s eye Christina leaning against the fence behind the maths block her eyes lit up with a young girl’s passion and you leaning in towards her wanting to kiss her wanting to feel her lips on yours but she kept on talking her lips opening

and closing like a fish out of water and her hands placed over her groin like guards and she said she wanted a photo of you to pin to her bedroom wall and you said you’d seek one out for her and she said she had one of herself for you and then she spoke of her parents and her mother’s depression and about her older brother which was lost in the whisper of her words and on and on she went and all you wanted was to feel her lips on yours in the few moments you had alone with her and even though you leaned in closer

she talked on and on her breath warm and almost liquidy against your face her eyes like small mirrors dark and sinkable and just as she became silent and you felt it time for the kiss to come the bell rang and she up and moved and touched your hand and left and you caught a quick glimpse of her thigh as she moved away and Reynard said did you get your hand up or get a snog? just then Parrot the teacher turned around and threw a piece of chalk at you stop the noise

he bellowed stop the talk.

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