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Child Erotica Online

I watched a program the other night called Online Nightmare. What I saw was enough
to give any responsible parent the willies. While much of the program initially
dealt with phishing and other scams, the main part of this well crafted
documentary focussed on the issue of pornography and children. And it was here
that I became increasingly angry over the hosts assertion that online pornography
was not the same as child erotica. A 7 year old girl wearing nothing but a bra and
thong is evidently not considered anything but erotica, yet who is watching this
child? Not your local saint I can assure you. Predators who hunger and crave the
sight of a tiny body are watching these children.

Call me old fashioned or crazy, but I find it very

difficult to seperate any use of children with erotica from porn. Yet according to
one of the narrators, the law has a clearly defined seperation between the two.
First implicit in child erotica, at least in my mind, is the victimization of the
innocent we all scream to have protected. Where are their parents? Who's
photographing little ones ranging in age from helpless infants to teens? Grandma,
grandpa, uncles, aunties, or older cousins, brothers or sisters? Someone is, and
as parents it behooves us to try and find out what our children are being exposed
to. Do you find the image of a thonged baby or bottomless 7 year old enchanting?
I don't.

But because of the phenomen of internet sex

addiction, many otherwise "normally" functioning adults find themselves
increasingly drawn in to deeper more objectionable sexual desires. The first
thrills of watching adult online porn palls after awhile, and the addict
increasingly craves newer fresher thrills. And far too often this leads to
venturing down some very dark places in the human psyche, in a effort to quell the
insatiable craving to get off and obtain release.

When masturbating multiple times a day loses its appeal, the sexually jaded addict
then has to scale new heights to gain the same huge sexual surge. Bestiality,
offline infidelity and child porn are all there to take the addict to the next
level. Those soft tender pink bodies become irresistable, and then.. somewhere a
REAL child becomes a statistic and makes the 6 o'clock news. Because these sick
individuals often cannot be content with simply viewing these tiny children.
Fantasy for them must become a reality, and soon they're trolling chat rooms
looking for live "meat" And that could be YOUR child being targetted.

Think it can't happen? During the show, a young 7 year old girl ran to her next
door neighbor to check e-mail. The observant woman noticed an adult male asking
the child to watch him. He removed his jeans and exposed himself masturbating
actively right online. Fortunately the woman had sent the child off, and continued
as if she were the little girl. When done, he requested they meet, assuring the
"girl", he had tinted windows so no one could "see" what they were doing. The
woman arranged the meet at a local strip mall, and set up a sting. He was quickly
arrested and the 7 year old spared rape or worse.
Others are not so lucky. Many die or suffer serious injuries including burns and
wounds that will never heal. Given all this, you tell me what you think about
child erotica and should it be allowed-legally or otherwise?