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Strengthening and Conditioning Faqs

Strengthening and Conditioning Faqs

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Published by Leslie Vill
Most FAQS in Strengthening and Conditionin in MMA
Most FAQS in Strengthening and Conditionin in MMA

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Published by: Leslie Vill on Dec 31, 2012
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1.) Jump rope is considered to be one of the most necessary conditioning on different kinds of exercise especially on MMA workout. It’s like your secret weapon on your battle and necessary gear that each one must have. Most of the people think that jump rope is just good for cardio exercise, some even don’t know the total benefit of this, so how does jump rope can help a MMA fighter?

Jump rope is considered to be one of the best conditioning MMA work-out which every fighter must incorporate to his drill. It’s not just good for cardio exercise, but it gives you the overall mind and body training. Such as Jump rope training will enhance: Synchronization, Alertness, Swiftness and Footwork. Moreover, jump rope work-out gives the total umbrella effect on your system. For instance as it was mention before it will polish the harmonization of your body. When performing the jump rope it allows your mind and body to coordinate together. Having this kind of training will exercise your neurons to deliver the messages to your brain and your mind will instruct your body on what’s the next thing to do. Its makes your neuron active and anticipate for the next move. Its like “train your mind and your body will follow”(live fitter). Whether your in a position of striking or ground game, presence of mind is must. That’s why coordination of your mind and body is highly necessary. For example when your doing your combo hits on your boxing or muay thai, it is always important to be creative in the midst of sparring to be able to deceive your opponent. With out creativity, and presence of mind there’s a big possibility that you will receive a “total knock out”. In addition to this, coordination can help a fighter to be alert and can double his speed and so is the footwork. To sum up, this is theory of the “ umbrella effect of the jump rope”.

2.) When it comes to grappling the most important element that should not be neglected is strength of our back muscles. There are many “jui jitso drills” that are performed to achieve overall workout. Yet, most of us neglect to enhance our back muscles. To think , when our back start to have slip-discs or herniated disc due to improper performances of certain exercises or probably because you receive a take down from your opponent which made your lumbar-sacral bones hit the ground. Slip-disc then occurs which give you little or inability to walk, move or even lift and the pain scale will score of 10/10. Imagine that! Its even more painful compared to having your baby deliver in a delivery room . Worst case will be you need to undergo operation and your doctor will instruct you not to train for the rest of the months probably years or forever. MMA always has a ground game, so how does MMA fighter develop his back muscles and prevent the occurrence of slip-disc?

Strengthening and Conditioning on MMA training FAQS

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Slip disc usually originates from accident such as landing your buttocks on the ground due to take downs of slipping on the floor or lifting heavy object with improper body alignment and also “sneezing too much ”. You might be wondering why sneezing can cause herniated disc its because if you have a “weak abs” then the after impact of sneezing “abs” creates too much abdominal pressure which makes your disc slip from the spinal cord . Back strengthening exercise are the best way to prevent the occurrence slip-disc. Back muscles protect our bones especially our spinal cord. Having strengthened back muscles and strong abs is can make a MMA fighter perfect his grappling skills without body limitation. To achieve this kind of optimal goal there are few simple back strengthening exercises such as the following : a.) 30 degrees sit-ups: Proper sit ups can tighten your abdominal muscles, strengthen your back muscles. Improper situps can lead to back muscle strain, muscle spasms or even worse spinal cord injury which is irreversible. Most commonly performed sit-ups are the 90 degrees lifting your back off the floor, which is a big no because you are already giving a strain on your lumbar-sacral muscles. The best way to do this is to do is 30 degrees off the floor. Meaning, The point of the sit-up is to bring the sternum and the pelvic cavity close together. Starting at about 180 degrees and using the stomach muscles, bring the body up 30 degrees but no more. Exhale when coming up into the sit-up position and breathe in on the way back down. This is the most comfortable way of breathing because the lungs are being compressed by the sit-up, and the chest expands during the sitting down (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3827/How-perfect-sit-ups.html)

In addition to this, it should be done slower not faster , because it will give time for your abdominal muscles to flex on its own especially if you do it 30 reps and every corresponding number situps you have to pause and flex your abdominal muscles for 5 seconds. Proper performance of exercise gives you the best quality of result.

b.) Wall squat using swiss ball. This is one of the simplest back strengthening ever. All you have to do is let our back lean on the swiss ball against the wall. Do your squatting position. Every time you squat the swiss ball will also roll against your back. This is a good workout for leg power, calf, abdominal and back muscles. c.)Hanging on Monkey bars Even the kids knows how to play on the monkey bars. Handing on the monkey bars can help your back muscles stretch to the fullest, because it allows gravitational pull with less effort. In addition to this, it can help relieve “pinch-nerve pain”.

Strengthening and Conditioning on MMA training FAQS

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Everyone can do this even the children, just go the children’s park and look for a monkey bars bars or purchase your own. Grab the monkey bars and let your self hang on it for about 30 -60 seconds for a start and increase the pace on your own. To add more challenge , While hanging on the monkey bars, pretend that your cycling on your bicycle, this will improve your endurance and tighten your abdominal muscles which is also a good thing for your back muscles. You can also add little creativity if you are bored with the same routine as long as it doesn’t comprise your back muscles. d.) Knee-to-chest raise on supine position Remain in this supine position for the knee-to-chest stretch. Keep knees bent. Take hold of the right leg behind the thigh above the knee. Pull this leg up to the chest while the left leg stays bent, foot on the floor. Hold this for 20 seconds. Relax. Repeat with left leg. Repeat up to four times with each leg. (http://www.wisegeek.com/what-are-some-lower-back-pain-exercises.htm)

5.) Pelvic-tilt exercise For the pelvic tilt, first lie flat on your back with your knees bent and feet on the floor. Notice that the small of the back is not touching the floor while in this position. Now tighten the abdominal muscles so that the small of the back is pushed flat against the floor. Hold for five seconds. Relax abdominal muscles. Repeat this up to ten times. (http://www.wisegeek.com/what-are-some-lower-back-painexercises.htm) 6.) Alternate Leg-raise on supine Lie on the floor or on the mat. Be sure to keep your back in contact with floor and make sure your legs are straight not bend. Put your hands on the side with palms facing the floor. Lift legs upward until they are straight above hips, it should be in straight position. While your legs are already lifted hold it for 5 seconds and do the routine again slowly to allow the flexing of your abdominal muscles the same it will tighten your back and stomach muscles. Upon lowering your legs don’t let your feet touch the ground. Do this 30 reps alternately left and right for a start and every corresponding rep you should hold for at least 5 seconds. For instance when you do your counting like 1..hold it for 5 seconds, then..2..another 5 seconds and the rest On starting position lie on the floor or will follow. 7.) Lumbar crunches This idea is from Rener Gracie of Gracie Academy. Gracie family is known to be the most legendary when it comes to Brazilian jui jitso. Rener Gracie suffered from slip-disc due to accident which is also like me. His physical therapist taught him this move “lumbar crunches” with the use of swiss ball.

Strengthening and Conditioning on MMA training FAQS

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On a starting position, let your head, neck and your shoulder blades lie against the swiss ball. Put your hand on the side while your hips and buttocks should be bended position like a V-shape form and do the pelvic lift, like lifting your pelvic on the roof. Do this for about 2-25 reps for a start. To have more understanding you also check his link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mru33xLcDE

Strengthening and Conditioning on MMA training FAQS

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Strengthening and Conditioning on MMA training FAQS

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