Sunday, December 30, 2012 John W.

Scott, Inspector General Office of the Inspector General One North University Drive, Suite 111 Plantation, FL 33324 RE: City of Lauderdale Lakes, FL Dear Sir: From the attached document, in Oct. 2012 the City of Lauderdale Lakes collected $402,000 from the Single-Stream Recycling Grant recycling grant. Our research has been unable to locate any corresponding required capital items expenditures – thereby contravening the program’s intent and purpose. Additionally, FY 2013 has a $900,000 Solid Waste Fund balance, which represents a 75% fund balance reserve (all cash) -- based on the $1.2 million Waste Management contract. In addition, local residents were subjected to a three-percent solid waste fee increase. We believe the City of Lauderdale Lakes is intentionally stockpiling Solid Waste Fund cash, perhaps as a stopgap measure for their General Fund Fiscal Cliff. I know that City Manager Jon Allen likes to take (cough) business trips, usually accompanied by female staffers, but a $1.3 million outing? Is he thinking of flying the entire Fort Lauderdale Hooters wait staff (both boys and girls) with him to his next NFBPA event? Therefore, we respectfully request the Broward Office of Inspector General investigates this matter. Happy hunting;

Timothy “Chaz” Stevens 818-468-5433 Enclosure (1)