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Communication and research skills

Communication and research skills

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Course details for ME students
Course details for ME students

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Published by: Nishant Bhansali on Dec 31, 2012
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Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad – Master of Engineering Programme

M. E. Semester I
Communication and Research Skills (C&RS)

1. Course Objective:
Communication and Research are essential skills for success in professional career. The major objective of this course is to develop skills in communication and research. For the technocrats it is very important to have proper communication skills in representing their problems and ideas in a simple language, and reporting their research work. Apart from that, on several occasions they require skills in technical writing also. Therefore, the objective of the course is to acquaint the students with the basic concepts and techniques of communication that are useful in developing the skills of communicating effectively, and also for giving basic ideas of research methods and their reporting.

2. Course Duration:
The Course will have totally 56 hours which are divided into eight modules. Each module consists of seven hours of 60 minutes each and carries a weightage of about 7.5 marks each.

3. Teaching & Examination Scheme: TEACHING & EXAMINATION SCHEME
Semester I
Teaching Scheme- Hours Examination Scheme Mid Sem. Exam (Theory)/ Internal Evaluatio nMarks/Ho urs

Sub. Code.

Subject Name





External Exam (Theory)Marks/ Hours

Practica l/Term Work/ Viva ExamMarks/ Hours

Total Marks

Communication & Research Skills









4. Course Contents:
Module Session No. Modules/Sub-Modules Concepts of Communications: Definition, Forms of 7 I Communication, Objectives of Communication, Characteristics of Communication, Process of Communication, Communication, Roadblocks, Role of Verbal and Non-verbal Symbols in Communication, Barriers to Effective Communication, Overcoming Communication Barriers

GTU/Syllabus_ME/Sem-I-C& RS/09-10

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graphic information. strategies . Mock Meetings and Interviews Reading and language skills The reading process. Complaints. Collection letter. qualitative and quantitative research designs. Circulars. Observation. Bad news and persuading letters. The research process. Dress codes.Format. Facial Expressions. 7 III 7 IV 7 V 7 VI 7 GTU/Syllabus_ME/Sem-I-C& RS/09-10 Page 2 of 4 . Role Play. Agency correspondence. different kinds of texts. sales letters. Anatomy of poor Listening. Listening and Speaking. Memos. Report by committee. Designing instrument for data collection. Gestures. Circulars & notices Types of Business Reports . Features of a good Listener. distinguishing facts and opinions. Job application letters . Tone of writing. Banking correspondence. Postures. comprehension of technical material . Sales letters. Job applications and resume. Measurement and scaling. reference material. basic approaches and terminologies used in research. Executions. scanning skills. scientific and technical texts. Interview Letters. Group Discussion and Interviews. enquiries.Gujarat Technological University. Forms of Communication in Written mode: Basics Body language of Business Letters and Memos. Observational studies. commonly used scales in reliability and validity of scales. paragraph writing. prediction techniques.scientific and technical texts. Meetings: Ways and Means of conducting meetings effectively. coherence and cohesion. Choice of vocabulary. Claims and adjustments. Measurement and Scaling. Sampling methods and procedures and sample size decisions.Biodata. purpose. information based decision making and source of knowledge. organization reports by individual. testing the instrument. orders and replying to them. Ahmedabad – Master of Engineering Programme II Nonverbal communication: Body Language. Data Source and Data Collection Field research. eye reading and visual perception. Covering Letter. Experimentation. instructions and technical manuals. minutes. Listening Skills: Definition. data collection process. Writing Business Reports and Proposals. Exploring secondary data. Defining research question and framing of hypotheses. primary data collection from observations. Letter of Reference. surveys and experimentation.vocabulary skills. Business and social etiquettes. active and passive reading. the Cross Cultural Dimensions of Business Communication. Quotations. Practice for Writing Referencing and Writing skills: Business letters: Enquiries. probing questions. Acknowledgments. Orders. techniques of electing response. Introduction to Research and Research Design Nature and scope of research. Preparing a research plan. E-mail: How to make smart e-mail. drawing inferences and conclusions.

Testing of hypotheses. graphic presentation of data. Sangeeta Sharma D. Research report writing. evaluation. exercises. & Bovee. McGrath Meera Banerji R2 R3 R4 Business Communications: From Process to Product Effective Technical Communication Basic Managerial Skills for all Developing Communication Skills Business Data Analysis Using Excel Excellence in Business Communication Technical Writing R5 R6 R7 Whigham. Research paper. Tests of association. & Flatley Name of the Book Basic Business Communication Skills for Empowering the Internet Generation. David Thill. tabulation. Guidelines for Writing Good Descriptions 7 5. Type of instructions. Process descriptions. forms of reports. V. and Thesis. types.Gujarat Technological University. Sajitha Dryden Press. Elements of structure. J. K. referencing. Instruction Manuals. G. cross tabulation. Reference Books: Sr. L. one tailed and two tailed tests of significance. No. bibliography. Proposal writing. Dissertation. H. Ahmedabad – Master of Engineering Programme 7 VII Data Analysis and Presentation Editing and coding of data. VIII Technical Writing: Technical Proposal writing: Definition. Technical Descriptions. Purpose. style and appearance.P. characteristics. Oxford McGraw Hill Himalaya Latest Edition Latest Edition Latest Edition Latest Edition Latest Edition Latest Edition Page 3 of 4 GTU/Syllabus_ME/Sem-I-C& RS/09-10 . R1 Author/s Name of the Book Publisher Edition and Year of Publication Latest Edition Bowman. Writing Instructions. type I and II errors. Bhattacharyya Oxford Excel Books Latest Edition 2nd Edition 6. V. Technical Communications Research Methodology Publisher Tata McGraw Hill Edition and Year of Publication 2005 or Latest T2 T3 Meenakshi Raman. etc. P. M Ashraf Rizvi E. Basic Text Books: Sr. No. R. simple linear regression and other nonparametric tests. T1 Author/s Lesikar. Parametric and nonparametric tests for Univariate and Bivariate data.P. & Branchaw. J. Chicago Tata McGraw Hill Prentice hall India McMillan India Ltd.

Schindler Taylor. Sinha & Ghoshal Business Research Methods (IX edition) Tata McGraw IX edition Hill Publishing Company Ltd PHI Latest Edition R10 Research Methodology: A Guide for Researchers in Management and Social Sciences GTU/Syllabus_ME/Sem-I-C& RS/09-10 Page 4 of 4 . Cooper and Pamela S. Ahmedabad – Master of Engineering Programme Jayaprakash Adair.Gujarat Technological University. Effective Communication Pan 2003 R8 Mcmillan R9 Donald R. J.

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