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SUB;- Tinda o.p. & Hy

As desired, we approve a selling rate of Rs.400/- per kg for OP and Rs.1,300/- per kg for Hybrid. Normal trade disc THE INCENTIVES TO BE OFFERED ON SLAB WISE SALES SHALL BE AS UNDER : OP TINDA – SADABAHAR (Packing : 50 grams and 250 grams pouch) Sales slab On sale of 1 to 5 kgs. On sale of 5 to 10 kgs. On sale of 11 to 20 kgs. On sale of 21 to 30 kgs. On sale of 31 to 40 kgs. On sale of 41 to 50 kgs. On sale of above 50 kgs Incentive per kilo Rs.25/Rs.35/Rs.45/Rs.55/Rs.65/Rs.75/Rs.100/-

HYBRID TINDA – VIJAY (Packing : 50 grams pouch) Sales slab On sale of 1 to 5 kgs. On sale of 5 to 10 kgs. Incentive per kilo Rs.25/Rs.40/-

p & cg .60/Rs. The incentive benefits should be paid to parties after completion of the season subject to settlement of accoun Kindly arrange to place your orders With best wishes.150/- enclosed fiture :2: TERMS AND CONDITIONS: For calculation of incentives.100/Rs. mankar cc: Accounts Dept. m.. the minimum threshold of sales slab has to be achieved. Payment should be collected within the credit period. On sale of 16 to 25 kgs.On sale of 11 to 15 kgs. On sale of above 25 kgs Rs.

KH-2012/18 Price List No.. AURANGABAD No. Extras as applicable shall be separate.: PL/28/201 or Hybrid.H BIOGENE (INDIA) LTD. UNDER : . Normal trade discount will be allowed.

Contd… :2: ved. bject to settlement of accounts. .

: PL/28/2012 .No.KH-2012/181 Price List No.

Contd…2 .

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