kumihimo crystal bracelet

Wire woven braids from a disk.

• 16"–20" pieces of 24- to 26-gauge Artistic Wire, 8 • 4mm round crystals, approximately 120 • Hamanaka Kumihimo Disk • Round nose pliers • Chain nose pliers • 2 end cones • 18-gauge wire, 6"–7" • Jewelry cement

I found the Kumihimo portable disk one afternoon at a bead show, and became determined to learn how to use it. Soon I was creating beautiful necklaces out of all kinds of fiber. After a while, I wanted to return to my love, metal. I decided to create something using Artistic Wire, because it was anti-tarnish and could easily be bent a few times without breaking. I added crystals for sparkle and durability.

Resources: Artistic Wire, artisticwire.com; Kumihimo Disk from ontherocks.biz.
Photo of finished piece by Jim Lawson; all other photos courtesy of the author.

Kumihimo Crystal Bracelet • Page 1 • More great projects available at shop.interweave.com/beading Originally published in Step by Step Wire Jewelry, Summer 2008. ©Interweave Press, LLC Not to be reprinted. All rights reserved

kumihimo crystal bracelet 1 Measure your wrist. so measure them and add to your total. Summer 2008. Weave about 1". #16. begin by taking the wire on the left side of #16 (bottom left) and bringing it up and to the left of the two wires on the top (#31—top left). or made one complete rotation. Continue the same pattern until you have reached the desired length. Measure eight 16"–20" pieces of wire. and snip the ends. and #32 on the disk. The cones and clasp will add more length.com/beading Originally published in Step by Step Wire Jewelry. This is the woven length of your bracelet. Continue weaving one time around the circle until all the wires have been moved.interweave. ©Interweave Press. You will only add the beads on the upstroke move. Add the crystal to the wire. one on each side of #8. All rights reserved . or one more complete rotation without crystals at the end. bottom right. Turn the wheel to the left. Make sure that the crystal is held under the wire that is crossing over to the inside left of the circle. You now have three wires on the top. 4 Hold the disk so #32 is at the top. Start adding the crystals. 2 Insert the twisted wire ends through the center hole on the top side of the disk. 6 At this point. 5 Take the wire on the right side of #32 (top right). so that the weave is uniform in shape and size. and add 1"–11⁄2" for comfort. and repeat the pattern: bottom left-top left. 7 8 Remove the wires from the disk. you have woven about 1". top right. Use your left hand to hold the twist underneath the disk. LLC Not to be reprinted. #24. Bring all the wire ends together and twist them with your fingers a few times. Use your left hand to hold it down while you make the other cross over. or counter clockwise. and push it down through the hole so that it sits snugly against the weaving. Kumihimo Crystal Bracelet • Page 2 • More great projects available at shop. 3 Separate the strands of wire. so that #8 is on top. and bring it down to the right side of the bottom (#15—bottom right). It is important to maintain consistent tension throughout the project. While holding the twist with your left hand on the under side of the disk. like you are twisting a bag tie.

curve of the hook for base of the round nose pliers. Vanessa Blevins has been crafty all her life.Take the 18g wire. starting with stringing. and to keep your wires across from each other. forming a coil.interweave. The numbers are merely there for reference. All eight wires should be on one of the numbers with dots. After teaching herself many techniques by reading or trial and error. the 12 Makeusing end middlewrapped 13 On the other⁄ "– ⁄ " graspthe loop the or the wire about from 14 12 the top 14 Hammer strength. Snip the ends of the braid close to the end of the coil. and bend it over the pliers with your fingers to form the hook. You can use the numbers to check yourself every time you come around one full rotation.net. Contact Vanessa at vlblevins@bellsouth. What is important is to keep up the same pattern. one into a end. Roll up the end of the wire with the tip of the pliers. and use ends Add jewnose pliers to them squeeze the coils closed. ©Interweave Press. a local bead shop.com/beading Originally published in Step by Step Wire Jewelry. A friend introduced her to jewelry making.com/go/bdsw Kumihimo Crystal Bracelet • Page 3 • More great projects available at shop. she began selling her creations. and then moving to metalwork. cone with the fattest part of the round nose pliers. Step by Step Wire Jewelry RISK-FREE Trial Offer Subscribe today! interweave. The loop needs to be big enough for the hook to pass through. 9 the the cones over 10 Insert the wire ends ofchainbraid 11 Placeof the 18g wire. Keeping track of the next number to move to is not important. She is currently a teacher at On the Rocks. Wrap them around the fattest part of the chain nose pliers two to three times. LLC Not to be reprinted. You should have two 3"–31⁄2" pieces. the long into the coil. All rights reserved . and cut it in half. elry cement to the inside of the cone to hold it in place. Summer 2008. forming a tiny loop.

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