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Paraiba Brazil October 22, 2012

From Therapy to Everything

Flvia sought Adriana McKinney for therapy, for help in dealing with years of an unhealthy marital situation. In addition to therapy, she started coming to our Wednesday prayer meeting and immediately felt welcomed and at home in the midst of Gods family. David McKinney invited her to study the Bible, and even though she had gone through a denominations conversion process, when she asked about baptism, she accepted unconditionally everything the Bible teaches about it: the forgiveness, the burial with Christ, the rebirth to new life, the receiving of the Holy Spirit, and she wanted it all, right then. David called us all to witness her baptism on a Thursday. And Flvia received everything that God promised us. And she told us, I dont want to be a bench-warming Christian; I want to work, to serve, to do everything I can to help, and she is doing just that: volunteering to work at Grande Ceia, giving people rides, Bible Bowl, events, visits, teaching Sunday School, etc. Flvia, can you help with-- Yes! With what? God bless Flvia and her family in her new walk with Christ!