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Jeremy Newlin Paraiba_Mission One Missionary And A Half October 29, 2012 I traveled to Cubati where I spent the

day with Afonso and Vania, visited families, gave a Bible study, taught the Church, and spent more time with Afonso and Vania. I took Dylan, my youngest son with me on this weekend trip. Training can never start too early. Leaving Cubati, Dylan and I traveled to Areial where we spent time with Snia, Beta, and Beatriz, participated in a radio program, gave some ideas to the church (the three ladies) about how to evangelize, and we worshipped together. Leaving Areial, we traveled to Campina Grande where we met with the church and talked with the Brazilian mission team about their work, and I heard some ideas about our state-wide evangelism as well. It was a two-day, three-city trip but well worth it. I saw a light bulb in Areial, not literally, although they do have them, but something seemed to click as we talked about evangelizing their city, and I think and hope they begin to move forward. I was not as encouraged this time with my visit to Cubati. Not that they are not moving forward, but I was hoping to see more progress. It is a tough city and they need our prayers. In Campina Grande I was encouraged and always enjoy meeting with the mission team. It is great to spend time with them and be encouraged by their love and joy in serving the Lord.