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Some plays
Some plays

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Published by: Zack Dodson on Dec 31, 2012
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Number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Formations Flex Strong Flex Weak J Form Three Gun Tiger Hulk Split Solo

1 Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal

2 Twin WR Twin WR Twin WR Tight Twin WR Tight Twin WR Twin WR

3 Twin TE Twin TE Twin TE Touchdown Twin TE Twin TE Twin TE

4 Touchdown Touchdown Touchdown Twin TE Touchdown Touchdown WR Tight

5 Spread Spread Spread Spread Tight Quad 6 Tight Tight Tight Tight TE Slot Trips 7 8 9 10 TE Slot Trips Trips Tight Trips Tight Wyvern Touchdown Quad Tight .

11 TE Flex .

Formation Flex Strong Sub Formation Normal Play 28 Pitch Flex Strong Normal 22 Dive X X X X W1 O O .

Flex Strong Normal 36 Pound Flex Strong Normal Lugar Delta Drag .

Picture X X X X X W1 O O X O Q F H X X X O X O T W2 X .


Description Q: 28 Pitch. then hand off to H through the 6 hole H: Take hand off. and go through the 6 hole F: Lead block through the 6 hole TE: Block outside linebacker RT: Crack right block O Line: Block nearest defenseman WR: Block CB .LT: Block closest defenseman X W2 Q: Right step. then move up C/LG. then rolls outside left tackle H: Takes pitch. then lead block T: Block outside linebacker W1: Block CB W2: Block CB RG/RT: Crack block left. runs outside TE F: Block linebacker coming down.

fake option F: Take handoff from QB RG: Crack block toward center RT: Pivot block toward outside O Line: Block nearest defensman WRs: Block CBs QB: 5 Step drop H: Three second block.QB: Hand off to Fullback. then go route W1: 5 yard in W2: 10 yard post . then drag to the flat F: Motion to LG. then 45 out of backfield T1: Drag to flat. and then roll out to the 8/9 hole H: Roll out with the QB.

Formation Sub Formation Play Formula Hulk #N/A .

#N/A .

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