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Alteiri, James: The Spearheaders: A Personal History of Darby's Rangers

4 Dec 92

Andrade, Dale: Ashes to Ashes: The Phoenix Program and the Vietnam War Aron, Raymond: Clausewitz. PhilosQpher Qf War Asprey, Robert B: War in the Shadows: The guerrilla in History Atkinson, Alexander: Social Order and the General Theory of Strategy Bacevich, A. J.: American Military Policy in Small Wars: The Case of El SalvadQr Bank, Aaron: From OSS to Green Berets: The Birth Qf Special FQrces Barnett, Frank R. and Lord, Carnes, eds: PQlitical Warfare and Psychological Operations: Rethinking in the U.S.Awroach Bayo, Alberto: 150 Ouestions for a Guerrilla Berman, Larry: Planning a Tragedy Berry, John Stevens: ThQse Gallant Men: On Trial in Vietnam Blaufarb, Douglas: The CQunterinsurgency War Buckmaster, Maurice: They Fought Alone: The Story of British Agents in France Burhans, Robert D: The First Special Service FQrce: A War HistQry of the North Americans 1942-1944 Buttenger, Joseph: The Smaller Dragon Cable, Larry: Conflict of Myths: The Development Qf US Counterinsurgency Vietnam War Unholy Grail: The U.S. and the Wars in Vietnam. 1964-1968 Carroll, Wallace: Persuade of Perish Cha1iand, Gerard: Revolution in the Third World - Currents and Conflicts in Asia. Africa and Latin America

: Low Intensity Conflict: Old Threats in a New World Corson.: Edward Lansdale: the Unquiet America Darby.: We Led the Way Daugherty._------ --- . Ian: Waging War Clarke.. William O. Marshall: A Review of US Historical Experience with Civil Affairs. Jeffrey: Advice and Support: The Final Years Clodfelter. Donald: The New Legions Dunn. Spencer: The Jungle is Neutral Chapman. Cecil B. James Elliot: Conflict in the Shadows: The Nature and Politics of Guerrilla War Currey. Norman: Military Incompetence Djilas. F. Cooper. David: Once a Warrior King: Memories of an Officer in Vietnam Duncan. Mark: The Limits of Airoower Condit. Peter: The First vietnam War Elliot. Milovan: Memoir . Challenge and Response in Internal Conflict. John L. Michael: Defeat in the East Fairbairn.M.of a Revolutionary Donovan. William: Inside the Philippine Revolution: The New PeQple's Army and Its Struggle for Power Clark. Edwin G. et aI. 1776-1954 Dixon. William R.. William E.. D.. & Baumer.2 Chapman. William H. Geoffrey: Revolutionary Guerrilla Warfare - . eds.: The Betrayal Cross. Bateman..: The Advisor Corr. Berth. 3 vols Cook. & Andrews.

L. J. Peo. Edwin P.S. Max: Yoni: Hero of Entebbe Herring. 5 Ed Herrington.ple's War. Vo Nguyen: Peo. Bernard B: Hell in a Very Small Place Last Reflections on a War Street Without Joy The Two Vietnams Viet-Nam Witness 1953-66 Fussel. George: America's Longest War. Eric: The True Believer Honig man . Hugh: The Peaceful Uses of Military Forces Harrison. Bernard: Behind Japanese Lines: An American Guerrilla in the Philippines Hunter. John J: Understanding Culture Hoyt. Ray C. Paul: Thank God for the Atom Bomb Gardner. Edward Bernard: Peaceful Conflict: The Non-Military Use of the Military Guervara. Stuart A. The System Worked Giap. Che: Guerrilla Warfare Hackett. Charles N: Galahad .: Guerrilla: Colonel Von Lettow-Vorbeck and Germany's East African Empire Hun.: People's War Glick.3 Fall. & Norling.ple's Army: The Viet Cong Insurrection Manual for Underdeveloped Countries Girling. James: The Endless War Hastings. Silence Was a Weapon: The Vietnam War in the Villages Hoffer. Leslie: The Irony of Vietnam. General Sir John: The Profession of Arms Hanning. Lloyd: Approaching Vietnam Gelb.

Guerrillas in the 196Qs Patti. The Roles of the Military in Underdeveloped Countries Keats. William R. Bard E. William & Brent." Paret. Harry: On Revolution Manwaring.. Friere: Pedgogy of the Oppressed Peers. & Brelis.: Seven Pillars of Wisdom Lederer. and Rossetti. Dean: Behind the Burma Road: The Story of America's Most SuccessfUl Guerrilla Force .. John: They Fought Alone Krepinevich. John: JFK and Vietnam O'Neill. Walter: Guerrilla: A Historical and Critical Study Lawrence. Max: Uncomfortable Wars Marighella.: Our Own Worst Enemy On Revolution Lorain..: Human Factors Considerations of Undergrounds in Insurgencies Newman..4 Johnson. Andrew f. Andrew R. Archimedes: Why Viet Nam Paulo. Peter and. Jr: The Army and Vietnam Lansdale. John J. Peter ed. Shy. T. OJ. Stephan J: Political Violence and Insurgence: A Comparative Approach Palmer. Edward G: In the Midst of Wars: An American's Mission to Southeast Asia Laqueur.Carlos: Manual of the Urban Guerrilla Molnar.. Pierre: Clandestine Operations: The Arms and Techniques of the Resistance Lutz. Alberts. William J. John W.E.: Makers of Modern Strategy: From Machiavell: To the Nuclear ~ "Revolutionary War. David Scott: Shining Path of Peru Paret.

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