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TARGET: [Target System Name]

Mapping ID Mapping Type Field ID Entity Attribute (logical name) Attribute (physical name) Target Table Name Target File Nullable Column (Y/N) Column Type Attribute Description Relationship
Source Table Source Column Linking Rule

SOURCE: [Source System Name]

Transformation Rule Mapping Status Comments

Products (Driving Table ITEM)

Linking Rule 1: ITEM.KEY = BRAND.KEY and CODE_SET = '1' M001 Product BRAND_NAME Product Brand Name BrandName [Target Table Name] [Target Filename] N VARCHAR2(64) The brand name of the product. Data Field OLD_SYSTEM_PRODUCT_TABLE BRND_NM Linking Rule 1: ITEM.KEY = NAME.ITEM_KEY and CODE_SET = '2' MPR003 MPR004 MPR005 Product Product Product PRODUCT_NAME PRODUCT_SHORT_DESCRIPTION PRODUCT_LONG_DESCRIPTION Product Product Product Product Name Short Description LongDescription ProductName ShortDescription LongDescription [Target Table Name] [Target Table Name] [Target Table Name] [Target Filename] [Target Filename] [Target Filename] N N Y VARCHAR2(128) VARCHAR2(254) VARCHAR2(4000) The name of the product. A short description of the product. A long description of the product. Data Field Data Field Data Field OLD_SYSTEM_PRODUCT_TABLE OLD_SYSTEM_PRODUCT_TABLE OLD_SYSTEM_PRODUCT_TABLE PROD_NM PROD_SH_DESC PROD_LO_DESC If Linking rule 1 Success Then BRAND.NAME ELSE Null and Log Error 'ERR001' If Linking rule 1 Success Then PRODUCT.NAME ELSE Global Rule GR001 and Log Error 'ERR002' Global Rule GR001


Mapped Mapped Not Required Not required from Source, can be ignored.