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The Two Books of Genesis

Most people dont know that the Old Testament contains two different scriptures, one based on the god Eloah and the other based on the god YHWH also known as Yahweh, Jah, Yah and Jehovah. At some point the priests squeezed the two versions into one book. Therefore, Genesis has two creation stories. In one male and female were created together. male and female created he them -- Genesis 1:27 Then in the very next chapter and there was not a man to till the ground. -- Genesis 2:5 In the Eloahist version both genders were made simultaneously. But in the later Yahvist version Jah has to slice open the man and clone a woman from his rib. The competing versions run throughout the Old Testament. So in some books people are killed and then, a few verses later, theyre back and about to wreak havoc upon the chosen ones.

The editors and redactors didnt even do a good job of editing. Please dont think the existing hatchet job is the Torah revealed to Moses. Its not. Moses scripture was lost and a bunch of priests tried to piece Jewish folklore, tradition, scraps of history and mythology back

together. The Eloahists and the Yahvists were at least as antagonistic as the Catholics and Protestants or Sunnis and Shi-ites. Jews, apparently, rolled with the Eloahists since he called out Eli, Eli, not Yahweh, Yahweh when he was facing death. Eli is my El. Thanks to the wisdom of Fitrah its possible to learn the underlying esoteric meaning in both versions and not concern ourselves with the surface of mythology.