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I take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to the people who have been instrumental in the successful completion of my seminar. First of all I, thank GOD Almighty for giving me all the blessings in this venture. My seminar would not have taken this shape, if I had not been efficiently guided by my seminar guide Mr. VINAY KUMAR, Lecturer, Department of Applied Electronics, PAACET, throughout the work. So I thank him for giving me the basic ideas regarding the seminar work which helped me for completing the project successfully.

I am grateful to Prof. ASHKAR MOHAMMED, Head of the Department of Applied Electronics and instrumentation Engineering, P.A.Aziz college of Engineering for all the help he extended. I am grateful to Dr. RAJAN V.K. PILLAI , The Principal, P.A.Aziz College of Engineering and Technology and Mr. MUHAMMED THAHA, The Chairman, P.A.Aziz College of Engineering and Technology for their whole hearted support.

I would like to thank Mrs. SAJITHA.P, Lecturer, Department of Applied Electronics and Mrs. PREETHA.V.H, Lecturer, Department of Electronics, PAACET, my seminar coordinators, for their guidance and wholehearted support. Finally I thank my parents and friends for extending their cooperation, moral support and encouragement throughout my work.