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the vasanas are there is not the problem. That i feel bound by them is the problem.

The vasanas are our unique marks. For example i might like something, i may not like another thing ... so on. These are what define my uniqueness. They are my experiences. my knowledge base for acting in this world. The consciousness which is True me, is never bound by these vasanas. So when i feel "I" am bound, it means i have already picked up a mental idea and called it "me"... This mental entity who is getting bound by the vasanas and the thoughts that emerge from them ... is an illusion, not me. This needs to be seen within. I have to see clearly that these vasanas cannot bound me but i am getting bound by them by unconsciously picking up this mental "I" and calling it me! its like a person holding onto the tree and shouting that the tree is not leaving me! unconsciously his hands got interlocked and are holding the tree! so he needs to see how he can leave the hold... rather leave the hold and see!