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Examination Question Paper Leakage Protection Mechanism

Examination Question Paper Leakage Protection Mechanism

Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another. G. K. Chesterson However today, when we read news articles as cited below, we realize that, knowingly or unknowingly this soul, which was once compared to the education by some great philosophers, has got irrecoverably corrupted.

Another paper leak at VTU

28 Feb 2002, 0116 hrs IST, TNN Bangalore: Barely two days after ordering a re-examination of the I/II semesters electrical sciences examination, the Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum, on Wednesday ordered a re-examination of the engineering mathematics ii paper, of the ii semester held on Wednesday. According to a press release, the re-examination will be conducted on March 5, between 2 pm and 5 pm. "the concerned students are requested to appear for the examination on March 5," the release said. Further, the commencement of second, fourth, six, eighth and tenth semester classes for all under-graduate and second and fourth semester for post-graduate courses has been rescheduled for March 11. The VTU on Monday decided to conduct a re-examination of the electrical sciences examination paper following complaints of question paper leakage. Meanwhile, university sources told the times of India that it was trying to identify the culprits involved in leaking the question paper. "We distribute sealed packets to colleges. But, the question papers are still being leaked. a thorough investigation needs to be conducted into the issue," sources said. University vice-chancellor K. Balaveera Reddy is expected to order an inquiry after returning from New Delhi on Thursday.

VTU paper leak by SMS now

25 Jan 2006, 0023 hrs IST, BANGALORE: Question paper leakage is indeed going hi-tech. On Tuesday, first semester engineering students complained that their cell phones were jammed with SMSes of questions of the maths exam scheduled for Wednesday. The messages had just numbers vital clues like the question numbers, subsection numbers. "Since it was a chain SMS, it was from friends that we got the messages and could not make out the source. Nevertheless, we have not dismissed it as rumors. We are going to take it seriously," students stated. Students believe in it because physics and the mechanical engineering papers too leaked on Monday, even as the Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) was engaged in investigating the paper leak into the third semester Electronics and Electrical Systems and Signals paper.

Paper leak: CA exams scrapped


Examination Question Paper Leakage Protection Mechanism Bangalore, DH News Service

14 Held for Question Paper Leak in Police Recruitment Test Prime Suspect Apprehended in AIIMS Question Paper Leak
Date: 3/31/2006 Upon hearing these kind of news one is forced to think about the various means and options to contribute in the effort to stop the corruption to a certain extent by putting a stop to the leakage of the paper with the help of technology. This will not only strengthen the society but will also give a fair chance to everyone to compete and give way to better quality of education to all. We propose a mechanism where the Question papers will be sent to the examination centers in a sealed electronic box, which cannot be opened before the stipulated time. The device will then be sent a message from the base station which will then request for a password to be entered. When the Password and timing matches, the box will open through a motorized mechanism. The box will look as illustrated below:

16 X 2 Display

12 Keys keypad

RFID Reader

Motor for opening and locking the box

Examination Paper Holder

This will enable the papers to be locked and sealed till the point in time when the papers need to be brought out for the distribution to the students in the examination hall. The box will have a mechanism to detect any sort of unauthorized tampering with the help of a box tampering sensor. This will detect tampering before the stipulated time. Once the Box tampering is detected it will raise an alarm and set a bit in the memory,

Examination Question Paper Leakage Protection Mechanism with the information about the box tampering. Once the boxes are returned to the examination center or to the Base station for correction it will then be connected to the PC to detect any tampering which might have taken place earlier. Also the box mechanism will be connected with an RFID reader and a memory module. The Box will be programmed in such a way that only the selected authorized personnel will be able to open it. The authorized personnel will be requested to enter the session password to enable the mechanism to open the box after the RFID card is swiped and accepted.. Further more the Examination centers will be equipped with Displays which will constantly display the timings and the instructions which will be sent from the Base station. If required, then Periodic alarms can be raised to inform the students for the time left. In this system of conducting exams, once the exam is finished, the answer sheets are required to be packed again inside the boxes and after entering the correct password the authorized personnel will then be able to seal the boxes. Once locked they can only be opened at the evaluation centers where these boxes will be sent. Once again the same procedure about sending the message from the base station when the evaluation begins and the time at which they need to be sealed and sent back will be repeated. We feel that employing this methodology will bring down the malpractices involved with the question paper leakage before the exam and answer sheets being exchanged or modified during the transit to and from the examination centre to the evaluation centers. Areas Covered: In this project we will be covering and understand the following topics: 8051 Hardware Designing Coding in 8051 Assembly PCB designing and concepts Controlling and driving mechanism of Relays to control External Devices. Motor controlling mechanisms

Examination Question Paper Leakage Protection Mechanism Keypad and LCD Displays PC Connectivity Serial and Parallel Ports VB Coding strategies Encryption techniques etc. Future enhancements: In future we can even automate the marking and result announcement through SMS etc.

Examination Question Paper Leakage Protection Mechanism

Block Diagram:

Display Personal Computer with Encrypting algorithm

Encrypted Data


MAX 232

MicroController 89C51

Wireless Transmitter

Base Station Mechanism

Display Encrypted Data


DC Motor and Controlling Mechanism Keypad

MicroController 89C51

Wireless Receiver

Device Tampered Sensor RFID Reader

Exam paper Holder Box