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Marks & Spencer - Lingerie Heaven

20 Feb 2007

M&S wanted to engage with younger customers especially 35-45s, but whatever growth was achieved with the under 45s was useless if it alienated the valuable and influential core customer, 45+. The proposition was: In Marks & Spencers Lingerie Heaven youll find underwear for every you. The campaign was highly memorable - generating levels of recognition 50% higher than the Millward Brown norm despite lower than average levels of spend for a Marks & Spencer campaign. The campaign generated immediate uplift in sales: Advertised lines took an average weekly increase of +41% on the base week. Overall, advertised lines saw a total increase of 6.6m during the campaign periods This effect was not limited to the advertised lines. During 2003, the whole of M&S lingerie business achieved growth in sales of 4% in a market that was shrinking 1% Market share recovered by 4% with majority of growth from the core target of 3545s where share grew 37% M&S made an extra 6.14m of profit out of the additional 40.9m of share increase

The Lingerie Heaven campaign only cost 1.2m, M&S received five times its original investment