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What is "Internal Program Environment"?

By Rahul Manoj Mahajan, John Deere India Introduction: Sometimes we get a requirement where we need to do some analysis based on the existing code. Lets say we want to replace a SELECT statement in a program with new SELECT or we want to find out the DATABASE Operations happening in a program like MODIFY, UPDATE etc. In order to find the list of all these things, we can use a facility provided by SAP called Internal Program Environment. Details: We will take the simple example in order to understand the utility provided by SAP. Create a sample report ZTEST_RM as follows.

Now if we want to find out the details in program such as all subroutines, screens, messages, some external objects such as FMs , Reports, Transaction codes, Some Database operations like SELECT,

UPDATE, MODIFY, or some internal table operations like READ, MODIFY. The answer is Internal Program Environment.

Since in my report there are no subroutines available, it wont give any result.

Lets select the FM and DB operations and see the result.

Please note that this very simple example but in complex scenarios when we have such requirement this utility can be useful.