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Suppress Print dialog window in SMARTFORM

By Sravanthi Step1: Create smart form using SMARTFORMS (tcode) ZSMARTFORM

Step2: Create the Text Node


Step4: Save and activate the smart form and after activating the smart form, function module is generated. Go to Environment Function Module Name.

Step5: Function Module is: /1BCDWB/SF00000241

Step6: Go to SE38 (ABAP editor) Create ZSMART_FORM Call the Function Module Pattern (Give the function module which has been generated by smart form)

Step7: The Function module code is generated

Step8: Activate and execute the program and Print dialog window is displayed. Click on print preview

Step9: Output is displayed

Step10: To supress the Print dialog. Write the below code activate and execute the program. DATA : wa_cparam TYPE ssfctrlop, wa_output TYPE ssfcompop. wa_cparam-preview = 'X'. wa_cparam-no_dialog = 'X'. wa_output-tddest = 'LP01'. CALL FUNCTION '/1BCDWB/SF00000241' EXPORTING control_parameters = wa_cparam output_options = wa_output user_settings = ' '.

Step11: Print Dialog window is now suppressed.