Are there aliens

YES 1. I think aliens exist because there are many theories published by Scientist that there are many planets that can support life such as bacteria. These planets are found throughout the universe. it is impossible that no other intelligent life exists in the universe other than on Earth. 2. Some people claimed that they saw aliens and even be abducted by aliens. They have found blood or hair at the locations where aliens were sighted. NO 2. But maybe these sightings were of bears or apes. People may mistook bears or apes as aliens. Alien sightings may be a result of human imagination YES 3. There are many reports about UFOs. Some people even saw UFO drawing crop circle in their farm. NO 3. All of the reports about the UFO are based on subjective impression of size, distance and speed. Therefore, the judgement has no useful evidence NO 4. Notice how real the photos and videos of UFOs look and how easy it was for to make a fake photo by computer software. YES 4. Yes I know that many UFO photos are fake but this do not mean all of them are fake. NO 5. None of the spaceship we send had ever found any traces of alien. our scientists on earth did not get any signal from an intellectual being from outer space YES 5. But there is no reason to think aliens would use radio signals and no reason to think that not finding aliens in our limited range means aliens don't exist.

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