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Head of St.

Joseph, Chartres, 1230, Metropolitan Museum, New York | Photo: Gili Shalom


Prof. Christine Verzar, The Ohio State University

From Original Context to Modern Collections: Reassembling Medieval Heads with their Bodies
Moderator: Prof. Nurith Kenaan-Kedar, Tel Aviv Univsersity

Off with their Heads!

200 , 2102.1.72, , 18:30-17:00

edieval heads severed from their bodies are a ubiquitous part of todays museum collections. Original context, destruction, and removal inform the afterlife and modern reception of these faces from France and Italy. In Northern Europe, decapitation occurred violently due to iconoclasm in religious wars or political upheaval and revolution, whereas in Italy, with the absence of either of these events, it is a different story. Research into some of these fragments has revealed a host of issues and processes that characterize throughout history some defining distinctions between Northern Europe and Italy.