HOW TO SET iPhone 5 TO BE A HOTSPOT              zilfa : hey …,why you didn’t come yesterday ?

fajar : oh sorry bro,I cant,cuz my brother just come back from Australia,I have to pick him in airport zilfa : what brother ? I suspect you do not have a brother ? you never told me fajar : I never told you cuz you never ask me zilfa : okay okay..soo,what souvenir he brought for you ? fajar : he brought me a new cool gadget zilfa : what gadget ? don’t say it,don’t say it,is that iphone 5 ? omg fajar : yup what a nice guess zilfa : wow,I heard it could be a hotspot fajar : yes I know,but I don’t know how to set the you know? zilfa: no I don’t,but I have a friend who would know about that fajar : really ? can you call him ? so that he can tell us zilfa : okey,just wait

zilfa take off his phone from pocket and make a call         bowo : halo… zilfa : hei,its … ? bowo : yes,whassup ? why you call me? zilfa : sorry if I bother you bowo : whatta ? calm calm,take it easy zilfa : okay,I just wanna ask how to set the iphone 5 to be a hotspot ? bowo : oh,its so easy,take your pen and papper and write exactly zilfa : wait a minute

zilfa ask some paper and pen    zilfa : give me a pen and a piece of papper fajar : oke,here yours zilfa : thanks

zilfa and bowo continued the call   zilfa : haloo? Im on my paper bowo : oke,don’t left behind

-fistly Go to the settings menu -In settings, you'll see a 'personal hotspot' menu item.Tap it !

-In the personal hotspot menu, slide the "personal hotspot" option to "on" -You'll note that Apple has allocated the connection a default password which is shown on this screen too. You can either use it or change it to something you can more easily remember by tapping on it. -Then, on your computer's Wi-Fi menu, you should see your iPhone pop up in the list after a few seconds. -Once the network is selected and you've put in the password you selected in the last step you'll be able to connect your tablet, laptop and any other Wi-Fi device to the net via your iPhone's data plan.     zilfa : just that ? bowo : yup,but don’t use hotspot to much cuz it will take your battery power more than usual zilfa : okey okey,thank you bro. bowo : anytime bro

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