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Unit 1

To use the principles of individual behavior and personality, Factors & Dimensions of personality while dealing with customers of Andhra Bank & working with peers in a team and across groups

How individuals differ

Ethnic origin Gender Physique Experiences Social & Cultural factors Motivation Perception

Defined as a combination of stable physical and mental characteristics that give an individual his/her identity Including how one Looks Thinks Acts Feels

Components of Personality
According to Sigmund Freud, personality is made up of three elements: Id : This is the source of psychic energy and seeks immediate gratification for biological needs. As an individual matures he learns to control Id : This is the conscious and logical part of the brain and associated with the reality principle. The Ego keeps the Id in check : This serves as the ethical constraint on behaviour. It can be described as the conscience. It provides norms to the ego as to what is right and wrong.


Super Ego

Determinants of Personality Biological Factors Family and Social Situational Factors Other Determinants of PersonalityFactors Factors Influence by family Personality of an and social groups individual changes in which happens different ssituations. through socialization and identification.
Socilization: Acquisition of behaviour patterns through interaction with others Identification: When a person tries to identify himself with some person whom he feels ideal in the family

Heredity Brain Physical Features

Temperament Interest Character Schema (an individuals belief) Motives (Inner Drives)

Five Personality Dimensions

Personality Dimensions
Agreeableness Conscientiousness Emotional Stability Openness to experience

Characteristics of a person scoring positively on the dimension

Outgoing, talkative, sociable, assertive
Trusting, good natured, cooperative, soft hearted Dependable, responsible, achievement oriented, Persistence Relaxed, secure, unworried Intellectual, imaginative, curious, broad minded

Legends of India

We covered in this session How individuals differ Shapers & determinants of personality Dimensions of personality

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