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Information and Training Automation and Drives

Network configurations,components

KU 1 PB 2 CP 3 AG 4 FL 5 6

PROFIBUS CP 5431 FMS, CP 5412 Configuring S5-S5 Links

Communication SIMATIC S5 PROFIBUS (KO-KS5L2)

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Configuring Free Layer 2 Links

Configuring Global I/Os

GP 7 8

Remote Programming via PROFIBUS

FP 9 FM 10 AI ZI 11 12

Fieldbus Message Specification

Configuring Application Layer Interface

Configuring Cyclic Interface

ET 200 Distributed I/O System

DP 13 CO 14 TE 15 95 16 UB 17 HB 18



AG 1999

PROFIBUS-DP Message Frames

S5-95U with PROFIBUS Interface

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Exercises Appendix: Handling Blocks

SCOPE for PROFIBUS Description SC 19