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HR must allow people to work on projects that are demanding, unpredictable and ambiguous , as many enjoy such challenges .And all HR strategies have to be directly linked to the core business of the company and its customer's interest Dave Ulrich

16 Girls,different states, backgrounds, skills sets but one dream--WINNING

Team was a rag bunch of girls with own agenda

All Functions must work together towards an objective creation of success through a die hard attitude, team work, high energy and extreme passion

A leader who made them realize their own potential

Jo nahin ho sakta hai, wahi to karna hai..."

The Right Attitude

Its very important to possess right attitude A positive body language can make a huge difference

Power of Expectations

Because he believes that it is not that we can't win. It's just that we have never believed we can.

Team Building

T: Together E: Everyone

A: Achieves
M: More

Success does not mean the absence of failure

Its about winning the war and not every battle

Strategize your move and know what you want to achieve

Harnessing the right talent for the right job

Like the story of Kabir Khan and his 16 girls, all organizations should work towards a common vision and be a part of a TEAM that dreams of creating a World Class Organization.