Session 7: ODBC Connectivity

Last Updated : 8 April 2003

Center of Excellence Data Warehousing Group

Objectives  Set up an ODBC connection to a relational database  Import relational metadata  Extract data from a relational table  Load data into a relational table .

transform data in relational source tables  Load data into relational tables  Connect through ODBCstage  Some native drivers are supported . filter.Working with Relational Data  Extract.

Setting up an ODBC Connection Data source name Create Database file Select Database file .

Importing ODBC Metadata Tables in the database .

Extracting Relational Data ODBC source stage .

Defining the ODBC Stage Data source .

Specifying the Table Format Table .

Selection Criteria SQL SELECT Optional condition Optional clause .

Loading Relational Data Update action Create the target table .

Editing the DDL Generated DDL Validate job to run the CREATE .