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Pathogenesis and Pathophysiology of DENGUE HEMORRHAGIC FEVER and DENGUE SHOCK SYNDROME

Viraemic Individual (Dengue Virus in the Blood) BittenbyanAedesEagypti Mosquito Virus attacked the salivary Gland of the Mosquito A mosquito bites another human being and passes the Dengue Virus.

The Human Body developed strong Immune Complex Reaction similar to Anaphylactoid Reaction Activation of antigen NSI in the blood due to the presence of Dengue Virus in the blood Increase concentration of Antigen NSI in the Blood

Activation of antibodies Like IgM for (Primary Dengue Infection) and IgG For (secondary dengue Infection). It produces substance like Histamine, Serotonin, and Bradykinin Fever, Anorexia and Vomiting Muscle pain and joint pain Headache Capillary Permeability

Positive Increase of of either IgM or IgG

(Hypotension) in Blood Pressure

Causes Increase in capillary Fragility.

Leakage of plasma To interstitial space

Damage Capillary walls.

Subcapsular Hemorrhage of the liver

Generalized intravascular clotting. Hepatomegaly and Abdominal pain Consumption of platelets

Concentration Of blood components In the intravascular Space.

Pleural effusion and And other Interstitial bleeding