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Micah Blumberg Do you think humans are really in control of their own lives let alone the world

itself? Humans are not in control of anything, existence is beyo nd control. Sunday at 8:39pm Edited Like Micah Blumberg In a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero. The human race is a race of predators, and its only inevitable that human s in an effort to conquer one another inevitably build a race of superior machin es that is also predator by nature, and has the capability to wipe us all out. Sunday at 8:42pm Edited Like Micah Blumberg If The Original Sin article has one flaw, I would say that is the idea that we should not be sinners. Humans eat animals and plants, that is your original sin. However I do not think it is a sin at all. I am not a puritan, I am a proud sinner, because sin is not real. It's not a sin to eat. Nor is it a s in to trade, it's not a sin to use money, it's not a sin to own private property . It's not a sin to be self interested. It's not a sin to do things that will he lp yourself get ahead in life. Actually it's essential that you do things that m ove yourself progressively forward, professionally, socially, in your studies, i n your abilities, in your talents, your art, your hobbies, your purpose & profit driven projects. It's not a sin to be selfish. Just like it's not a sin to eat. Love is the most selfish, greedy, hungry thing there is, and it's not a sin. Sunday at 8:53pm Edited Like Micah Blumberg So you can know that the human race is a race of out of control p atterns eating other patterns that eat other patterns in an infinite cycle of di ssipative patterns, like hurricanes, galaxies, stars, planets, life, cells, chem icals, atoms, and particles eating other patterns. Or you can switch into the ac asual way of thinking, and trust that all the rights and wrongs are mathematical ly balanced out because this existence is one mathematically perfect karma equat ion. That non-duality is the realization that all distinctions balance out to ei ther 1 or 0. Nothing is good or bad in casuality, but life has a clear direction of right in acasuality. The reward patterns, from acausality directing causalit y. The reward pattern creates, shapes, and carves human existence, and the exist ence of all intelligent life. Sunday at 9:03pm Edited Like