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Human Resources Bank of Indonesia Jalan MH. Thamrin No.

2 Jakarta, Indonesia December 18th , 201x Dear Sir/Ms/Mrs, I am a 21 year old student of University of xxx, majoring in xxx. I am seeking for 1 months internship position which will be started on Februari 201x. As a final year student, I am very passionate to experience the real working environment and implement the lessons Ive been learned during my study at the university. I believe that Bank of Indonesia is a perfect place to accommodate my desire. I have a strong academic and non-academic skill. Im a fast learner. In addition, I have achieved a very good knowledge of computer skills. During my study in university, I joined various organizations and activities and thus make my communication and leadership skill improves significantly. I am very comfortable working as a team and enjoy being a leader. I am getting used to work and deal with people from other character. Through my strong organizational skills and my ability to work independent as well as in team situation. Due to my personal skills and my high motivation, I would be delighted to start my internship with Bank of Indonesia.

Yours sincerely,