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What are your comments and observations on the play, script, actors/actresses and venue?

When I first entered the theatre, I was not that amazed by the venue. It was quite small as if every scene was synchronized in a small stage. The theatrical scene was also simple and unimpressive. However, I saw the creativity that they exhibited in the play. Even though the venue was not that huge, they still had shown the right scene in every act.

In terms of the actors and actresses, you can see that theyre amateur and well-trained. Every scene was outstanding and profuse. The director also tried to manage the script in a way that the audience will not get bored in every act. The actors and actresses played it well. They delivered their lines well although there were some errors. As I watched the play, I felt the spirit of Chekhovs masterpiece.

On the other hand, I was fascinated by their costumes especially at Arkidinas wardrobe. In every scene, you can see that theyre costume portrayed the lifestyle in 19th century.

To sum it up, you can see that my first impression was not quite good at all. A 2-hour play was not that quite interesting to watch. But as I went deep down, I felt the true spirit of the play. I tried not to fall asleep in a way that Im quite interested with it and I know that the actors and actresses will portray the characters well.

What was the reason why Konstantin killed himself?

Konstantin attempted to suicide not only once but twice. In his first attempt, He shot himself but the bullet only grazed in his skull. He is desperate with his life. A boy who was trying to impress his mother and seeks for her love but still did not approach him is great mishap.

In his second attempt, He felt sorry from what his stepfather did into his lover, Nina. In two years, every characters life changed. When Nina came back, Konstantin confessed his love towards her but still did not accept it. He was desperately still in love with her. He tried to beg for her love but Nina rejected it. Thats the reason why Konstantin killed himself. His mislead and worthless life made him feel so upset that he cant take it anymore.