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The Story Behind Restoration In August 2012, a Spanish publication released an article about the failed restoration of an ancient

painting which has been kept at Sanctuario de Misericordia Church in the Spanish town of Borja. It has been said that the ancient painting was unintentionally ruined by an elderly woman named Vecilia Jimenez. She attempted to restore the ancient painting without the permission of the authority. But she stated that she was permitted by the priest to do so.

The ancient painting called Ecce homo meaning behold the man is a fresco painting that is made by Elias Garcia Martinez, a 19th century painter. It was said to be a religious art considering that this the fresco painting depicted Jesus crowned with thorns. According to the telegraph, it has been said that his painting was donated by his granddaughter named Teresa Garcia.

Because of this incident, this fresco painting became a huge sensation in the internet. Several photoshopped version of the painting were released. The ruined Ecce Homo is named Potato Jesus because of its failed restoration. Moreover, BBH London launched a competition named Cecilia Prize to see who could come up with the best interpretation of the painting.