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English Motivated Silence

The clock that sat on top of the mantlepiece ticked methodically as the silence has settled in the sitting room. James was staring blankly out the window onto the neat garden in front of their little terraced house. Ruth watched him, as she slowly settled in to her chair. She waited for the news to sink in. She knew it would be a long night of questions and answers, but she treasured the silence. How many more of these did she have left? A million thoughts raced through Jamess head, Who? Why? Where? When? How? He thought about the life they had meticulously planned together. The kids, the dog, the big summerhouse in France. All gone. He had a pounding headache. James rested his head on the cool window pane, and sighed. It had felted like hours since she had told him. Not a muscle even so much as twitched on Ruths face. She didnt think he would take it this bad. She just hadnt thought. In the reflection of the window, she thought she saw a tear roll down the side of his check. Ruth had to resist the urge to reach out and comfort him. Her hands clenched. She had to be cold and emotionless for his sake.