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Hierco, Christine Joy L.

2010-01405 CA BSFT

HUM 2 V - 5R December 6, 2012


I am nicknamed CJ since I was in high school. I formed those two letters using the figure of a tree and a radio at the bottom of it for the letter C. The tree symbolizes my literal fascination of sitting under the shades of trees to relax if I feel like to. I don't know how but they give me this feeling of serenity and allows me to forget about my problems for a little while. And so is music which is symbolized by the radio at the bottom of the tree. Whenever I feel like stopping for a minute to just sit back and try to reflect on the things I've done or the things that I should do. For the letter J, I used a figure of a long haired woman with her back turned and a dog. Yes, the woman is supposed to be the speaker of this paper, namely myself. I draw myself with my back turned to imply what kind of a person I am. I don't really express myself that much, not because I don't want to (maybe some part of me really don't want to) but mainly because I don't know how. I came from a family who has a weird way of showing affection to one another in the form of insulting each other in a joking manner, etc. Thus, a figure who doesn't show her face. I'm not the talkative person too. People usually describe me as the shy one and the silent type. Then there is the dog. I'm sure you pretty much figured out that I had taken my letras y figuras in a literal way. So, yes, that dog is my pet named Bogart. I just thought of him because I remembered a neighbor who called me the girl with the dog cause my pet is always with me whenever I go outside our house and roam around our neighborhood. Although that rarely happens cause I'm a homebody and I don't go out that much unless I have to or if my parents order me to go buy something out there. The only place I go is under the mango tree which is in our backyard. And everytime I do, Bogart comes with me, no matter how much effort I put to try to shoo him away and to just stay in our home. He's like my animal body guard. :)