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Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 40 soalan. Jawab semua soalan. Jawab dengan menghitamkan ruangan pada kertas jawapan.

Bagi satu soalan, hitamkan satu ruangan sahaja.
Jika kamu hendak menukar jawapan, padamkan tanda yang telah dibuat. Kemudian hitamkan jawapan yang baru.


Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 16 halaman bercetak

01411 o 2ol r Hak cipta JPNWP

I Lihat sebelah

SIILIT www.Bahan Dari : Questions I-4 word to complete the sentence. Choose the best Pilih perkataan terbaik untuk melengkapkan ayat berihat.skpt. A B c D librarian lecturer teacher counsellor Sheela had her supper at the Rasa Sayang Restaurant last A B C aftemoon evening morning night D 0l4ll @ 2oll Hak cipra JpNwp I Lihat sebelah SULIT . A B C slowly stiffly quickly smoothly D Mary likes to be a because she loves to teach at the universitv.khskpt. Hassan runs because he is late for work.

7 Read the text and choose the best phrase for each ofthe pictures given. It was Gloria's twelfth 4 The eagle uses its _ to catch its prey. Gloria's aunty gave her a beautiful 5 A B C D beautiful sandals rubber sliPPers sporty sneakers wooden clogs 014/1 o 2o1l Hak Cipta JPNWP I Lihat sebelah SULIT . She was very happy. Her parents gave her a pair of Her uncle bought a for her.Bahan Dari : www. Baca petikan dan pilih rangkai knta yang terbaik bagi setiap gambar yang diberi.skpt.khskpt. Her parents organised a birthday parry for her. A B C D hoof wings claws feather Questions 5 .

my 6 .skpt. 014/l @ 2o1l Hak cipta JPNWP I Lihat sebelah SULIT . Malek and Halim screamed for help.A. The boys are having an elephant ride.10 Choose the best answer for ea':h of the pictures given. Pilih jawapanyang terbaik bagi setiap gambor yang diberi. A B C D The man is wearing a 4 Dari : www. B C D A B C D a packet of sweets bouquet ofroses box of chocolate basket of fruits 7 sleeveless shirt silk dress striking jacket floral blouse Questions 8 . Both the boys are frightened.khskpt.

Nina and Ali are very hardworking students.skpt. D AlAl @ 2ol1 Hak Cipta JPNWP ' ILihat sebelah SULIT .com www. l0 A B C It is a four storey building. Tbe students are playing in the school compound.khskpt. There are two flagpoles in front of the A B C D The ladies wore They are busy in their classroom. The two girls were studying together.Bahan Dari : www. The fountain is very beautiful.

The journey is very tiring. A B No.skpt.'$ Yes.-."' www. prawns are expensive. L D I like fish and chips" Dari : www.'. A B C I am going on a Questions l1- 15 Choose the best answer to fit the situation shown in the picture" Pilih jawapan yang terbaik bagi situasi dalam gambar. Yes. The airport is far away. You are travelling alone.'. No. lt tffslhorrsto leayu 6 . it is very delicious. Welcome to the party. D I really appreciate you.-''. A B C The party is fun..khskpt. I prefer chicken. Thank you for coming. bue. D 014/l o 2ou Hak cipta JPNwF Lihat sebelah SULIT .

We are taking a bus. there's only one size available.Bahan Dari : www. i5 Can I hrrro a bigger snfr? A B C D I'm sorry. I'll inform my manager. it is made of silk. Yes.skpt. It is not a beautiful island. The size is too big for l4 Wbcn sG yrrlr going to hrlan Sr:ya&Z A B C D This Sunday would be great. 014/l o 2ol I Hak cipta JPNWP I Lihat sebelah SI]LIT .com www.khskpt. You are coming

A B C along over in D 20 The dog is very gentle with its owner it is very fierce with strangers. Aor B C SO and D but 0l4ll @ 2ol t Hak cipta JPNWp I Lihat sebelah SULIT .Bahan Dari : www.skpt. Pilih jawapan yang terbaik untuk melengkapkan ayat berikut.khskpt. A B C finish finishes finished finishing D l9 Do not run the road without checking both sides first.the a)afi anra www. 16 The poor man and his family live in small hut near Questions t6 -2A Choose the best answer to complete the sentence. A B C a D 17 Did you part in the story-telling competition recently? A B C taking taken took take D t8 He has his work for the dav.

A B c) vegtables vagetebles vegitabels vegetables D ^a We bought several things at the www.skpt. 22 The canteen operator cooks for our lunch.khskpt. A B C grosery gracery grooery grosary D 014/l a 2o1r Hak cipta JPNWp I Lihat sebelah STJLIT Question 21 choose the word that has the opposite meaning as the underlined word. 2l The music is too soft. Pilih jowapan yang mempunyai ejaan yang betul.Bahan Dari : www. Pilih perkataan yang berrawanan maksud dengan perkataan yang bergaris. A B C loud slow fast hard D Question 22 -23 Choose the answer with the correct spelling.

this is rny friend." Puan Halimah told her daughter " you must learn to do things by 10 Dari : www.khskpt. " You must learn to do things by yourself. Choose the sentence Pilih ayat yang mempunyai tanda baca yang betul. Johnny.skpt." o'You must learn to do things by yourself' Puan halimah told her daughter . Johnny? Maniam this. Maniam this is my friend Johnny. 24 A B C Puan Halimah told her daughter. "you must learn to do things by yourself'" 25A B Maniam. D Puan halimah told her daughter . is my friend Johnny. Maniam this is my friend. c D AMlt a 2ot r Hak cipra JPNWP I Lihat sebelah SULIT .my Questions 24 -ZS with the correct punctuation.

Berdasarkan gambar.--i I - - Questigns 26 - 30 Based on the picture. His daughter. 014/1 o 2oll Hak cipra JPNWP I Lihat sebelah SULIT . Puan Aminah is watering the shrubs with a 29 Encik Atan is 30 his motorcycle.skpt.Bahan Dari : .com www.khskpt.. pilih jawapan yang terbaik untuk diisikan pada tempat kosong dalam teks yang berikutnya. Rita is putting some fertilis€r on the _28_. choose the best answer to fill in the blanks in the passage that follows. Rashid is 27 a ball. . Encik Ramli and his family are at home on a Sunday. Encik Ramli and his son 26 _washing the car.

Ccan D 30 A B C D tap pipe hose washing cleaning repairing polishing 014/1 o 2ol i Hak cipra JPNWP I Lihat sebelah SULIT .edu.Bahan Dari : 26Ais B C D 27 are was were A B C holding kicking throwing pushing D 28 A B pet car sticks plants c D 29 A B tz www.skpt.

shared. Beoutifully pocked with Free gift cord with o messoge included with eoch order. free. Baca iklan di bnvah dan jowab soalan-soalan yang l3_ Questions 3l - 35 Read the advertisment below and answer the questions that follow. 3l The chocolates are A B C D extra. www.khskpt. A Buy an extro box to shore. milk coromel ond honey coranel ore ovoifoble ct Som's Conf ectionery. mint crunch.-:\ \r'f o o /lrlilk crunch. VANCO CHOCOLATE Your Lovely l:\ Gift z \\/ Decorotive ond delicious. r. 0l4ll o 2o1l Hak cipta JPNWP I Lihat sebelah SULIT .Bahan Dari : www. a card with a gift box message chocolate '|.my 32 The chocolates ur" available in the following flavours except A B C D 33 A B C D 34 milk crunch milk caramel extra crunch honev caramel rs t4 www. For every order.. "+'. : The word giftmeans A B D 35 abox a card a present j . a bar ofchocolates You can buy an extra box of chocolates to A B C D decorate them share with others get four free messages sell at Sam's Confectionerv 014/l a 2ol1 Hak cipra JPNWP I Lihat sebelah SULIT .Bahan Dari : www.

40 Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow. a hungry lion was looking for food.Bahan Dari : www. The deer knew that there was a lion inside the "Hello cave. One day. He was too exhausted. Then.skpt. he heard a reply. He had an idea. He wanted to wait tillthe deer came back in the evenins. Baca petikan di bowah dan jawab soalan-soalanyang berikutnya. He knew there was Questions 36 . The lion inside roared. This time. The little deer came back in the evening but he smelt something strange. He did not enter the cave. He quickly ran away before the lion could come out.khskpt. He went to many places but could not find any food. He called out. 36 'fhe lion went to many places because he A B C D 37 was tired was hungry was very bored needed a good rest The lion entered the deer's cave to A B C D run away get an idea see the place wait for the deer 014/1 o 2ol I Hak Cipta JPNWP ILihat sebelah STJLIT . how are you?" There was no answer. he went to the deer's cave. He had an idea. The deer called out again.

my 38 The deer did not enter his cave because A B C D he saw the lion there was no food was too exhausted he smelt something unusual 39 The word exhausted in the story can be replaced with A B C D 40 fast fine tired hungry Which word does not describe the deer? A B C D smart clever strange thoughtful KERTAS SOALAN TAMAT 0l4ll a 2on Hak cipta JPNwP I Lihat sebelah SULIT .skpt.Bahan Dari l6 :

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