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A SPORTS DAY School session is a formal education and had been founded for ages.

Every single children or teenagers deserve to get this precious chance and normally a person studies in his whole life and there is no limit for us to study about everything. But in my lovely country Malaysia, we have a rule which states that every child must go to school from the ages of seven years old until seventeen years old in order to produce a lot of successors who will lead our country in the future. Nowadays, so many students archive to obtain brilliant result and the chance to be the best among the best becomes harder and harder. Even a genius student finds its tough to get a great job or a place in any university if he is not good in sport. The best alternative to solve this critical matter is by involving in cocurriculum activity such as the sports day. The sports day, which is an annual activity, has a lot of benefits even though most of the students dont enjoy it so much. My beloved school, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Ghafar Baba also never neglects this compulsory activity. I am pretty sure that everybody has an experience in sports day. For me, I had experienced (eight/seven/nine) joyful sports day as I am (fifteen/thirteen, fourteen) years old right now. The best sports day I have ever had is absolutely my seventh/eighth/ ninth sports day which was organized last year. On the _____date_____, my excellent school had organized a marvelous sports day. Now I still remember everything about the amazing day. A month before the annual sports day, our schools management had planned carefully any single thing about our sports day. Puan Sahara, who is my favaorite teacher, was the one behind all of these things as she made a superb excellent preparation for sports day. She and the other teachers had decorated and organized our sports day with flying colours. During that day, we had to gather around at the huge school field. The scenery was so incredible. I also lent my hands to the teachers to build many giants tents. Everything was decorated with balloons, flags and colouful ribbons. Everybody felt so anxious like having a butterfly in their stomach to see which team will win this sports day. I really hoped that my team, which is Pendekar, will win. The sports day started at seven oclock in the morning with the marching parade of all houses. This exciting event took an hour to be finished but I felt it just happened in a flash. Sadly, I did not take part in this opening event. After that, Puan Hajah Nubah bt Aton, who is my principal, gave her speech to the students and parents who were attending the sports day. As usual, her speech was so long and full of information. Previously, my team, Pendekar, won the marching event and I felt very happy as a king. Then, the 100 metres race started before the 200 metres and 400 meters. In the 100 meters, Ali who is my best friend also took part in this game representing his team, Satria. The situation was as noisy as everybody cheered for their team. My team was expected to win this event because we had Satria who is a state-level runner.

Surprisingly, our traditionally competitor, the Perwira House won this event and continuously conquering the next events. Their runner, Bill who is a form one student, was the giant killer and a potential runner was born. The most memorable event was the rope pulling event and I loved it so much. Everybody cheered up and supported his own team. Luckily, my team won the legendary event after a tight match with the Perkasa House. Unfortunately, a fat contestant who represented the Perwira House had fainted as he might get a serious dizzy after the event. There was a chaos and everyone felt so panic. But my principal quickly solved this problem by sending the fainted contestant to the nearest hospital as fast as lightning. Later, there was the prize giving event which was held at our schools hall. All of the excellent athletes who won the events looked very happy and cheerful although some of the others were crying sadly for their lost. Fortunately, my team, Pendekar won this sports day gloriously. We felt as happy as a lark and our teachers praised us for our hard works. After that, everyone was forced to clean the school compound together. Although I felt so tired, I was so satisfied and I will never forget this unforgettable day.