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my ideal campus

my ideal campus

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Published by Mohamad Iqbal
the article is about my ideal campus project proposed by students' representative council of IIUM 2010/2011
the article is about my ideal campus project proposed by students' representative council of IIUM 2010/2011

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Published by: Mohamad Iqbal on Jan 01, 2013
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Assalamualaikum. Thank you to Master of Ceremony.

My ideal campus is a student initiative project proposed by SRC to solve recurring problem. We admit that previous tenure had done a very good job in bringing up students’ welfare issue to the administration. But yet, a lot of works need to be done in order to solve those problems. We believe that ideal campus is essential by nature. We need safe and convenience campus so that we can live in very good condition physically, mentally and spiritually. Campus is a sacred place whereby all knowledge seekers will communicate each other and share the ideas and discussion for the sake of getting Allah’s pleasure. The most important point is we need to have a strong unity and solidarity among us. SRC cannot work alone. Working alone without any support like a house without even a pillar. How could we call that as a perfect house if there is no pillar to support the roof? We want to live in comfortable and always dream to live in a perfect house, but, is it enough to have a dream without making any effort? That’s why, we believe that students’ support will make things convenient and run smoothly to achieve our same objective which is to seek for betterment in our life. Last but not least, my ideal campus is not mere a slogan. It’s also not a rhetorical promise. It’s a symbol of unity among all IIUM community that we deserve a better campus life with good services and facilities. Bear in mind, this is not for our own interest, it is not just the attitude of self-interest that the Capitalism is always talk about, but, this is purposely for the best interest of the ummah. Thank you.

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