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welcome onboard speaking

welcome onboard speaking

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welcome onboard speaking
welcome onboard speaking

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Published by: bear7 on Jan 01, 2013
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3/eng: No.1 Oiler, we’vefinished putting in the plugs for the scuppers and spill tanks. Let’s

start preparing the starboard manifold.
No.1 oil: The fuel oil transfer procedure and a drawing of the fuel oil loading pipeline are
displayed on the starboard side manifold for your reference.
3/eng: Should we prepare the tools and emergency equipment?

No.1 oil: They’re always stowed in the Center Store on deck. Let’s go get the stuff we need.
Wiper: I’ll get rags from the Consumable Store, so you two go ahead!

No.1 oil: Can you do it by yourself?

Wiper: Yes, I’ll use a cart to carry them.
3/eng: OK, here’s the sounding scale, the oil receiver can, sawdust, sand, oil dispersant, fire

extinguishers, and so on. It looks like we have all the tools and emergency equipment.
No.1 oil: I forgot to set the pressure gauge and thermometer on the pipe; now we can’t read
the inside pressure and temperature!

3/eng: It’ll be fine, but thanks for letting me know. We’ve finished preparations for the
starboard manifold, so let’s tell the Chief Engineer that we are ready. (By transceiver)
Chief Engineer, this is Third Engineer. We’ve finished the preparations for the

starboard side manifold.

scupper(s): an opening on the deck to let water flow out
spill tank(s): a pit provided on the deck to collect spilt fuel, liquid, etc.
fuel oil transfer procedure: a set course of action for moving fuel oil from one place to another
fuel oil loading pipeline: an enclosed pipeline system used for loading fuel onto a ship
rags: tattered, worthless bits of cloth
sounding scale: instrument used to measure the depth of a liquid
oil receiver can: a can for collecting drained oil
oil dispersant: a chemical used to drive off or break apart oil
fire extinguisher(s): a device used to put out fires using chemicals
pressure gauge: an instrument used for measuring the pressure


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