Vendor Enhancement Step-By-Step
Go to Tcode SPRO .Now go to Logistics - General and follow the steps

Here i am taking Vendor as an Example.

First Step : Click on Prepare Modification button.

Click on new entries. Mention your screen group and description.

Select your screen group and click on Label Tab pages folder on the left hand side.

Now click on New Entries .

Execute “Business Add-In: Processing of Master Data Enhancements”.Mention Function Code and Description. Save the entries and . The description and icon given here will be shown as the button description and icon on the vendor maintenance. go back the customizing screen.

Specify an implementation name – Z_VENDOR_ENC and press ok.Click on the “Create” button. . Enter the short text.

.Now go to Interface Tab and then go to the method “CHECK_ADD_ON_ACTIVE”.


.Now click on create button Mention the name of your enhancement given before and press on create button.

Now select your enhancement implementation name and press ok.Now press ok. .

if i_screen_group = 'ZH'. The screen group “ZH” has been specified in the first step of the customizing .Enter the below code as shown below. e_add_on_active = 'X'. endif.

.Now define i_screen_group and e_add_on_active by double clicking on them.

Entries For e_add_on_active .Entries For i_screen_group.

Check. . Now activate the entire badi.Activate and go back.

Go back to the customizing Execute “Business Add-In: Customer Sub screens” Mention your sub screen implementation name “Z_VENDOR_ENC_CS” .

Now mention the short text. .Here at the bottom specify the screen group created earlier by clicking on the drop down box.


Now go to Interface tab and select the method “GET_TAXI_SCREEN” .

when 'ZIDES_V1'. e_screen = '0100'. e_program = 'Z_VENDOR_ENHANCEMENTS'. case i_taxi_fcode.Select your sub screen enhancement implementation and press ok. Enter the following code. endcase. We specify the program and the sub-screen to be called by SAP for the vendor enhancement here. Fcode “'ZIDES_V1” is the label tab page created in the customizing. . e_headerscreen_layout = ' '.

I_taxi_fcode E_screen E_program E_headerscreen_layout .Now again mention the code as earlier by clicking on them.

Give DYNNR in Type Radio Button for the E_screen Entries For I_taxi_fcode .

Entries For E_program .

Entries for E_headerscreen_layout .


Create a module pool program via SE38 “Z_VENDOR_ENHANCEMENTS”. Create a program in se80. 3. Activate the module pool program. 2. Creation of the sub-screen 1.I have taken “Z_Vendor_Enhancements” which I mention in the above code. Now finally CHECK the badi for sub screen.Check and Activate. .


Screen type – Sub-screen Other attributes – Screen group ZH – There is a popup which comes up as soon as this entry is made . 2. Go to transaction SE51 Create a screen “0100” for the above module pool with the following attributes a.1. b.


.Mention your screen group name below and the description. Save and Check.

1. Specify all the fields from the table LFA1 with the screen flow logic if necessary Save and activate 3. . 2.

Activate the entire program. .

Click on that This is what you can see with fields which u selected to view. .Go to tcode XK02 Vendor Enhancement is the button we created.

The transaction XK01 is now ready for taking in all the necessary inputs for the enhanced fields and updating the table with the values. .

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