5th December 2011 To Ms. Aditi Mansur Mahmud Lecturer, School of Business, North South University, Dhaka

We are pleased to inform you that we have completed our project on country risk analysis (India) for course of Inb 355. We have tried the best of our ability to complete the report properly and to produce a meaningful paper within our limit. Notwithstanding all the difficulties faced while doing our project, we found the whole time and endeavor worth spending. Above all, we have made some precautions so that the findings of our report can be more justified.

In spite of the various difficulties faced in preparing the report, we have given our utmost care to be as thorough as possible. Now, it is our performed pleasure to put forward our effort for your prudent perusal. We appreciate all sort of criticism and we most welcome any queries. If you have any query please contact us (Zihad.zz@gmail.com).


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Our first acknowledge goes to the almighty Allah for bestowing us the patience and courage to finish this huge task within its deadline. . Unfortunately.no matter how extensive is always incomplete and inadequate. whose unflagging patience and astounding capacity for creative work. we sincerely acknowledge our debt to Aditi Mansur Mahmud. for her valuable counseling towards the improvement of the project.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT One of the most pleasant parts of submitting a report is the opportunity to thank those who have contributed to it. this would have been impossible. our honorable faculty. and long hours made the project both possible and successful – under the pressure of knocking deadline. the list of expression of thanks. At last. Acknowledgments must go to the team members. These acknowledgements are no exception. Without her encouragement.

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