In your granddad’s bookcase was a book you liked with a blue hardback cover with German warplane pictures in it and you loved to study the photographs even though the words were too big or long for you to read and on that Sunday you sat while the parents talked and studied the bookcase hoping your granddad would get it out for you if he saw you looking that way long enough but the parents talked and the grandparents listened or talked too and the book stayed put in the bookcase and you stared

and counted the books on either side taking in the various colours and sizes on the shelves above and below and how neat they were placed and tidy and well polished it all was but the book kind of attracted you with its German warplanes with the Swastikas on the wings and sides and some pictures had Spitfires and Lancaster bombers with red white and blue on the sides and wings but that Sunday Granddad didn’t get out the book and hand it to you.

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