Avast 2050 License Faker by ZeNiX 2012-06-29 ============================================== This is free, not for sale.

If you love Avast, please consider ordering your own license. ZeNiX 1. Install [Avast PRO] or [Avast Internet Security] as trail (DEMO) 2. Disable Self-Protection module from Avast. You can re-enable it later. 3. XP users please double click [AVAST XP ZeNiX.reg] to activate my 2050. 4. Run [Avast 2050 by ZeNiX], and reboot. 5. Done You can enable Avast's autoupdate with 2050. You can re-enable Avast's Self-Protection module now. Please always use your own license or DEMO license. ================================================ 2012-06-29 Previously, I use Userenv.dll for License Faker. Now, I changed it to version.dll Please go to folder of ProgramFile Avast and Avast\Setup, delete Userenv.dll if you find it. 2012-04-18 Added searching and bypass of Avast NagScreen. Well, this is not a good solution I think. 2012-03-14 Tested OK with following versions. Avast 6.0.1367 Avast 7.0.1399 Avast 7.0.1403 Avast 7.0.1403 Avast 7.0.1407 Avast 7.0.1412 Avast 7.0.1414 Avast 7.0.1426 Test OK on following systems. Windows XP Windows 7 x86 Windows 7 x64 Windows 8 x86 Windows 8 x64 Windows 2008 R2 2012-02-22 Added [Uninstall] of my 2050 in control panel. Password: ZeNiX

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