Three Tqble
Lyrics by M I C H A EB I E L L O L Music by DAN MARTIN

Moderately ) = IOO

Ta - ble Num-ber Two

sword - iish.

& Biello O 1999, 2000 DonMortin Michoel Reserved Internotionol Copyright Secured All Righis

to this &. -. 'Ia - blc Num-ber One cillp - ty Ta .i fbrnr.ble Nunt-bcr Ten is cheap.dcx un .ro nrr.nr. my breasts. \6' ( ).'36 6 L I . (6to (t#i Ta . boobs stuff'ed in . as he lalls TobleThree-9-2 . at my boun - cing.ble Nurn-ber Five wants bar nuts. u mlc . span .

hur . rush.i n g r n c o-vcr and o-ver.e n ' s H o w t l o I k n o w ' l T h e y k e e pt e l l . p[-ase. . run out the door TobleThree-9-3 . got ta go. rush rush.tic lush a e { b T . got-ta gct to Broad-wrry Jump up.107 h tle more why don't po(rr pii . the show's at eight. it's sev-en ten. r .'('hcek.l c n u n r .the.ry. a-gain and a-gaitl. rush.can't be late. Cot-ta gct thcrc.b e rS c v .

served in a wine glass.r08 A bit slower ) = AO I want the man- at S i m. no ice.ble Three.9-4 .- with a slice of bread and but I like the man I see- at Ta . Ta-ble Num-ber Six wants a pen and a pa-per and my TobleThree.- Ta-ble Num-ber Two wants so-da.p l y prng srp- nry of soup.

kitch-en bell is ring-ing and the food rea-dy and the food is hot and the bus-boy's break-ing TobleThree-9-5 .l .ry-thing. dressing fbr the sa. fbr the fish. Ta. more but .tL-r theglass.lad bread for the ta-ble.109 lD name and my num-ber and a date.ter firr the bread.more ice for the wa-ter.ble Num-ber Four wants more of ev' . I don't think so. morc 2 a t \ In \\ .

ry rush.. rush. Read.so . A bit slower I want thc man -. and to toD it off.et and calm. got . the drunk's in a hur-ry.- Qui .ry. TobleThree-9-6 . Ta-ble Sev-en's in a hur . the friend's in a hur-ry. jump up.ll0 plates and the fam-'ly's in a hur-ry. oh . run oul the door.ing et . hur .ta go the show.ry.hand-some.

bra is lit Moon . to dance on this glo t 1) / "a loble lhree .y .lil ble Three.light glows./ . out to me and I'll go pulls out rcads t p from his book as a can - dc la .

Ta. TobleThree-9-8 . can't you see I'm bu .ble- Three.112 A bit faster Hey. Ta .ble Num .ble Num-ber Slower ) = ZS I want the man- at Ta .ber Ten.sy.

at Ta .zlng me. and bees- for the man who ta . IobleThree-9-9 Qub .sles.._ J - hrrd.A 6u0 i ts A 4\ ryp e fo._ I want t0 $ J u I h him all- my I want to squeeze him rn- (spl Would you care for dessert? ..ll3 l .ble Three.

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