The Biz Quiz 1 March 2012 Questions

1. John Fingleton has decided to step down as the Chief Executive of...

( )Sony ( )Edexcel

( )Apple ( )Office of Fair Trading

2. Which UK market is to be investigated by competition regulators?

( )Pay-day loans ( )Printer cartridges

( )Packaged holidays ( )Potted plants

3. Prudential, Britain's biggest insurer, is considering plans to move its headquarters from London to where?

( )Hong Kong ( )Hull

( )Halifax ( )Hanover

4. The rules have been changed to prevent which firm from avoiding paying £500million of tax?

( )Rangers FC ( )Apple

( )McDonalds ( )Barclays

5. Which programmes are said to have been behind a big increase in profits at ITV?

( )Newsnight and Loose Women ( )Million Pound Drop & CSI

( )Strictly Come Dancing & Top Gear ( )The X Factor and Downton Abbey

Who has announced plans for a £17m research based in Birmingham? ( )GlaxoZenecaKlinewort ( )Nestle ( )Mars ( )Kraft Foods 9.. According to the EU's justice commissioner. Who has resigned as Executive Chairman of News International? ( )James Murdoch ( )Raisa Cameron ( )Rebekah Wade ( )Murdo McShane 10. who appeared as Gordon Gekko in Wall Street.. Which actor.tutor2u. ( )Government work experience scheme ( )Air passenger duty ( )50p income tax rate ( )Minimum wage 8.6. Changes to what? ( )Google's logo ( )Google's search engine design ( )Google's privacy policy ( )Google's corporation tax rate . now features in adverts in the USA opposing financial greed? ( )Sid James ( )Daniel Radcliffe ( )Jude Law ( )Michael Douglas 7. The Institute of Directors has called for the abolition of the. "changes made by Google are in breach of European law".

Answers 1 Office of Fair Trading 2 Pay-day loans 3 Hong Kong 4 Barclays 5 The X Factor and Downton Abbey 6 Michael Douglas 7 50p income tax rate 8 Kraft Foods 9 James Murdoch 10 Google's privacy policy .tutor2u.

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