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3 adc (Task 4)

3 adc (Task 4)

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Published by: Manali Roy on Jan 02, 2013
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Nail Paint –

Revlon ‘Sensuous Scarlet’
An intense shade of red, the most striking colour. This particular shade represents the passionate feelings of the wearer. It does not hide the deep emotions behind the curtains of indecision anymore. As the best celebration of femininity, this shade inspires the women to follow their hearts and motivates them to stay true to their actual persona.

Hair Dryer – Philips ‘Cool Blow’
In today’s fast lifestyle you neither can waste too much time behind washing and drying your hair, nor can you just keep your eyes closed about the condition of your hair. The usual humid climate makes it only worse for your hair. This hair dryer is the best solution because now it is possible to take care of your hair in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of power used. It is designed with the latest technologies, keeping the economic and environmental concerns of the present generation in mind.

Potato Chips -

Lays ‘Latino Salsa’
Chips, quite a light thing in terms of fast food, it is easier to consume and to store for a longer period than many other fast foods. This flavour is one of the most exotic flavour, the spicy bits find a connection with our own history of spices. Yet, the flavour is unlike anything you have tasted in your regular cuisine.

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