The Manjushri Educational Project

Khenchen Namdrol Rinpoche i has seen many desperately poor families living near his monastery in Nepal with no means of improving their life conditions as they are of the lowest caste, ignored and shunned by most people and have little to eat, no education and hence suffer terribly. Khen Rinpoche believes that the best way to improve their lives is through education and so he decided to establish an education program aimed at providng quality education for the Nepali children. He named the program the Manjushri Educational Project and his intention is to sponsor their full educational path over the course of 10 years. He has already admitted and is currently sponsoring full education for 20 small children from the class 1 to 4 to the one of the best schools in Pharping, Nepal (Cardinal International Boarding High School). As the project grows he wishes to gradually increase the number of poor children to attend school. Khen Rinpoche has also provided them with school supplies, bags and uniforms, as well as bus transportation to and from their homes about a 2 km ride. Now, these poor children are happily attending Cardinal International High school 6 days per week and are beginning to receive good quality education. Rinpoche remarked that even after just the first week of school, eating healthy food and engaging enthusiastically with their teachers, their faces were beaming and their outlook on life was uplifted. Khen Rinpoche sends his thanks and appreciation to the initial sponsors who have helped with establishing the foundation of this project and wrote that "this is happening due to your kindness and moral support."

their teachers. Please note that medical expenses are not included and all official receipts from the foundation will be issued in Nepali rupees (please allow 6 weeks for postage of receipts). one of the Board members. please try to have a long term view and make a long term commitment of support.200 rupees per year.Lama Chonam Wazi.600 3. Tuition fees are paid directly to the school and all related school items are purchased beforehand and given to these children directly. We will revise the costs annually as they rise over the next decade: Purpose Tuition fee Transport fee Computer fee Uniform School Stationeries Exam Fee Total unit cost in rupees 1300 300 125 2300 1385 275 frequency per year 12 12 12 2 2 4 Annual cost in rupees 15. Here is an itemized list of the cost of a child for one year in Nepali Rupees (due to fluctuations in the exchange rate we use 80 rupees / US dollar.770 1.170 . The families of these children do not receive any form of direct monetary support. Sometimes it is less and sometimes more). Khen Rinpoche is extremely precise and careful with all the donations so you can be confident that every dollar raised will be dedicated according to your aspiration and for the benefit of others. families and friends the purpose and scope of the Manjushri Educational Project. About Total : 29. The cost per child is $365 / year -. Please consider this request and try your best to support these benevolent activities to help people that no one helps.$1 / day.500 4.100 29. recently visited and gave an introductory speech welcoming the students and sharing with them. Since this project aims to provide a full course of education to these deserving young children.600 2.600 1.

Children currently sponsored under the Manjushri Educational Project (2012) Ashmita Ramtel Binita Ramtel Jyoti Ramtel Man Mohan Tamang Rajkumar Sunar Srijal Ramtel Pranish Rokka Rajeev Purkuti Saroj Ramtel Abhishek Ramtel Ashma Ramtel Rajan Ramtel .

We believe in equal opportunity for all children and will update this list once we recruit more children. Rinpoche is a retreat master.html Map & Address: http://wikimapia. Nepal. Pharping. He is one of the most respected Khenpos of the Nyingma tradition. (PayPal charges apply) . Prashanti Ramtel i Khenchen Namdrol Rinpoche lives most of the year at the Nyingma Palyul Retreat Center located near PayPal donation is also available from the website. Website: http://knamdrol.Roshan Shrestha Aakriti Shrestha Ajay Kapali NOTE: We will recruit more children into the Manjushri Education Project when more funds are available. teacher and above all a practitioner who inspires students world-wide with his intense devotion to the Dharma and the preservation and propagation of the Nyingma tradition of Vajrayana

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