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LEED Study Guide

LEED Study Guide

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Published by: Castoroil7 on Jan 03, 2013
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Renewable energy is energy that is naturally replenished and generated from natural
resources—such as sunlight, wind, water, biofuel, and geothermal heat.

Because it is impossible to “run out” of renewable energy, these energy sources are much
more sustainable and environmentally beneficial than fossil fuels. The ecological
impacts are also significantly less than fossil fuels. The upfront costs of on-site systems
are usually a significant investment, but over the life cycle of the building, the costs are
significantly less than using power supplied by fossil fuels.

Renewable energy for LEED projects can come from either on- or off-site sources. First
we will look at on-site sources of renewable energy and then at off-site sources.

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